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Gary Liles poet Jaded by Gary Liles Gold Star - 7,545 Points
There are crazy
funny people
Donna Jones poet Heat Wave by Donna Jones Silver Star - 3,692 Points
Fluffy cloud in sky
The blue sky really loves you
Aufie Zophy poet Y// The Old Lady by Aufie Zophy Gold Star - 10,658 Points
a grey haired lady
sits between budding roses
jovan lopez poet This Is My Angel From Heaven To Earth by jovan lopez Rookie - 355 Points
This is my angel from Heaven to Earth
Walking through the distance of waterfalls
ENOCH JOHN poet Cleopatra by ENOCH JOHN Bronze Star - 2,234 Points
Sweet Cleopatra of the Nile was a beauty of a Queen and an icon,
Who mesmerised kings and rulers with her legendary looks and dark magic of Egypt,
Sasanka Sekhar Panda poet Maa ! Your Lap Is My Heaven by Sasanka Sekhar Panda Veteran Poet - 1,928 Points
Yes! I sing this song of adoration
for you O Maa!
Muhammad Jahoorul Islam poet তরিকতের ভাষায় লতিফা কি...... ১......... by Muhammad Jahoorul Islam Silver Star - 3,221 Points
মানুষ যখন তার অন্তরের ঐশ্বর্য্ সমপর্কে অবগত হয়-তখন একদিকে সে দেহকে নিয়ন্ত্রণ করতে শেখে, দেহের জৈবিক ক্ষুধাকে বশে আনতে শেখে, অন্যদিকে তার দেহের মধ্যেই
Gajanan Mishra poet Know How by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 136,601 Points
Know how
Is here,
Nothing else
Naveed Khalid poet Chameleon by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 10,651 Points
Not less so fairly robbed of me her auburn looks
that I carry with a heavy heart thy yoke too dear,
Sonia Walker poet Found Love by Sonia Walker Freshman - 962 Points
placed in a box
Sonia Walker poet Thunder by Sonia Walker Freshman - 962 Points
rolling along
Gajanan Mishra poet Great Word by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 136,601 Points
Great word,
Great life,
Jayatissa Liyanage poet At The End............. by Jayatissa Liyanage Gold Star - 23,139 Points
Placards, banners ‘n mega-phones rest
Comrade walks home for the stale dinner
Barney Rooney poet Ian Paisley And Henry Cooke by Barney Rooney Veteran Poet - 1,336 Points
Prepare the granite plinth
he has earned his place at pulpit height
Kewayne Wadley poet Getaway by Kewayne Wadley Gold Star - 14,633 Points
There is something about her,
This thought that travels across the mind.
Sierra Horton poet I Belong by Sierra Horton Rookie - 198 Points
I belong surrounded by tall trees
And babbling brooks
Kurt Philip Behm poet Dark Genius by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 6,774 Points
A common man with bad intent,
can damage and do harm
Gajanan Mishra poet Life- Science by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 136,601 Points
It is science-
This life,
Lora Colon poet Little Things by Lora Colon Gold Star - 8,248 Points
The poet may write of little things,
But how grand they become when they spread their wings,
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., poet Sonnet: Soul-Needs Matter Much More Than Body Needs by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., Gold Star - 13,118 Points
Most try to do the things of transience;
They want to live a life perfect to core;
Edward Kofi Louis poet Salt From The Sea by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 158,296 Points
Salt from the sea,
Need of the sun,
Jayatissa Liyanage poet Disabled Spider by Jayatissa Liyanage Gold Star - 23,139 Points
You remind me of our war-heroes
who lost their limbs, fighting terrorism
David Paradine poet A Stranger by David Paradine Freshman - 729 Points
I came upon a stranger
On a dark and empty road
Edward Kofi Louis poet In Your Lonely Boat by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 158,296 Points
Nature and life!
Water from the sea;
Tiku akp poet Treat by Tiku akp Gold Star - 23,887 Points
Pulse is running fast
His touch gives a feeling
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