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Regina Derieva poet A Poem by Regina Derieva
A poem—
is just one more
Regina Derieva poet From The Last Island: To Lady Elisabeth Verreet by Regina Derieva
Oval mirror of the sea,
age-warped isle waved and cloudy,
Regina Derieva poet I Don't Feel At Home Where I Am by Regina Derieva
I don't feel at home where I am,
or where I spend time; only where,
Hasmukh Amathalal poet In Any Nation by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 217,540 Points
In any nation
Free news papers are back bone
Ari Alsio poet Haiku 834 by Ari Alsio Gold Star - 22,037 Points
so must cherished
on the picture of spring
Charles Hice poet Professor by Charles Hice Rookie
Ari Alsio poet Haiku 833 by Ari Alsio Gold Star - 22,037 Points
can be understood
many different ways
Varghese J Kuttikat poet A Sweet Note In Grossness by Varghese J Kuttikat Freshman - 775 Points
Lazarus at last finds himself seated beside Abraham,
The presiding human deity, father- figure supreme
Varghese J Kuttikat poet Dilemma by Varghese J Kuttikat Freshman - 775 Points
When each rival in a contest or combat
Brings Thee offerings pleasing and perfect
savina liyanage poet Grandfathers Surgery! by savina liyanage Freshman - 529 Points
I'll be bold I'll be brave
So I can withstand
Ari Alsio poet Haiku 832 by Ari Alsio Gold Star - 22,037 Points
The heart is torn
when not to recognize
Stephen Dobyns poet The Delicate, Plummeting Bodies by Stephen Dobyns
A great cry went up from the stockyards and
slaughterhouses, and Death, tired of complaint
Stephen Dobyns poet Tomatoes by Stephen Dobyns
A woman travels to Brazil for plastic
surgery and a face lift. She is sixty
Ari Alsio poet Haiku 831 by Ari Alsio Gold Star - 22,037 Points
A girl would be storm
when the raging sword in hand
Stephen Dobyns poet Cemetery Nights by Stephen Dobyns
Sweet dreams, sweet memories, sweet taste of earth:
here's how the dead pretend they're still alive-
Stephen Dobyns poet No Map by Stephen Dobyns
How close the clouds press this October first
and the rain—a gray scarf across the sky.
Stephen Dobyns poet Freight Cars by Stephen Dobyns
Once, taking a train into Chicago
from the west, I saw a message
Imafidon Mac Henry poet An Amorous Angel by Imafidon Mac Henry Rookie - 274 Points
If the days had gone by
Without her angelic beneficence
Stephen Dobyns poet How To Like It by Stephen Dobyns
These are the first days of fall. The wind
at evening smells of roads still to be traveled,
Stephen Dobyns poet Oh, Immobility, Death by Stephen Dobyns
Each dance step we execute is a slap in the face
of immobility. Are you light on your feet? Do you wear
Stephen Dobyns poet Can Poetry Matter? by Stephen Dobyns
Heart feels the time has come to compose lyric poetry.
No more storytelling for him. Oh, Moon, Heart writes,
Stephen Dobyns poet Song of Basic Necessities by Stephen Dobyns
The day hates you and the wind has stolen
the coat from your back. Take this poem.
Gary Liles poet Strange by Gary Liles Gold Star - 22,849 Points
Some people say I am mad
and some say insane
Stephen Dobyns poet The Body's Joy by Stephen Dobyns
The slick kiss of an oyster slipping
across the tongue, a woman's bare thighs
RIC S. BASTASA poet In The Comfort Of Its Mother... by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 32,185 Points
leave innocence
upon itself free,
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