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Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) poet Houses Of The Absurdly Opulent... by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) Gold Star - 82,732 Points
Oh, to ensconce in a house of the absurd,
airy steads so owned by those recherché
Paul Warren poet Haiku - Will There Be Summer In The City? by Paul Warren Gold Star - 28,026 Points
This year winter drags
Will there be summer in the city?
Paul Warren poet Diseases - Pop-Corn Lung by Paul Warren Gold Star - 28,026 Points
The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Missouri
Found out that working in a microwave pop-corn plant caused injury
Robert Murray Smith poet Wisp Of Love by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 42,241 Points
In repose on a chaise longue,
a natural beauty lay dreaming
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet The Best Of Your Tests by Lawrence S. Pertillar
There has been,
A misunderstanding between us.
Michael P. McParland poet Evening Note 113 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 71,411 Points
A very good evening to you
my sweet Queen I love so very much
Sakhe Mabulu poet Fell In Love by Sakhe Mabulu Freshman - 856 Points
She come into my life
Something special runs up inside my heart
Seema Chowdhury poet Daily Inspirations - October by Seema Chowdhury Gold Star - 8,131 Points
Daily Inspiration - October 2016
91) Tenderness of the heart comes from believing in Gracious God and having strong faith in Him. There will be ma
John Kelly poet Hero In My Arms by John Kelly Rookie - 97 Points
When all the prayers have been said,
When all the cards have been boxed and stored,
Donna Jones poet Custard Pies by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,409 Points
I sneaked up on the sun
and splattered it with custard pies
Sarah Mkhonza poet Write My Story On The Trees by Sarah Mkhonza Bronze Star - 2,004 Points
Write my story on the trees,
Dig it out from down there,
Nassy Fesharaki poet At The Doors by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 43,558 Points
At the doors
Halloween decapitates the pumpkins
Neal Beightol poet The Road To Joyabaj by Neal Beightol Gold Star - 7,198 Points
Heaven pierced the rim of the world
This morning in two gashes laid upon
John Fenton Mcleish poet Ministry Of Truth by John Fenton Mcleish Silver Star - 3,665 Points
Call me a communist if you so want
For there is not anything wrong with that
Luo Zhihai poet The Dream On The Pillow by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 81,761 Points
The Dream on the Pillow
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Quatrain)
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Midst Blue And Gray by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 33,853 Points
M-idst blue and gray,
E-levate your hope and faith;
Muzahidul Reza poet Child Labour by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 6,962 Points
Child labours worldwide hurt brains
Right now it should be banned
Spock the Vegan poet Jill Stein On Nuclear War (Limerick) by Spock the Vegan Gold Star - 26,185 Points
Jill Stein says Trump is less scary than Hillary Clinton by far
"Under Hillary Clinton, we could slide into nuclear war"
Donna Jones poet When The Sun Shines by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,409 Points
When the sun shines
let it rain, cause when it rains
Donna Jones poet Cartoons by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,409 Points
Don't fight your cartoons
in your head, let them out
Luo Zhihai poet Dawn Comes After Dusk by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 81,761 Points
Dawn Comes After Dusk
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Quatrain)
Francis Duggan poet Where Everyone Knows Everyone His Is A Stranger's Face by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 57,474 Points
Where everyone knows everyone his is a stranger's face
And where everyone knows everyone he does feel out of place
RIC S. BASTASA poet A Little Note To The Papaya Tree by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 35,155 Points
the papaya
tree had long been silent
Judith Blatherwick poet The Vampire Charms by Judith Blatherwick Gold Star - 40,806 Points
Cloaked in mist, with the aura of death
He drifted in with the night.
Francis Duggan poet It Can Be What Is Known As A Hungry Belly Game by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 57,474 Points
In penning of rhyme for me no money or fame
It can be what is known as a hungry belly game
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