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Gary Vanderbur poet Payment by Gary Vanderbur Rookie - 224 Points
The lights of your mind have flooded your being
With a sense of everlasting time.
Bazi alis Subrata Ray poet Goodbye To The Stage by Bazi alis Subrata Ray Silver Star - 3,883 Points
As the drama concludes its note,
The wick extinguishes by and by,
Gary Vanderbur poet Nightmare by Gary Vanderbur Rookie - 224 Points
Falling, into what?
Something I cannot sense.
Gary Vanderbur poet Mr. Sun by Gary Vanderbur Rookie - 224 Points
Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun, please shine on me.
Help me, oh, help me make the blahs flee.
Gary Vanderbur poet Lucas James by Gary Vanderbur Rookie - 224 Points
Way down up in the hills of Tennessee,
Lives an old man you won't believe.
Gary Liles poet Is It Time? by Gary Liles Gold Star - 54,576 Points
A very loud bang
the crash of a Door
Gary Vanderbur poet Lonely Night Poetry by Gary Vanderbur Rookie - 224 Points
1. Be Them
Be them day; be them night.
Michael P. McParland poet Waking Hugs And Kisses For My Sweetie by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 71,517 Points
It's been a slow process fully waking
anf getting ready to get moving and going,
Gary Liles poet Witch Ditch by Gary Liles Gold Star - 54,576 Points
A witch is approaching me
green eyes a glow
Mrinalini Ray poet The World That I Seek... For Her by Mrinalini Ray Rookie - 22 Points
The present world is rubbish...
It isn't a world of 5 oceans,7 continents and 10 scores of nations
Daniel Brick poet The Key by Daniel Brick Gold Star - 43,719 Points
I paused twenty minutes into my walk
around Lake Como on a late autumn day.
Pijush Biswas poet Sonnet21: What Shall I Compare To Thee, If Not Known by Pijush Biswas Gold Star - 12,195 Points
What shall I compare to thee, if not known
How may it compromise to me blindly?
Gary Liles poet Unlit Ghost House by Gary Liles Gold Star - 54,576 Points
The light is fading fast
my eyes are getting tired
Donna Jones poet Surprises by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,989 Points
Wrapped up gifts
Sit under a Christmas tree
Ronell Warren Alman poet Fulfill Your Purpose by Ronell Warren Alman Gold Star - 9,551 Points
Fulfill your purpose
Do not run around in circles
Donna Jones poet I Can Swim by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,989 Points
We are made of
water, phew! I glad
Donna Jones poet I Got Chased by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,989 Points
Silly breeze chased me
all the way down a street, it's
Tirtho Banerjee poet At The Bus Stop by Tirtho Banerjee Veteran Poet - 1,385 Points
The jaded figures waiting at the bus stop,
The forlorn faces lost in a frivolous pursuit
Donna Jones poet Moany Rice by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,989 Points
Boiling rice, it
got hump with me, it refused
Anna Atchison poet Racism by Anna Atchison Rookie - 122 Points
You look at her in disgust.
Your eyes fill with hate and you just want to faint.
Donna Jones poet Winter Lenor Days by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,989 Points
Washing the laundry
Making them smell of lenor
Alexandro Johns poet Mujer, Gestación, Abandono (1947) by Alexandro Johns Silver Star - 3,908 Points
En el andén de una estación transandina
una mujer y su hijo en gestación
Indira Renganathan poet A Thought Crept Into My Mind by Indira Renganathan Silver Star - 4,074 Points
A thought crept into my mind
Settled in a silent corner
Brian Johnston poet Ph: Life: Tapped Out At Four by Brian Johnston Gold Star - 11,573 Points
Stanzas One, Two, Three And Growing
There was 'She Played the Harp'(1) , when I truly was young,
Judith Blatherwick poet The Library Chronicles (Part 11) by Judith Blatherwick Gold Star - 40,806 Points
(Collaboration with Gary Liles)
Hearts full of glee from the rainbow
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