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Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet Bribe! One Mouth Is Not Enough To Say About All The Abusin.. by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Gold Star - 13,369 Points
When a person happens to beg for food
during daytime due to poverty and hunger,
Ronell Warren Alman poet She Is Altruistic by Ronell Warren Alman Gold Star - 10,787 Points
She is altruistic
Always taking care of others
Kurt Philip Behm poet Calling Me By Name by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 11,197 Points
The magic of the instrument
travels down my fingers
Bishnupada Sethi poet I Wish To Know by Bishnupada Sethi Rookie - 300 Points
I am sure-
I know
Seamus O'Brian poet Senryu O'brian 20 by Seamus O'Brian Gold Star - 12,887 Points
tides flow in and out
people too. seas and hearts drift
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet To Reconcile by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 34,185 Points
To Reconcile
I do not know how to reconcile with state
Margaret Alice Second poet On These Shores by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
On These Shores
Life is deteriorating in nanoseconds as Scorpio decides my
Minerva Agriam poet Even If by Minerva Agriam Veteran Poet - 1,872 Points
Even if it is wrong for me
To love you, I would still love you
Felix Emeka George poet I Just Wish It Wasn't Real by Felix Emeka George Bronze Star - 2,344 Points
Let me give you a little insight,
That will make you understand my plight
Brady Scott poet Take A Break. by Brady Scott Rookie - 244 Points
The smell of summer hangs in the air
Carried along by the breeze.
Nika McGuin poet Drive Home by Nika McGuin Veteran Poet - 1,841 Points
In a daze
the silence kills off
Nika McGuin poet The Monkey Dance Of Death by Nika McGuin Veteran Poet - 1,841 Points
I don't hate him
I just hate the way he acts,
Minerva Agriam poet Prisoner Of Love by Minerva Agriam Veteran Poet - 1,872 Points
I poked my face upon the
Window panes;
Is It Poetry poet Jeff Session And White Fears Of Becoming A Minority by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 26,230 Points
Trump has fascist's ear, is the real fear going
to come from administration appointees,
Brad Evans poet All Of These, And More by Brad Evans Rookie - 0 Points
as the nights of passion are
cooled by memory
Kurt Philip Behm poet Last Bullet Unheard by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 11,197 Points
Is a Poem one,
or a thousand words
Samuel Santana poet Una Pregunta Sin Respuesta by Samuel Santana Silver Star - 3,652 Points
¿En qué momento fue que
me cautivaste?
Jesus James Llorico poet Secrets Kept In Hearts by Jesus James Llorico Gold Star - 11,100 Points
'Thinking of someone
as one waked up in the morning
Jaishree Nair poet Lashing Its Temper by Jaishree Nair Gold Star - 9,032 Points
A sea of emotions surging
in the rhythm of the breakers,
Brad Naylor poet Disappointment by Brad Naylor Rookie - 0 Points
Of late I have not been around,
Stopped receiving mail.
Minerva Agriam poet Ice by Minerva Agriam Veteran Poet - 1,872 Points
You were like ice cream
To my picky taste,
Darwin Henry Beuning poet Christmas At Sixty-Nine by Darwin Henry Beuning Gold Star - 11,320 Points
In the quiet of my home
Christmas, twenty-five December
Sumita Jetley poet Why Must I? by Sumita Jetley Silver Star - 3,965 Points
This is one question,
Most of it, in due course of time.
Poemahontas Poemadonna poet Above And Beyond by Poemahontas Poemadonna Veteran Poet - 1,325 Points
Out of this world
Throughout the galaxy
Dipankar Sadhukhan poet An Owl's Melancholy Cry by Dipankar Sadhukhan Gold Star - 17,963 Points
Now the sweet memories
Of my past days
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