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Lee Mack poet What We Do Not Know Xx Xxx Xx Original 07 24 2015 by Lee Mack Veteran Poet - 1,822 Points
Charlotte, NC 28269
Original 07 24 2015
Ramesh T A poet Undiminishing Secrets Of Sea! by Ramesh T A Veteran Poet - 1,869 Points
There are many things hidden long under the sea -
Ancient cities, pyramids and treasures unfathomable!
Shalom Freedman poet I Feel Worthless When I Do Not Write by Shalom Freedman Bronze Star - 2,682 Points
I wrote nothing today
Perhaps I cannot write any more
Bijay Kant Dubey poet A.K.Ramanujan As A Caricature Man by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 11,259 Points
Poet A.k.Ramanujan
As a man
Dennis Brutus poet Longing by Dennis Brutus
Can the heart compute desire's trajectory
Or logic obtuse with semantic ambiguities
hasmukh amathalal poet Occasionally Force by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 52,941 Points
We have become weary
And scary too
Tyler Chang poet Bond by Tyler Chang Rookie - 156 Points
If you can't see,
take my eyes
Tyler Chang poet Aftermath by Tyler Chang Rookie - 156 Points
You walked away, my heart left broken
Your promises were bitter lies
Matthew Arnold poet Too Late by Matthew Arnold
Each on his own strict line we move,
And some find death ere they find love;
Raymond Farrell poet Haiku (The Harshness Of Reality) by Raymond Farrell Gold Star - 9,358 Points
When the bug hit the
Windshield the last thing through its
Francie Lynch poet I Always Wanted by Francie Lynch Gold Star - 5,616 Points
I always wanted
To be a sage,
Shubhanshi Gaudani poet Happy Family! - Not So Sweet Not So Sour! by Shubhanshi Gaudani Rookie - 43 Points
Different personalities,
Betrayal was agonised!
Stanley Collymore poet Radicalization Doesn’t Only Have Demerits; Good Is A Salie.. by Stanley Collymore Rookie - 401 Points
By Stanley Collymore
The evil that men do lives after them the good is oft interred with
Cynthia BuhainBaello poet Respect For Being Different? by Cynthia BuhainBaello Bronze Star - 2,928 Points
I used to think being different was being unique,
Outstanding because of some quality that's an exception.
Coleman Barks poet A Smile and A Gentleness by Coleman Barks
There is a smile and a gentleness
inside. When I learned the name
C. P. Sharma poet Tiny Identity by C. P. Sharma Freshman - 951 Points
I am in love with my tiny identity
that cuts me off from my whole.
Cynthia BuhainBaello poet Values I Remember (Rictameter Poem) by Cynthia BuhainBaello Bronze Star - 2,928 Points
To stand
With courage here
Anshi Ranpara poet Ode To Sorrow by Anshi Ranpara Rookie - 34 Points
.. To Sorrow
I bade good morrow,
Phil Soar poet A Coastal Walk by Phil Soar Gold Star - 8,580 Points
I began to walk along the coastal road, and slowed my pace
Taking in the view, as salty wind blew on my face
Luo Zhihai poet Hook Moon Bends Is Loin(Duilianti) by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 11,813 Points
★ Hook Moon Bends Is Loin(Duilianti)
☆ Poetry & Translation by Luo Zhihai (China)
KIRTI SHAH poet Life Of Soul..... by KIRTI SHAH Rookie - 166 Points
Explained lot to mind........
Keep away tears from the eye..
KIRTI SHAH poet Mom by KIRTI SHAH Rookie - 166 Points
Seated in hospital…..
Suddenly, a aged women takes seat while crying,
anju addanki poet Your Love by anju addanki Rookie - 138 Points
You have given your heart to me,
And I know you want me,
KIRTI SHAH poet 'Trio' by KIRTI SHAH Rookie - 166 Points
Mind, eyes and tears...
A trio called 'soul'...
Frankie Wills poet The Eternal Clock by Frankie Wills Rookie - 179 Points
Lantern of enlightenment
Cryptic obsession
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