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Ira Sadoff poet On the Day of Nixon's Funeral by Ira Sadoff
It's time to put the aside the old resentments; lies,
machinations, the paranoia, bugs in telephones,
Ira Sadoff poet The Soul by Ira Sadoff
The shaft of narrative peers down.
The soul's a petrified fleck of partridge this October.
Ira Sadoff poet My First Roses by Ira Sadoff
My first roses brought me to my senses.
All my furies, I launched them like paper boats
Ira Sadoff poet Self-Portrait by Ira Sadoff
I sniff after the sparrow and the spaniel, flitting around,
barking, digging up the dirt: how could I not be
Gary Liles poet Game Of Love by Gary Liles Gold Star - 38,484 Points
I play the game of love
like I play guitar,
Ira Sadoff poet Once I Could Say by Ira Sadoff
Once I could say
my loyal friend, the house wren.
Ira Sadoff poet A Few Surprising Turns by Ira Sadoff
A few surprising turns follow us everywhere.
I was shopping for something to replace
Gary Liles poet The Fields Of Love by Gary Liles Gold Star - 38,484 Points
I am dancing through
the fields of love,
Ronjoy Brahma poet सिमां नङा सिमां सिमां by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 30,952 Points
बाहाय नोँ बुंनायानो थिख
मानोना जोँ जोबोद जाम्बाथारमोन
Charles Burgos poet Clocks by Charles Burgos Rookie - 217 Points
Clocks are a reminder, time will never set still
Most days I sit in boredom, with time to kill
Maravan Shelley poet Home by Maravan Shelley Rookie - 44 Points
Thousands of bowers-
Beautiful, Embellished, Scintillating, Sky Roofing
Charles Burgos poet Insomnia by Charles Burgos Rookie - 217 Points
Maybe it's everything on mind,
That makes me regret my path.
Abrar Ajaz Wani poet She by Abrar Ajaz Wani Rookie - 246 Points
She is the thought that struck,
In the deep nights of loneliness
Barbara Guest poet An Emphasis Falls On Reality by Barbara Guest
Cloud fields change into furniture
furniture metamorphizes into fields
Luo Zhihai poet Water Understands Music by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 77,133 Points
Water Understands Music
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Quatrain)
Barbara Guest poet Wild Gardens Overlooked by Night Lights by Barbara Guest
Wild gardens overlooked by night lights. Parking
lot trucks overlooked by night lights. Buildings
Barbara Guest poet Homage by Barbara Guest

‘A New Era of the Plastic
Barbara Guest poet LEICA by Barbara Guest
Others about the embarking
have reasons.
Lalitha Narayanan poet In My Love I Stand Steadfast, What More Could I Rely? by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 36,082 Points
See oh my eyes,
look above the skies
Barbara Guest poet Multiplicity by Barbara Guest
An opposing force nestles closer
— to the four square of its joint
Barbara Guest poet The Inhabitants by Barbara Guest
Early night and the evening bus
Passing with a new wreath around
Barbara Guest poet Escape by Barbara Guest
After so many hours spent in the room,
One wonders what the room will do.
Randhir kaur poet Sikh (Senryu) by Randhir kaur Gold Star - 6,327 Points
Hey, I am a Sikh.
We have heart as huge as lake.
Barbara Guest poet Sound and Structure by Barbara Guest
"Sound leads to structure." Schönberg.
On this dry prepared path walk heavy feet.
Barbara Guest poet The Past by Barbara Guest
The form of the poem subsided, it enters another poem.
A witness was found for the markings inscribed upside-down.
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