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Gary Liles poet The Babog-Part 2 by Gary Liles Gold Star - 54,576 Points
Finally you get your wish,
you get your reprieve
Adeeba Bathul poet Pollution by Adeeba Bathul Rookie - 26 Points
Its here, its there oh its everywhere
You here what i say, its pollution,
ENO SUTRAMAN poet Любовь by ENO SUTRAMAN Gold Star - 5,590 Points
Два ока в иконе меж ними надежда,
Две птицы в полёте меж ними печаль,
ENO SUTRAMAN poet Печаль by ENO SUTRAMAN Gold Star - 5,590 Points
Федул чагой ты губоньки с утра надул?
Испей-ка, на-ка вот, серебряной водицы,
Rob Knetsch poet Alive While Kicking by Rob Knetsch Veteran Poet - 1,230 Points
alive as she was
she kept on kicking
Asavari Singh poet Through The Eyes Of A Starfish.... by Asavari Singh Rookie - 46 Points
As soon as I closed my eyes,
I imagined a starry sky.
Muzahidul Reza poet Circling by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 6,962 Points
Slow and steady I advance
Observing all on the campus
Tamal Kundu poet Infatuation by Tamal Kundu Rookie - 97 Points
School bag, blue shirt, hair parted on the right,
Josephine Dunn poet Hope by Josephine Dunn Rookie - 0 Points
So much longing,
No belonging.
Anuradaha Sharma poet Haiku No: 04. Love by Anuradaha Sharma Rookie - 313 Points
He loved her badly
He also died for her love
Jaclyn Payne poet Darkness by Jaclyn Payne Rookie - 63 Points
A dark vast emptiness,
It is scareful, all alone.
Gary Liles poet The Babog by Gary Liles Gold Star - 54,576 Points
The Babog is very small
yet very tough,
Partha Pratim poet If Life Is A Rainbow, Are You My Vibgyor? by Partha Pratim Rookie - 212 Points
The mornings are pallid now
So is the sky.
D.M. Sita poet Blood Dripping by D.M. Sita Rookie - 27 Points
Blood dripping from my fingertips
I stare down at the fresh corpse
Lora Colon poet Loving Words by Lora Colon Gold Star - 9,468 Points
Loving words are like seeds in the hand,
Seek a crosswind and let them fly,
Gary Liles poet Cauldron by Gary Liles Gold Star - 54,576 Points
You stir your cauldron
from side to side,
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet Three Things That Make Everyone In That Village And Region.. by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Gold Star - 12,311 Points
To go to a common hall and see the dramatic
..Stage performance of a person who had not invited you,
Kishore Kumar Das poet From Ac To Dc by Kishore Kumar Das Gold Star - 13,683 Points
Problems are like waves...
some appear like a cycle
Ronell Warren Alman poet Just Lift Your Spirit Up by Ronell Warren Alman Gold Star - 9,580 Points
Just lift your spirit up
And continue to believe
Kakoli Choudhury poet Love(3) by Kakoli Choudhury Freshman - 842 Points
You groweth in me,
Amidst the blues and glee,
Felix Emeka George poet I Can See Clearly Now by Felix Emeka George Bronze Star - 2,051 Points
I can see clearly now
That the scars on my skin
Judith Blatherwick poet The Library Chronicles (Part 10) by Judith Blatherwick Gold Star - 40,806 Points
(Collaboration with Gary Liles)
See I live in this cottage
Clive Blake poet Throuh The Hole In The Glass by Clive Blake Rookie - 355 Points
Behind an old window,
A young girl often gazed,
WES Vogler poet (limerick) Adventures Of Oogie #165 by WES Vogler Gold Star - 60,268 Points
Our Bud he is one of a kind
With a bit of an obstinate mind
Clive Blake poet But This Is An Emergency by Clive Blake Rookie - 355 Points
Tell Dr Blood it's Mrs Bloomsbury;
He always sees me right away;
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