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Bernard F. Asuncion poet Sweet Lovely Lady In Red by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 6,009 Points
J-ust after the cold and dark
E-vening shadows are gone;
Francis Duggan poet When I Was Young by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
When i was young my head was full of daydreams i had such silly notions of renown
But my prime years seemed to come and go so quickly in the countrys
Lalitha Narayanan poet Hurt Beyond Words by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 5,489 Points
The Crusades
they still go on
Francis Duggan poet Birdsland In November by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
The kookaburra laughing in the wood at Birdsland and magpie fluting for to greet the day
And the familiar voices of the small green bellbirds like ti
Francis Duggan poet Without Trying To Generalize by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
If you cannot love self you cannot love others that is a fact and facts are true
You give love and love you receive in return what we get from life i
Francis Duggan poet Due To The Increase In The Human Population by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
Due to the increase in the human population it does come as no surprise
That wildlife is becoming rarer yet many fail to realize
Francis Duggan poet Lost Innocence by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
I wish i could have retained my childhood innocence i had lost it long before i reached my prime
It was indeed a thing of inner beauty i have only on
Wolfgang Steinmann poet Was Arbeit Ist by Wolfgang Steinmann Veteran Poet - 1,767 Points
Wir stehen am Ford Highland Park in einer langen Schlange
und warten im Regen. Auf Arbeit.
Sasoon luvsdick poet Revenge Of The Sas by Sasoon luvsdick Rookie - 196 Points
We looked for months trying to find the stealthy sas.
It turns out he was making meth nathans basement.
Francis Duggan poet Nora O' Donoghue by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
Nora was a good mother to the Tanyard O Donoghues and to Florry she was a devoted wife
And sad to learn she is no longer with us that she has lost he
Francis Duggan poet For Our Mistakes In One Way Or The Other by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
For our mistakes in one way or the other we pay
But from life we do learn a little every day
Wilfred Sassysoon poet Sassoons Best Poem by Wilfred Sassysoon Rookie - 114 Points
It was a dark night
I got into a fight
Francis Duggan poet South Western Victoria by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
In Kirkstall in the Summer the paddocks are brown
That stretch on to Koroit on to Warrnambool Town
Francis Duggan poet 'Tis Cold Today Back There By Clara Mountain by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
'Tis cold today back there by Clara Mountain 'tis cold indeed quite cold enough to snow
The deciduous trees of their leaves almost denuded and cold A
Francis Duggan poet Marginalized People by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
Marginalized people are increasing in number and that seems a sad thing for to have to say
As the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps on wi
Sasoon luvsdick poet Owen And Sas Go At It by Sasoon luvsdick Rookie - 196 Points
'On ya sassy', yells the crowd.
But the wilfred freaks yell right back,
Francis Duggan poet I Cannot Expend Energy by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 8,266 Points
I cannot expend energy on disliking others though dislike in itself is not a crime
With my time i have things for to do better and disliking one does
Lawrence Beck poet Who'd Have Thought Things Would Turn Out So Well? by Lawrence Beck Gold Star - 5,310 Points
It's serendipitous, I guess, that I would
Say for her the words she wasn't bold
Manonton Dalan poet Over-Sea-Land >>> by Manonton Dalan Gold Star - 25,598 Points
hello! life full of wonders
just a minute ago I am on top
Louis A. Borgo poet Canopus by Louis A. Borgo Silver Star - 3,349 Points
Perhaps the bestole of the galaxy that hold Canopus
Sounds reflect volumes of waves Saturn rings
carlos Ac liberal poet What A Piece Of Work As Da Vinci by carlos Ac liberal Rookie - 101 Points
A masked figure stands,
spotlit, in the gloom...
David Whalen poet My Friend To The End by David Whalen Veteran Poet - 1,920 Points
Today I mourn the loss
WES Vogler poet (limerick) Oh, That Cross-Eye by WES Vogler Gold Star - 25,375 Points
All too often the way that it goes
When one's eye has turned in to the nose...
Denis Mair poet From Colville Street To Alder Street by Denis Mair Bronze Star - 2,166 Points
I'm a moth drawn to a glow that soon fades
Where is that cherishing fire still tended?
eric ploscik poet Unloading My Head by eric ploscik Rookie - 171 Points
Insufferable stress
Suffocating pressure
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