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Zayd Hamid poet Inner Fire by Zayd Hamid Rookie - 0 Points
Though your soul burns with fire,
Your eyes shine of fierce pride,
Zayd Hamid poet Heartbreak And Hatred by Zayd Hamid Rookie - 0 Points
All that you are, I despise
If only new qualities that I could hate would arise
Samuel Eyitayo poet The Road To Love by Samuel Eyitayo Rookie - 420 Points
Love is life
Love is high
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet I Expect Come Swimming by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 4,692 Points
I a'm a bridge
colourful pain and distress flowing under me.
Emmanuel Hug poet Un Arbre De Poison by Emmanuel Hug Rookie - 49 Points
J'étais en colère contre mon ami,
J'ai révélé mon courroux, mon courroux s'est éteint.
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet You Never Read Me... by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 4,692 Points
At scorching noon;
you stand under a bluish shadowy tree.
Michael P. McParland poet Just Want You Here by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 58,520 Points
I just want you here
to wrap up in each others arms
Akshat Shukla poet Drowning by Akshat Shukla Gold Star - 5,047 Points
Drowning into an abyss of memories,
My consciousness pushed back a million years,
Mark Heathcote poet I Can't Answer Every Question by Mark Heathcote Gold Star - 16,144 Points
I can't answer every question sweet child
My mind is not a camera - it is
Edward Kofi Louis poet Shewa by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 131,285 Points
Shewa, she, was, as, he, saw!
To see them,
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet Relativity Of Knowledge by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 4,692 Points
Nothing is known even bit a share
Relativity of speed, light and knowledge is fake
Hebert Logerie poet When You Are Right, Be Unafraid To Fight by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 8,198 Points
When you are right
Fight, fight for your rights
Abdul Wahab poet Sinking World by Abdul Wahab Gold Star - 12,325 Points
They say
Everything is temporary
pushpa p. parjiea poet 'माँ' by pushpa p. parjiea Rookie - 309 Points
माँ जैसी जन्नत जिनके पास होती है. वो नसीबो वाले हैं
याद बड़ी तडपाती है जब वो पास न होकर दूर होती है
Barry Middleton poet Commitment by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 29,222 Points
the high diver
stands at great height
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet God And The Poet by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 4,692 Points
The poet is just after God
Others lagging behind millions of light-years away...
Barry Middleton poet Lost And Found by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 29,222 Points
If there was just a lost and found
where we could go when feeling down,
Kelly Kurt poet My Homophonic Madness by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 138,038 Points
If I could, I'd like to use my brain
Picking coconuts using a crane
Anita Khelawan poet From A Distance Ii by Anita Khelawan Bronze Star - 2,170 Points
I saw him in the halls the other day
He slowly smiled at my way
Keith Johnson poet Kamchatka Lilies by Keith Johnson Veteran Poet - 1,516 Points
To begin with, let us accept the following:
Kim Barney poet Limerick: Bandido by Kim Barney Gold Star - 48,927 Points
There was an outlaw from Montana
Who had a great big red bandanna
Daya Nandan poet Placenta Previa by Daya Nandan Gold Star - 4,750 Points
Placenta inserted partially or wholly in the lower uterine segment,
The leading cause of antepartum haemorrhage, the highest percent,
Emmanuel Hug poet Haïku (La Basse Et Jaune...) by Emmanuel Hug Rookie - 49 Points
La basse et jaune
lune au-dessus de
emebet mesfin poet Visible Rift by emebet mesfin Freshman - 749 Points
Is the one you saw. Is the one you heard. Is the one you comprehend when I appealed. I ask you now listen goo.. What about the invisible one? To wh
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Fresh As If New by Lawrence S. Pertillar
When a love is given keep it,
On your mind.
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