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Michael P. Johnson poet Grace Revealed by Michael P. Johnson Bronze Star - 2,886 Points
Grace, is truly no simple, word
A name one calls a child
Casey Gochnour poet Take Control Of Life by Casey Gochnour Rookie - 237 Points
Impossible? No.
Never a place safe for our feet,
Orlando Belo poet The Time Of Vulnerability by Orlando Belo Freshman - 790 Points
If you are a person of strong character and mind,
and are not easily led as a sheep.
Casey Gochnour poet Slammed On Pages by Casey Gochnour Rookie - 237 Points
Flowing endlessly, words tossed on pages,
Reaching farther, spelled through the ages.
Casey Gochnour poet Your Thoughts Of Mine by Casey Gochnour Rookie - 237 Points
Sometimes I wonder what’s in your head,
You said it’s nothing… that’s what you said.
Casey Gochnour poet Always by Casey Gochnour Rookie - 237 Points
When I look into your eyes, I’m nothing but surprised.
I know about your past and how it didn’t last,
Casey Gochnour poet I Love You by Casey Gochnour Rookie - 237 Points
I love you for giving your heart to me,
And trusting me with your pride.
Casey Gochnour poet The Beat Of Hearts by Casey Gochnour Rookie - 237 Points
Her and I have separate hearts,
Yet they beat to the same drum.
Casey Gochnour poet By Your Side by Casey Gochnour Rookie - 237 Points
Your courage, your strength, I admire it all,
From the first time you rose to the last time you’ll fall,
Margaret Alice Second poet Logically by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Humanity lives in the End of Days forever, every
new war is seen as small and insignificant when
Casey Gochnour poet Andrea... Well She, by Casey Gochnour Rookie - 237 Points
She makes my breath flow in and out,
Her lips feel smooth against my mouth.
Phil Soar poet The Voice by Phil Soar Gold Star - 6,943 Points
If the voice could make a series on songbirds
I am sure all the chairs would turn around
Shalom Freedman poet Others Are Great And Good by Shalom Freedman Bronze Star - 2,312 Points
It goes on and on
Azer Reza poet Feel Good by Azer Reza Rookie - 16 Points
When I don't do anything I feel good
And when I do something I feel good.
Kelly Kurt poet Sun-Shower by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 17,870 Points
Two weeks of sticky heat and cloudiness
Murky, dispirited days overlapped
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet The Right Time To Accept by Lawrence S. Pertillar
I made that time the right time to accept.
Prepared I was for rejection and neglect.
Debargha Ghosh poet Little Things by Debargha Ghosh Rookie - 24 Points
Another day ends on my balcony
With scattered grains still laying still
wendell lack jr. poet Goodnight Then Morning by wendell lack jr. Rookie - 60 Points
goodnight i'm done
talking to you is always fun
Margaret Alice Second poet Accrued Interest [revised]] by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Taking these theories to their logical conclusion -
was WWII with Himmler’s extermination of race
Uma Ram poet Hat Tip To My Patience... by Uma Ram Silver Star - 3,713 Points
Kudos to you my dear beautifying patience
Sparing my poor feet till today alive
Uma Ram poet Ephemeral Euphoria-(Haiku) by Uma Ram Silver Star - 3,713 Points
Happily pose I,
Cheese... all is fine henceforth, no?
wendell lack jr. poet At A Glance by wendell lack jr. Rookie - 60 Points
to the woman i can not loose
the one that said she'd be my muse
Jasmina Tacheva poet Learning Experiences by Jasmina Tacheva Rookie - 113 Points
... we learned so much being together -
we found out where the stars live
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet At The Crossroads by Lawrence S. Pertillar
The many who can not see the light,
But take it upon themselves...
Brian Johnston poet Ph: Limerick (Mildly Amusing) #7 by Brian Johnston Silver Star - 4,467 Points
Personal Tag
There’s a personal tag on my car
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