New Poems


Poet Poem
Justin Reamer poet Gender by Justin Reamer Rookie - 423 Points
Large arms and legs with bulging muscles,
Two large pectorals with a washboard abdomen,
Chenou Liu poet Long Way Home Haiku by Chenou Liu Veteran Poet - 1,687 Points
long way home...
measuring this winter night
Mark Heathcote poet After A Fate Withheld by Mark Heathcote Silver Star - 4,429 Points
After a fate withheld
Her fairest form
Phil Soar poet A Warm Summer Day by Phil Soar Gold Star - 6,943 Points
I felt her touch and wandered on the trail ahead
The breeze and smells refreshing on the way
Rohit Sapra poet The Endless Is by Rohit Sapra Gold Star - 4,977 Points
To be a pure soul
Is desire of the mind and the heart.
Abdalla Juma Shenga poet Teaching by Abdalla Juma Shenga Rookie - 218 Points
After a tiresome time at school
With a long stride I walk home
John Zeller poet Mediocre Mediation by John Zeller Rookie - 205 Points
I allowed my soul to jump among crickets
I allowed crickets to jump upon my soul
Emily Dickinson poet It stole along so stealthy by Emily Dickinson
It stole along so stealthy
Suspicion it was done
Francie Lynch poet A Widdler by Francie Lynch Silver Star - 4,488 Points
Since we were toddlers
We've had the move;
Francie Lynch poet Nsf by Francie Lynch Silver Star - 4,488 Points
I, in my vanity,
Felt sympathy
Nassy Fesharaki poet New York Prison Escape by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 8,898 Points
New York prison escape
FBI is new
Alison Hawthorne Deming poet Human Habitat by Alison Hawthorne Deming
Some did not want to alter the design
when the failure message
Frank Stanford poet The Forgotten Madmen of Ménilmontant by Frank Stanford
after Jacques Prévert
Do not look sadly at days gone by
Marilyn Hacker poet Pantoum by Marilyn Hacker
for Fadwa Soleiman
Said the old woman who barely spoke the language:
Alan Shapiro poet Vantage by Alan Shapiro
From where I watch, there are no highest leaves,
no leaves that don't have over them more leaves
Traci Brimhall poet Our Bodies Break Light by Traci Brimhall
We crawl through the tall grass and idle light,
our chests against the earth so we can hear the river
Latha Krishnan poet Soul Kite by Latha Krishnan Rookie - 82 Points
I see you....
And for the next two days
Tony Hoagland poet Reasons to Survive November by Tony Hoagland
November like a train wreck -
as if a locomotive made of cold
Nassy Fesharaki poet So Sweet by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 8,898 Points
So sweet
Her poem; who was she?
Kate Lechoe poet See You In My Future by Kate Lechoe Rookie - 338 Points
When I look into your eyes, I see my image,
The same way you see your image in my eyes.
thabani khumalo poet John by thabani khumalo Veteran Poet - 1,026 Points
In the beginning was John
And John was a child.
thabani khumalo poet A Man Of Law by thabani khumalo Veteran Poet - 1,026 Points
How dare I argue with a soldier?
For he is all about the king’s lawman,
Dana Levin poet The Living Teaching by Dana Levin
You wanted to be a butcher
but they made you be a lawyer.
thabani khumalo poet Death by thabani khumalo Veteran Poet - 1,026 Points
Death is a garden boy
And the millionaire, my father be.
thabani khumalo poet Involvement by thabani khumalo Veteran Poet - 1,026 Points
I don’t understand involvement
To take a girl so young and confused
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