New Poems


Title Poet
What can I do
What can I do
A question
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 7/28/2014
Morning Prayer
The freezing draught deeply bites;
A grey-robed priest now shuffles past
Brian P FitzGerald poet by Brian P FitzGerald
on 7/28/2014
You Will Always Learn
One studies the blind and their weakness,
Offering them kindness is sweet indeed;
Naveed Akram poet by Naveed Akram
on 7/28/2014
The wings of my will
Leads me to a land,
Uttam Biswas poet by Uttam Biswas
on 7/28/2014
I Meditate On...
The ghost in the room
will sit with you all day long
John Ugolo Umah poet by John Ugolo Umah
on 7/28/2014
Mendel Anxiety
We are in the Mendel anxiety.
The human beings spend in saddest moment.
on 7/28/2014
Cloud Maker
To be fulfilling is what I always wish
Each day of mine to run smooth and right
Pradip Chattopadhyay poet by Pradip Chattopadhyay
on 7/28/2014
In-Between The Rain
On this warm summer morning
So much to do my mind is soaring
glen salem poet by glen salem
on 7/28/2014
The Spear That Shakes
Wake of eternal reference
On the platform of Ake
Tosin Abegunde poet by Tosin Abegunde
on 7/28/2014
Groupie Grouplets Grouping
The U.S. govt. sacrificed 3,000 soldiers at Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the Empire of Japan; the U.S. govt. poisons and adulterates our water with the was
Richard Thripp poet by Richard Thripp
on 7/28/2014
Let the Lines Come
Let the lines come
Shalom Freedman poet by Shalom Freedman
on 7/28/2014
Lost In A Photograph
The sunset paints the background just above her head
Her smile lit the hues that flickered from the sun's rays
Kewayne Wadley poet by Kewayne Wadley
on 7/28/2014
Riff on Hope at the Dentiist
Open wide,
Wider Dear
David McLansky poet by David McLansky
on 7/28/2014
On the stage of life
A play
on 7/28/2014
*True is my Master*
ਸਾਚਾ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਸਾਚੁ ਨਾਇ ਭਾਖਿਆ ਭਾਉ ਅਪਾਰੁ ॥
True is my Master, Truth His name
C. P. Sharma poet by C. P. Sharma
on 7/28/2014
Animal Kingdom
God's animal kingdom on Earth,
Still thrives 'most everywhere!
Denis Martindale poet by Denis Martindale
on 7/28/2014
A Tingly Feeling
The clock was ticking
sounding tick tick
Alvin Jenner poet by Alvin Jenner
on 7/28/2014
Writing For A Living Echoing Life Drama
writing is giving
no writing no giving
Terence G. Craddock poet by Terence G. Craddock
on 7/28/2014
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