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G. AKANJI OLANIYI poet Say Good Bye! by G. AKANJI OLANIYI Veteran Poet - 1,522 Points
Do not worry
Do not bother
Abhishek Singh poet A Light Bulb by Abhishek Singh Rookie - 0 Points
As soon as I was discovered by Sir Edison & then turned ON,
A new era in human civilization was born.
G. AKANJI OLANIYI poet Black Is Beautiful by G. AKANJI OLANIYI Veteran Poet - 1,522 Points
Thought, I heard: Black is beautiful
We must know that beauty is dutiful
ramesh rai poet Before The Autumn by ramesh rai Gold Star - 13,405 Points
I hear the melancholic song
before every autumn
Electric Lady poet Heart-Shaped Box by Electric Lady Gold Star - 6,221 Points
I long to be near you
Again and again
Nicole D.A. poet Broken by Nicole D.A. Rookie - 0 Points
Alone and drunk in the night,
I'm loving to get over it.
ramesh rai poet Life Is Beautiful by ramesh rai Gold Star - 13,405 Points
While gazing at the melancholic night
stars plundering over the midnight
Paul Sebastian poet Lovers' Promise by Paul Sebastian Silver Star - 3,229 Points
On my heart’s garden bench we sat
Chuckled, laughed at jokes shared
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet Fånglina by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Freshman - 828 Points
tystheten har inga ord,
bildend om livet
Charles Malcolm poet Bit Of A Prick by Charles Malcolm Rookie - 452 Points
I used to laugh
when the girls gave me Indian burns
kfm Productions poet A Corpse(30 / 05 / 2015 / 10: 53-Am) . by kfm Productions Rookie - 133 Points
A corpse can do things like a human being, /
hence i sleep, talk, smile & laugh with it. /
Ashek Sarker poet Of Sorrows And Mercy by Ashek Sarker Rookie - 80 Points
Sorrows are the salts of life
if you know how to taste
Grace Burke poet Emptiness by Grace Burke Rookie - 469 Points
I stand alone in the desert of life
Lost in the vastness of its loneliness
Katha Kalia poet Rainbow by Katha Kalia Rookie - 0 Points
Clapping sounds come and go
And my heart beats faster and faster,
Robert Kane poet The Mummer's Sun by Robert Kane Rookie - 316 Points
A shaft of thought,
Treacle black the air,
Zinnia Narcissa poet Transferees by Zinnia Narcissa Silver Star - 4,141 Points
Palipat-lipat ng mga relasyon
Iba’t-ibang kasintahan
SAK Reddy poet Nemo Outis by SAK Reddy Freshman - 502 Points
I am that desire that sleeps in your heart
I am that fear that trembles you in the dark
Nicole Anne Sia poet Spasm by Nicole Anne Sia Rookie - 91 Points
A turbulent rainy day was that morn
Of my plane trip off to somewhere.
pranab Majumdar poet Euthanasia by pranab Majumdar Rookie - 67 Points
(euthanasia -a greek word means good death- after 42 yrs being in vegetative state
Aruna shanbag died on 18/5/15 in Bombay's hospital- 42 years ago
hasmukh amathalal poet Nature And Human by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 38,812 Points
The nature is in fury
To carry
hasmukh amathalal poet In Storms by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 38,812 Points
WE are prevented
And separated
kemurl fofanah poet Ramadan Is Here by kemurl fofanah Rookie - 309 Points
From infinite darkness we finally see you there
At first we hide your presence because we see you far
Emmanuel George Cefai poet Long Years by Emmanuel George Cefai Silver Star - 4,195 Points
the years have been of lead,
and long
Emmanuel George Cefai poet Fading Embers by Emmanuel George Cefai Silver Star - 4,195 Points
fading embers
I remember
Michael P. McParland poet Aching Badly by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 14,642 Points
Aching badly lying here,
I miss you so much my darling dear.
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