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Adriana Avila poet Stairway To Heaven by Adriana Avila Rookie - 302 Points
I sit at the bottom of the
so long flight of stairs
0.00 0
Cee Bea poet Neutrinos by Cee Bea Freshman - 1,955 Points
I could not help but disagree
the universe does care
0.00 0
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Our First Date by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Give me the right to love.
Isn't that what you desire and wish?
0.00 0
Talile Ali poet Terrorist Behind Every Bush by Talile Ali Rookie - 72 Points
Every where you seem to look
A terrorist behind every bush
0.00 0
Michael McParland poet I Love You 2 by Michael McParland Bronze Star - 6,875 Points
I love you with all my heart, mind,
body, and very soul.
0.00 0
Sir Toby Moses poet Trust None, Even Me by Sir Toby Moses Rookie - 360 Points
Be you and trust none; Nor thath eats thy flesh, drinks from thy blood;
Beloved, trust none; e'en me, albeit amn't paranoid;
0.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Lema by Nassy Fesharaki Freshman - 2,315 Points
Yes of course it is you
0.00 0
Angelica Stevenz poet Decaying Within by Angelica Stevenz Rookie - 177 Points
Starring out through cursed windows
Watching my ashes fly around me
0.00 0
Wala' Qamhieh poet WALAA by Wala' Qamhieh Rookie - 134 Points
Wonderful she is, a girl with such a smile
Awesomeness is in her lovely fancy style
10.00 1
Terry Dawson poet A Hardworking Wind by Terry Dawson Rookie - 108 Points
Yesterday's bird-busy garden is gone:
A hardworking wind got up in the night.
0.00 0
ademola oluwabusayo poet have been posess by ademola oluwabusayo Rookie - 452 Points
have been posess
The night could soon reaveal
0.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Be patient by Nassy Fesharaki Freshman - 2,315 Points
Be patient
Call me dumb
0.00 0
Is It Poetry poet Genetic Predisposition Twords Violence by Is It Poetry Freshman - 2,445 Points
Logistical reasoning would infer that over the course
of hundreds
0.00 0
rajendran muthiah poet The Mild Tiger and the Wild Men by rajendran muthiah Rookie - 140 Points
A Tiger's Walk-out from the Zoo
I am the Royal Bengal Tiger, ‘Nethra'
0.00 0
Tushar Ray poet The Sun by Tushar Ray Rookie - 296 Points
Oh our joyous Sun
You are our loving origin
0.00 0
Tushar Ray poet Spirituality: Mother of All Sciences by Tushar Ray Rookie - 296 Points
Solid peace is the destination that all men are after
Scientists have been vying to take us to that goal
0.00 0
Michael McParland poet KP I Need You by Michael McParland Bronze Star - 6,875 Points
KP I love you more than life itself.
I need you to pass the test,
0.00 0
Sir Toby Moses poet The man who killed Jesus by Sir Toby Moses Rookie - 360 Points
Good heavens wilt blessest the fair sleuth,
Who kill`d Jesus, Hast I probbeth and grabbeth!
0.00 0
Hazel Connelly poet Poppy by Hazel Connelly Rookie - 26 Points
I bought a poppy today
For the husbands, fathers, sons and brothers.
0.00 0
Poetic Lilly Emery poet When Owls Do Cry by Poetic Lilly Emery Veteran Poet - 2,551 Points
When owls do cry:
the bat'e do fly with anger in there eyes,
0.00 1
John F. McCullagh poet Beautiful Sunset by John F. McCullagh Rookie - 666 Points
He lived in a far distant land, surrounded by the sea,
far away from the masses of his fellow humanity.
0.00 0
Soumita Sarkar Ray poet Dull glory by Soumita Sarkar Ray Rookie - 554 Points
A ray of light
has million delight
0.00 0
Marieta Maglas poet The Blue of His Face by Marieta Maglas Rookie - 413 Points
This angular house
is flooded with silence and solitude
0.00 3
Krystal Whinery poet Moonlight Love by Krystal Whinery Rookie - 1 Points
Shadows kiss in the Moonlight
Whispers spoken into the Dark
0.00 1
Morgan Michaels poet Haiku& by Morgan Michaels Freshman - 1,358 Points
Illusion: spare it
go in amity; tear it
0.00 0
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