New Poems


Title Poet
In the Deep.
In the Deep.
I get ready to go into the water. Ready as I can be.
Harold R Hunt Sr poet by Harold R Hunt Sr
on 10/22/2014
Taking Grapes Off The Vine
From abstract to prose depictions,
Live we do to describe our lives.
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet by Lawrence S. Pertillar
on 10/22/2014
Lonely Flower
In the middle of a garden of flowers
There is one standing all alone
Mohsen Moqim Hanjani poet by Mohsen Moqim Hanjani
on 10/22/2014
even now as you read for the first time again
your lips unmoving
Doyen Lingua poet by Doyen Lingua
on 10/22/2014
The Mouse
The Mouse
I share this house, with a mouse,
Tango Tango poet by Tango Tango
on 10/22/2014
Good or bad
To behave yourselves, then You are absolutely good, but If you don
on 10/22/2014
Big (and I Mean Big) Buildings
Every building really
gets me going.
Mique Slacker poet by Mique Slacker
on 10/22/2014
Straight The Gate
You're a good person, your ticket to heaven
But scripture disputes this belief
S. I. Rednow poet by S. I. Rednow
on 10/22/2014
Unexpected Source
There are times when our lives
are filled with isolation and despair
David Harris poet by David Harris
on 10/22/2014
Sla me, verblindt me.
Sla me om mijn oren
met je vragen en
Madrason writer poet by Madrason writer
on 10/22/2014
Love's Humble Eyes
Love's humble eyes
Are blind
Tony Adah poet by Tony Adah
on 10/22/2014
White Lilies
Petals float from white lilies,
Settling softly, trampled upon
Phoebe Harris poet by Phoebe Harris
on 10/22/2014
Tense Subjects
Tense subjects ban us outright,
Righteous men and women confide
Naveed Akram poet by Naveed Akram
on 10/22/2014
Who is the reader of poetry
Are you educated?
Have you injured heart?
on 10/22/2014
whiston brook
today i sat at Whiston brook
underneath a rotten tree
lee fones poet by lee fones
on 10/22/2014
God spoke to Samuel
Who delivered God's command
Eugene Levich poet by Eugene Levich
on 10/22/2014
When you look into the mirror.
Do you see the person that you are?
jackie compton poet by jackie compton
on 10/22/2014
Greedy belly
In modern enterprises
sallam yassin poet by sallam yassin
on 10/22/2014
Pain And Pleasure
Are pains a pleasure?
Your every poem seems
Khairul Ahsan poet by Khairul Ahsan
on 10/22/2014
Kate Hills
Many breaths took
Much joy gave
Adeosun Olamide poet by Adeosun Olamide
on 10/22/2014
There has n're been a moment
you have been not there
Cee Bea poet by Cee Bea
on 10/22/2014
The Inevitable Trauma.
The Inevitable Trauma
The burden of scholarship weeps,
Bazi alis Subrata Ray poet by Bazi alis Subrata Ray
on 10/22/2014
Advice the Jackolpe Man Received
The Jackalop Man said
Of his time at sea,
Bruce Larkin poet by Bruce Larkin
on 10/22/2014
Where is my imagination?
Where is my imagination?
You use to pull me through.
The Princess is poet by The Princess is
on 10/22/2014
Chased by a Monster
I'm prone to poking around,
The kid who has to know.
Bruce Larkin poet by Bruce Larkin
on 10/22/2014
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