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jermaine rozant poet Pain, Pain, Please Go Away by jermaine rozant Rookie - 0 Points
Everywhere i go,
humans are lost in thought at which they dont know.
Dare Onadele poet Rubbing Off by Dare Onadele Rookie - 97 Points
You say I'm black that you're dark.
Oh life of a negroid!
CarolAnne Spalding poet Crave To Write by CarolAnne Spalding Rookie - 1 Points
When did we last
Cross paths,
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Nepal Needs Help by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,355 Points
Nepal is the home
To the world’s highest mountain
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Oceanomics by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,355 Points
We all know about the sea
Know the meaning of ocean
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet The Cheat by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,355 Points
If we insert incorrect data in our PC
It gives us wrong output
Tony Adah poet Rumours by Tony Adah Gold Star - 6,745 Points
The mill spins them like
Bolls of silk cotton floating
sadashivan nair poet I Am An Aged Dusky Man, Like A Bottle Of Bordeaux Wine... by sadashivan nair Rookie - 168 Points
I am an aged dusky man,
like a bottle of Bordeaux wine,
Rani Jain poet Kho To Diya by Rani Jain Rookie - 77 Points
kho to diya usse
bus paane ki chaah baki hai
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Another Shravan Kumar by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,355 Points
He was not shravan Kumar...
But a Nepali young man of Barpak village
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Lovers Disappear by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,355 Points
When a man and a woman meet
They form a pair
DAVID A. GAMBLE poet 'Alone' by DAVID A. GAMBLE Rookie - 0 Points
alone is the world as i am cold
alone is the fear just not told
Salman Afaaq poet Old Wounds! by Salman Afaaq Rookie - 0 Points
It gives you un grieved sorrow
And an un forgiven hurt..
Akachukwu Lekwauwa poet Isthmus Of Pain And Joy by Akachukwu Lekwauwa Rookie - 0 Points
Bitter cold on one side,
The joy on the other kept blood
Abhilaaj poet One Weeps And Bleeds On Paper, One Paints And Faints On Ca.. by Abhilaaj Rookie - 345 Points
He weeps and bleeds on paper, feeds on pain often.
He paints and faints on canvas, weeps with paint often.
Akachukwu Lekwauwa poet The Empress Of My Heart by Akachukwu Lekwauwa Rookie - 0 Points
If I wait by the well of water,
Then I could stand till the end of time.
Amitava Sur poet Haiku – Your Bliss. by Amitava Sur Gold Star - 9,011 Points
What YOU gave is enough
Let me be content more than enough
Elaheh Abdi Langaan poet او by Elaheh Abdi Langaan Rookie - 69 Points
سکوتم فریادی شد
زندانییه ازادی در قفس خاطرات
Is It Poetry poet Police Officer's Are Allowed To Lie Under Oath by Is It Poetry Silver Star - 3,724 Points
I was once in the past and still am subject to, as are the many thousands of people
whom plead guilty to crimes not committed, every week across the
Sengiyumva Thiery poet Troll by Sengiyumva Thiery Rookie - 59 Points
I hop I talk I rhyme just like a troll, catch me and I'll give you a wish after all
your head must be very thick
Michael P. McParland poet Love Note 175 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 12,922 Points
About to close my eyes
sweet love for a small rest
Nishu Sharma poet What Hurting Plight by Nishu Sharma Rookie - 0 Points
Its the height,
What a hurting plight.
Nishu Sharma poet The Trifling Hopes by Nishu Sharma Rookie - 0 Points
In trifling hopes of bright tomorrows,
Accomplished life spans.
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet Comparison Between Friends, Whores And Thieves by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Veteran Poet - 1,413 Points
The friends who weigh and balance the benefits;
…the whores who care for the wealth
gajanan mishra poet My Own Self by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 32,519 Points
Let me say
You are my own self.
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