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Vince Killic poet The Forgiveness Before End by Vince Killic Rookie - 32 Points
you see yourself standing,
hasmukh amathalal poet Wish For by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 35,464 Points
Heart should never kept filled
And jailed
douglas scotney poet Chuzzlewit Viii: F.F.T. by douglas scotney Gold Star - 4,572 Points
They don't know the scope of Freedom,
humbug Americans
douglas scotney poet Creative Horse Namers by douglas scotney Gold Star - 4,572 Points
Horse namers
happy with English
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet The Face Of Evil by Lawrence S. Pertillar
No longer will the face of evil,
Remain disguised by denial.
Kelly Kurt poet Water (Haiku) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 9,443 Points
Each drop recycled
Countless times through the eons
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Worthy To Nourish by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Cherish to embrace,
All that which God has made to create.
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Without Truth As A Factor by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Attempting to prevent an oncoming flood,
With mops and sponges...
Nassy Fesharaki poet Schumann No.2 by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 6,288 Points
Schumann No.2
Undress to be self
Joshua Bantum poet A Short Story By Hemingway On A Melancoly Night by Joshua Bantum Rookie - 0 Points
I sat upon a bench covered in more snow than night,
but more night than street light.
cristobal Benjumea poet Spirit That Is Stongest by cristobal Benjumea Freshman - 850 Points
Spirit that reighns in the highest wave
painted picture
Melissa L Tamayo poet The Weather Is Him by Melissa L Tamayo Rookie - 391 Points
The weather is my assurance of HIS presence each day.
When the sun shines I know He's smiling down on me.
cristobal Benjumea poet What To Do If You Get Insulted In Paris A Prose Poem by cristobal Benjumea Freshman - 850 Points
The synthesis to this book is more descriptively expressed as what to do if you get insulted in Paris
The general concensus is that one ought to ca
cristobal Benjumea poet You And Me Are The Promised Land by cristobal Benjumea Freshman - 850 Points
over union equals the land beyond paradise
cristobal Benjumea poet Are You In The Windy Vale by cristobal Benjumea Freshman - 850 Points
I often think of you
Yourswetness overwhelms all
Richard Hosea poet What Is Prayer? by Richard Hosea Rookie - 0 Points
Prayer is the heartbeat of God
Where ere we go upon this sod
Madrason writer poet Is Er Een Recht Spoor? by Madrason writer Bronze Star - 2,690 Points
Is het de aard
die eeuwige garantie
Terence George Craddock (afterglows ec .. poet Enforcers Watching Too Many Violent Movies by Terence George Craddock (afterglows ec .. Gold Star - 7,428 Points
cops the FBI the CIA have one track minds
bash down the doors go in guns blazing
cristobal Benjumea poet About You by cristobal Benjumea Freshman - 850 Points
Noise of drums
Marilyn Jean poet My Heart At Night by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 4,951 Points
My heart at night travels away
To Love and laugh
Morgan Michaels poet Time To Remember Iii by Morgan Michaels Bronze Star - 2,984 Points
He had a list of architectural marvels, starting with the Sullivan buildings (and Adler, of course) that he little doubted he'd get to.
Tatjana Rezvova poet An Ode To The Sun by Tatjana Rezvova Rookie - 10 Points
With the air of the Universe… With the whisper of love
I’ll be imbued to the marrow of my bones…
Sengiyumva Thiery poet Number 10 Out Of 12 Angry Men by Sengiyumva Thiery Rookie - 25 Points
Here I am in the court.
Take a heed, for when it comes to patience and respect, I am truly short;
Sandra Feldman poet Giving And Careing by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 15,659 Points
Can give a smile,
Naveed Akram poet Charm Of The Sun by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 4,659 Points
Charming sun shines brightly like butter,
Ways of youth are in its core;
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