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Oscar Poet poet room 106 by Oscar Poet Rookie - 0 Points
pastel sky above me
a universe behind,
0.00 0
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Sitting To Reminsce Their Victories by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Seldom are those pro-active,
Sitting to reminsce...
0.00 0
Mandolyn ... poet unholy mess by Mandolyn ... Gold Star - 15,149 Points
the light turned red, babe
the lips on night are swollen shut
0.00 1
Marie Shine poet Uninvited Guest. by Marie Shine Rookie - 272 Points
He may burrow his way
through a hole in your wall
0.00 3
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Peaceful Dispositions by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Peaceful dispositions,
Comes as gifts...
0.00 0
Crystal Michalski poet Unbroken by Crystal Michalski Rookie - 15 Points
When we first met
I felt I knew you before
10.00 0
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Those Thoughtless Are Impossible by Lawrence S. Pertillar
The only ones concerned,
About one's tone and manner of speech...
0.00 0
Angell Afinowi poet Lounge lizard by Angell Afinowi Rookie - 396 Points
Click click click crrrr I hear that familiar noise
In the evening dark and glancing upwards I see
0.00 0
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Never tell anyone about me by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 13,802 Points
I am not invisible, but Please never tell anyone that I am here
0.00 0
Francie Lynch poet If You Need a Poet Laureate by Francie Lynch Freshman - 1,435 Points
If you want a ballad
On a tragic conflict
9.00 0
Cristina M. Moldoveanu poet The Central Pavilion by Cristina M. Moldoveanu Rookie - 517 Points
theater of ideas:
a well aerated room with a black box under the window
0.00 0
Verusha Govender poet Fear by Verusha Govender Rookie - 11 Points
Every time I hear your name I tremble;
but not out of fear!
0.00 0
Lawrence Beck poet Long Weekend by Lawrence Beck Rookie - 864 Points
What sort of alchemy is this, what sort
0.00 0
Alex Kenneh poet Nobody's Smiling by Alex Kenneh Rookie - 33 Points
Voice of many waters
Served time like waiters
0.00 1
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Looking for Aboude البحث عن عبودة by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 13,802 Points
لم انسى عبودة و ابتسامته المتواضعة... اين ذهب ذ
6.00 0
Michael P. McParland poet Come Hold Me 2 by Michael P. McParland Veteran Poet - 3,432 Points
Come hold me close my only one.
Help me feel safe today.
0.00 0
robyn nathan poet feather of peace by robyn nathan Rookie - 160 Points
The white feather of peace
sits upon the water
0.00 0
Vera Sidhwa poet Locomotive by Vera Sidhwa Freshman - 1,761 Points
Choo-choo train,
I watch you go by.
0.00 0
Fatima Nusairat poet My Share Of Night by Fatima Nusairat Rookie - 881 Points
My share of night
was taken by day
8.50 0
Nero CaroZiv poet That night I walked home by Nero CaroZiv Rookie - 382 Points
That night I left her; I walked back home through the world
As though someone adored me; she, a fresh feeling of pride bold
0.00 0
Vera Sidhwa poet Bluebird Mine by Vera Sidhwa Freshman - 1,761 Points
Bluebird mine,
You twitter all the time.
0.00 0
NimmyMAry Kurian poet Distance by NimmyMAry Kurian Rookie - 447 Points
Life differs death
Death alienates crisis
0.00 0
Dharmraj Thakor poet King by Dharmraj Thakor Rookie - 40 Points
The blossomful win,
Cheering streets,
9.00 0
robyn nathan poet to grow by robyn nathan Rookie - 160 Points
To grow older
to grow wiser
0.00 0
robyn nathan poet accepting truth by robyn nathan Rookie - 160 Points
I was never born
I will never die
0.00 0
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