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Poet Poem
Ronald Chapman poet Night Sky by Ronald Chapman Gold Star - 5,409 Points
Night sky,
Where there is no ending,
M. Asim Nehal poet Senryu- 199 by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 130,055 Points
few ounces of love
will cure any ailing heart
Donna Jones poet Your Be No Mores by Donna Jones Gold Star - 34,409 Points
I just signed a deal
with the devil himself
Aarzoo Mehek poet To Embrace by Aarzoo Mehek Gold Star - 18,371 Points
I opened my mind to let go of sufferings
I opened my palm to accept all good things
Bill Galvin poet (tanka) Lanterns by Bill Galvin Gold Star - 11,751 Points
Be you in the lead,
With lantern for to follow,
Muzahidul Reza poet The Twenty Three Years Is Not A Long Time by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 6,515 Points
The twenty three years is not a long time
For happening something most significant
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Defender Of The Faith by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 33,853 Points
D-efender of the faith
O-bliterates the wrong way;
Arik Fletcher poet Zero Hour by Arik Fletcher Veteran Poet - 1,169 Points
The world has been infected,
and we are all to blame,
Kelly Kurt poet The Threshold by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 184,230 Points
I remember the first instance when I was space
Time was abstract
Dipankar .Sadhukhan poet The Divine Kiss by Dipankar .Sadhukhan Gold Star - 7,365 Points
I saw a girl wandering alone
In a garden of rose.
Kelly Kurt poet Driving Me Nuts (Limerick) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 184,230 Points
Duffer Joe's tee shot flutters, then falls
His projectiles are smooth as glass walls
Emma Leech poet Foolish Love by Emma Leech Rookie - 0 Points
All I ever wanted was to mean more to you than nothing,
Knowing I'd never mean everything but willing to settle for something.
Antu Kar poet The Detective - - Real And Imagined by Antu Kar Freshman - 521 Points
The detective, bespectacled, tall and gaunt,
examines the murder-scene, looks for clues;
Naveed Akram poet My Progress by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 16,795 Points
My dreams are my possessions, they stagnate and
Intertwine, like roaming nomads, internal progressions.
Muzahidul Reza poet Autumnal Lessons by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 6,515 Points
Autumnal nature presents
Something beautiful really
Susan Williams poet Girl In Waiting by Susan Williams Gold Star - 71,687 Points
the girl waited beneath the golden tree
Paul Sebastian poet You Lead, I Flow by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 12,199 Points
Like a river I just flow
Ending I wouldn't know
Raymond Sawyer poet The Hair That Shine Is The Hair Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 40,079 Points
For a hair that shine like the sun thus it's the hair of respect for every moment that one see the hair that shine for one shall be touch by a rose of
Michael P. McParland poet Catnap Dreams Of Beautiful You by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 71,411 Points
As I lay back here my sweet darling
ever so lighly resting
Dr Ian Inkster poet A Song Of Blackford Hill [1808] Walter Scott by Dr Ian Inkster Rookie - 329 Points
Sir Walter Scott, Blackford Hill [from Marmion]
EARLY they took Dun-Edin's road,
Manonton Dalan poet I-Be-Lost>>> by Manonton Dalan Gold Star - 30,388 Points
thin sharp blade of grass
pointing straight up, why
Naveed Akram poet He Shall Reply by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 16,795 Points
If you ask the gender of a person he will reply
That the sky observes yourself as well as him or her.
Elias Isaksson poet Children by Elias Isaksson Rookie - 0 Points
Children is what brings us together and it unifies us all.
They all grow up but start out small.
Kunta Williams poet Baluba Love by Kunta Williams Rookie - 0 Points
A perfect plain in the Sub Sahara
Elias Isaksson poet My Dearest Friend by Elias Isaksson Rookie - 0 Points
He was my best friend
An only true companion
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