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Rohit Sapra poet She Is So Trendy by Rohit Sapra Freshman - 2,240 Points
She is so trendy
In a manner so graceful
0.00 0
Margaret Alice Second poet My Brother Atilla the Hun [Cor.] by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Lacking wisdom & self-discipline, my brother Atilla
the Hun still sits in the ethical morass into which we
10.00 0
Rodrigo Diaz poet Past Love by Rodrigo Diaz Rookie - 34 Points
Best to let old bone lie where they lay.
No use in romanticizing the dead.
0.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Office no office by Nassy Fesharaki Veteran Poet - 2,958 Points
Office no office
Once again came over
0.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Treasure by Nassy Fesharaki Veteran Poet - 2,958 Points
Map in hand, whispering in secret, men in search
0.00 0
David Whalen poet So Curious... by David Whalen Rookie - 88 Points
Why does life have a way of shrinking a man
10.00 0
Joe Rosochacki poet George Stinney Jr. by Joe Rosochacki Rookie - 313 Points
George Stinney Jr.
At age 14 wasn't going anywhere
0.00 0
Billythompson thompson poet ¬ bam¬ war¬ com by Billythompson thompson Rookie - 0 Points
¬ bam¬ war¬ com 강남오피강남오피강남오피강남오피강남오피강남오피
0.00 0
Billythompson thompson poet BAMWARCOM by Billythompson thompson Rookie - 0 Points
0.00 0
Billythompson thompson poet bamwar3com by Billythompson thompson Rookie - 0 Points
http: //bamwar3.com/
https: //twitter.com/bam_war
0.00 0
Andy Jackson poet Rofl.com by Andy Jackson Rookie - 0 Points
I'm at a loose end
What on earth can I do?
0.00 0
yikum shiferaw poet Circle of life by yikum shiferaw Rookie - 22 Points
To fully complete the circle of life
man leaves his parents to be with his wife
0.00 0
Michelle Chvojka poet The loyal dog (German) by Michelle Chvojka Rookie - 15 Points
Der Hund war schon am Anfang die Treue Seele der Welt,
Bei ihm dreht es sich nicht um Schönheit, Macht oder Geld.
0.00 0
John Dowdall poet In the Violence of Change by John Dowdall Rookie - 0 Points
For Amnesty, Clemency and Asylum
In the violence of change,
0.00 0
maryline vautravers poet A couple by maryline vautravers Rookie - 78 Points
You, loving blue pair
In the sunny warm air
9.00 1
Stephen Katona poet Preston's Champ by Stephen Katona Rookie - 667 Points
A young art student had a fright,
One cold December's night.
10.00 1
Fabrizio Frosini poet Tu & Io — [ 'You & I' ] by Fabrizio Frosini Rookie - 752 Points
Sfruttare al meglio quanto
Ci venne dato
10.00 0
Fabrizio Frosini poet You & I by Fabrizio Frosini Rookie - 752 Points
Making the best of what we had
Was our first deal. Pity it was not
10.00 2
Alfred Oyori poet My Little Bird by Alfred Oyori Rookie - 54 Points
Brilliant little bird so sweet,
I love the way you sing to me,
10.00 0
Howard MacDougall poet Helpless reasonings by Howard MacDougall Rookie - 481 Points
What signifies the barren shine
The powers of moral reason
0.00 0
Damian Murphy poet Regret by Damian Murphy Rookie - 369 Points
Tell me has regret
made any difference yet?
0.00 0
michael hagwood poet The first Flight by michael hagwood Rookie - 524 Points
The young bird hops from leg to leg to the nest edge
it looks ahead and takes a leap. It flaps its wings strong
0.00 0
RJP Patterson poet Fake by RJP Patterson Rookie - 15 Points
I've spent so long building the
facade that
0.00 0
Saiom Shriver poet Bee Bathes In Bliss by Saiom Shriver Veteran Poet - 3,595 Points
The bee buzzes
until lost in guzzling
0.00 0
lee fones poet Merry Christmas by lee fones Veteran Poet - 2,837 Points
Got myself a bargain
keyboard i picked up for free
0.00 0
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