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Melissa L Tamayo poet Unclear by Melissa L Tamayo Rookie - 300 Points
An attraction has come over me
Feelings overwhelming
Sandra Feldman poet Words For Thought by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 15,042 Points
The Fog of Life has taken over,
Where are we going?
Michael P. McParland poet Evening Note 41 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 12,368 Points
Good evening sweet love
I hope on this evening
Melissa L Tamayo poet Meet Yourself by Melissa L Tamayo Rookie - 300 Points
Maintaining the vision of superstition
Exhulated from many illusions
darlene williams poet Angel by darlene williams Rookie - 32 Points
You were my guide each time I got lost in this world
You were my strength at the lowest and my hardest
Melissa L Tamayo poet Knowing by Melissa L Tamayo Rookie - 300 Points
Nothing can control your every move
Knowing the one who rules
Tim Holmes Jr poet You, I, We by Tim Holmes Jr Rookie - 30 Points
There you are
There I am
Noel Negele poet Shelter by Noel Negele Rookie - 0 Points
She stands straight like a street lamp
But her hatred shines more powerful
Michael P. McParland poet My Eyes by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 12,368 Points
My eyes heart and soul see only you,
they feel and know your spirit and heart,
Hebert Logerie poet The First Beautiful Day Of Spring by Hebert Logerie Bronze Star - 2,131 Points
Today is the first day of spring
I am doing absolutely nothing
guy lipmore poet 'Storm Chasers' by guy lipmore Rookie - 207 Points
Vehicles full of Hi-Tec,
Tornados or twisters they detect.
Kenneth Maswabi poet The Shadow Of Life by Kenneth Maswabi Silver Star - 3,090 Points
Life wakes up everyday
From its unconscious slumber
Linda Marie Van Tassell poet The Kept Woman And The Harlot by Linda Marie Van Tassell Rookie - 32 Points
We grew up under the same roof. When it burned down, I reached for the stars. She chose to stay among the ruins.
My father lay in his unmarked gr
Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) poet America's Small Diamond (Bussokusekika) by Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) Veteran Poet - 1,979 Points
America's Small Diamond (Bussokusekika)
At times I wonder
Norma Hass poet A Country Western Singer's Earth Day Waltz by Norma Hass Rookie - 20 Points
I don't wash my jeans more than every tenth week,
I don't flush the john just for taking a leak,
Londizwi Shezi poet The Stolen Moment by Londizwi Shezi Rookie - 46 Points
Before you came to my life i had no worries, i had no reason to smile, my heart was filled with anger, when your beautiful eyes met mine i couldnt
guy lipmore poet Dead Man Working. by guy lipmore Rookie - 207 Points
‘Dead Man Working’.
Wacky ‘out of the box’ or sincere,
Rich Reitz poet The Department Store by Rich Reitz Rookie - 188 Points
Been coming here
Since I was a child.
Kenneth Maswabi poet I Used To Dream Of Beautiful Flowers by Kenneth Maswabi Silver Star - 3,090 Points
It is hard to dream of flowers nowadays
Human flowers that used to paint my nights red
Hans Ostrom poet What I Miss About Sweden by Hans Ostrom Rookie - 453 Points
Jag saknar Sverige. Have I
sentimentalized that long country?
Buyunde Acura Sylivester poet Purple Beauty by Buyunde Acura Sylivester Rookie - 26 Points
Just in the midst of thicket, Among the nonchalant breeze, Above the rage hum of waters, Beside the lonely river rocks, Under the, secret bushy sh
Donal Mahoney poet Missiles And Land Mines by Donal Mahoney Bronze Star - 2,036 Points
After the poetry reading
the lights go on and a lady
Marilyn Jean poet Hold On And Wait A Bit by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 4,646 Points
I will not try again, time takes all its time
Now, there is nothing much that can be done
Naveed Akram poet My Eternal Dream by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 4,531 Points
My dreams are eternal like the void,
In this void of evasions and doubt
Musfiq us shaleheen poet *waves Seemed To Push My Feet Again* by Musfiq us shaleheen Veteran Poet - 1,092 Points
Where I stand
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