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Alan Gillis poet The Ulster Way by Alan Gillis
This is not about burns or hedges.
There will be no gorse. You will not
Alan Gillis poet A Blueprint For Survival by Alan Gillis
I don't know you, you don't know me,
but if we want to carry on we need
T Wignesan poet Klacatoo - Translation Of Kevin Gilbert's 'klacatoo' By T... by T Wignesan Gold Star - 5,658 Points
<b>Klacatoo - Translation of Kevin Gilbert ‘s « Klacatoo » by T. Wignesan
On nous avait coincé sur la rive de Lachlan
Maurice Gilliams poet Dying in antwerp by Maurice Gilliams
The stone angel on the Cathedral elevates
his scales at midnight for those who collapse.
Minerva Agriam poet Sidhi by Minerva Agriam Veteran Poet - 1,492 Points
Kahit masasaktan, di man
Para sa akin,
Maurice Gilliams poet Rustic solo by Maurice Gilliams
I dreamed: when I came over the heath
in the setting sun: my cold hand
Maurice Gilliams poet Autumn by Maurice Gilliams
After the summer it is an old men's land,
here yawns the heath in its vicious gall;
Maurice Gilliams poet Elegy by Maurice Gilliams
Sunday in the country.
Smoking, staring through the window:
Maurice Gilliams poet Sources of insomnia by Maurice Gilliams
She carried the lamp behind the water flags.
Walter W. Safar poet Don't Look For Me In The Wrong Place by Walter W. Safar Rookie - 0 Points
Don't look for Me in the wrong place, man,
As you shall not see Me in the dead,
Bhaarat Kurda poet Catching Old! by Bhaarat Kurda Rookie - 279 Points
He fell asleep on his chair,
In the living room in the cold,
Walter W. Safar poet  christmas Gift by Walter W. Safar Rookie - 0 Points
If you want to give a gift
To the boy from the orphanage,
Walter W. Safar poet On The Wings Of Suffering by Walter W. Safar Rookie - 0 Points
Oh, Lord, it is not loneliness that hurts,
But rather false friendship.
Walter W. Safar poet The Land Beyond The Rainbow by Walter W. Safar Rookie - 0 Points
You are calling me, road of dreams,
To a land beyond the rainbow,
Elfriede Gerstl poet New york and return by Elfriede Gerstl
was bewildered
felt afraid
Walter W. Safar poet Will We Ever Be Together Again? by Walter W. Safar Rookie - 0 Points
When you left, my one and only,
All that was left behind was the echo
Minerva Agriam poet Weakness by Minerva Agriam Veteran Poet - 1,492 Points
Sometimes I am not that strong,
And I wonder what should become,
ROCHISH MON poet Peace-Music by ROCHISH MON Veteran Poet - 1,242 Points
Juan Gelman poet Under the foreign rain, fragment XVIII by Juan Gelman
The wind that comes into the kitchen tears at the poster with the face of an actress from the silent movies, Mary Pickford maybe. She is beautiful. He
Walter W. Safar poet  road Of Dreams by Walter W. Safar Rookie - 0 Points
When destiny leaves you alone in the dark;
When your mother and father leave you early,
Robert Murray Smith poet I Have Everything To Lose by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 62,166 Points
when I love you I have
everything to lose
Mercy Moico poet The Providence Of A Cynical Lover by Mercy Moico Rookie - 207 Points
Beauty and delight that now overwhelm me
Reminisce my longing heart for you to see
Minerva Agriam poet Because Of You by Minerva Agriam Veteran Poet - 1,492 Points
Because of you, I kept
Wondering along this earth;
Barry Middleton poet Love Is A Predator by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 50,920 Points
love is a predator
that stalks my lost desire
Paul Butters poet Back Then by Paul Butters Silver Star - 4,497 Points
Back in the twenty first century
The world was in chaos.
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