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Tantrayana philosophy
Tantrayana fith is a mixure
Of Tantra and Mahayana.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. poet by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
on 7/26/2014
just searching..: -(
Is there any world for me,
where no cruelity takes place..
kiranjot kaur thiara poet by kiranjot kaur thiara
on 7/25/2014
The Storm Comes
Fleeing before its wrath,
Leaves sprint across my path
Greg Davidson poet by Greg Davidson
on 7/25/2014
Summer in the day
And is winter in the night
Dr PJ Raj Kamal poet by Dr PJ Raj Kamal
on 7/25/2014
Blame and aspersion are established on them for ever!
The people who know the etiquette
…will not laugh aloud, will not yawn,
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan
on 7/25/2014
The Heat of the Moment
Inhale, exhale take in the day.
For I know all too well how it can simply get away.
Hannah Bryson Price poet by Hannah Bryson Price
on 7/25/2014
Small Men & Small Hearts As Contemporary Indian English Po..
Whether they know it English or not, but they will
Call themselves
Bijay Kant Dubey poet by Bijay Kant Dubey
on 7/25/2014
Sitting by reminiscing
how was once in past
Sunny Chopra poet by Sunny Chopra
on 7/25/2014
गोरबो इसिँनिफ्राइ -57
हे.. सोरजिगिरि अबं!
मा मिजिँ जिउनि
Ronjoy Brahma poet by Ronjoy Brahma
on 7/25/2014
Of Apple Pie and Golden Bands
of Apple Pies and Golden bands...
Monk E. Biz poet by Monk E. Biz
on 7/25/2014
Small Share Fleeced Investors Go Belly Up
your truama turn now get together
small share fleeced investors
Terence G. Craddock poet by Terence G. Craddock
on 7/25/2014
Son of Truth
See, I am here
The son of the Truth.
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 7/25/2014
Goddess of England
So Jupiter cries like a scorpion
Loneliness stings the morning dew
Joseph Narusiewicz poet by Joseph Narusiewicz
on 7/25/2014
False redemption
What Should we?
To feel free
hasmukh amathalal poet by hasmukh amathalal
on 7/25/2014
Poetic Vows
We have wedded Thee,
Sandra Feldman poet by Sandra Feldman
on 7/25/2014
emotions they do create
negative creates negative
laxami Cards poet by laxami Cards
on 7/25/2014
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