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stephanie mellisa kievaughan poet I Took A Knee To Tie My Shoe by stephanie mellisa kievaughan Rookie - 174 Points
good thing to have
is the gift to know
gajanan mishra poet No Advice by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,552 Points
No advice,
Let all go
Veronika Bitkina poet Somewhere Between by Veronika Bitkina Rookie - 107 Points
Somewhere between.
My gaze in shadow.
Christopher Hall poet Fire Children by Christopher Hall Rookie - 42 Points
You gathered the kindling and
crumpled newspapers
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Our World - حياتنا الدنيا by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 23,676 Points
انها ليست اكثر من سويعات بل ربما اقل من ذلك... انها تلك
Monica Morante poet Seeking Illusions by Monica Morante Rookie - 227 Points
Sweat suddenly tripped from my eyes.
My heart, anchored at the ocean of the lost.
Mark Arvizu poet The Way Home by Mark Arvizu Veteran Poet - 1,515 Points
I shall write here, I shall write....................................................there
I leave small scraps of my mind frame in different places
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet River In The Air by Asit Kumar Sanyal Gold Star - 4,967 Points
Trees are the single most critical element
In the sustenance of life on earth
Abhishek Kumar yadav poet I Never Thought It Would Be Like This by Abhishek Kumar yadav Rookie - 21 Points
I never thought it would be like this
Ur smile swims in my mind,
hasmukh amathalal poet Match With by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 67,038 Points
I count years
But express no fears
gajanan mishra poet Let Us Say by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,552 Points
Let us say;
The language of smile,
Xavier Mandreza poet Verse - 1 by Xavier Mandreza Rookie - 105 Points
I would like to find my Quintessence;
But where is HE? In a Place called HEART,
gajanan mishra poet Want To See by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,552 Points
I want to
See your hearts,
Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan poet As You Sow So You Reap by Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan Rookie - 122 Points
As you sow, so you reap
You have no reasons to weep
Michael P. McParland poet Morning Note 119 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 23,209 Points
Good morning my gorgeous one
I hope you got some good sleep
gajanan mishra poet Snake That Too Beautiful! by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,552 Points
Snake that too beautiful!
The snake occupied
Raymond Sawyer poet Every Star That One See Is The Family Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 11,969 Points
For when the sun is out thus one will feel the warmth of the sun for the sun will warm once heart with respect and yet for there the moon for one will
Bijay Kant Dubey poet He Fathers, But Says He, God Gives, The Almighty Has (No B.. by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 12,441 Points
He fathers, but says he, God gives, the Almighty has,
I shall not check,
gajanan mishra poet Let Not The Road End by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,552 Points
Let not the road end
I want to proceed both
SWETA LEENA PANDA poet Oh My Beloved by SWETA LEENA PANDA Rookie - 246 Points
My beloved
Oh, My beloved
kalai selvan poet Bye Bye 26 by kalai selvan Rookie - 93 Points
The sky garden, Decorating with stars, The stars are looking, Like a candles. When the burning star, Rise in morning, The God announces that day
SWETA LEENA PANDA poet I Am Here For You by SWETA LEENA PANDA Rookie - 246 Points
oh my beloved
Here I am now
Neeraj Mishra poet Today I Washed My Life Into A Washing Machine. by Neeraj Mishra Rookie - 30 Points
Today I washed my life into a washing machine.
Just within fifteen minutes.
kyvin nash poet Winter Is Coming by kyvin nash Rookie - 261 Points
Prophetic woes plummeting across places
I've seen this misery and fright drawn on faces.
PAUL WARREN poet Australia - Dusk In The Desert by PAUL WARREN Gold Star - 4,900 Points
The sun departs and the heat deceives
The darkness falls and the colour leaves
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