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MOHAMMAD SKATI poet A message to my mother - رسالة الى امي by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 15,982 Points
امي! انا ابنك الذي يبعد عنك بم
0.00 0
Barry Tebb poet The Innocent Eye by Barry Tebb
I struggled through streets of
Bricked-up, boarded-up houses,
0.00 0
Tirupathi Chandrupatla poet World Poetry Day by Tirupathi Chandrupatla Gold Star - 5,710 Points
Gather a few friends
Describe a situation or a scene
10.00 3
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Love-Permit by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 5,952 Points
Oh My love let me submit
Your innocent smile is love permit
0.00 0
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Light is Right by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 5,952 Points
Sincere efforts never go waste
Even if show tasteless taste
0.00 0
Robert Lynnn poet Comes that night by Robert Lynnn Gold Star - 10,770 Points
Separate the lines by using 'enter' key, do not use any signs or symbols to separate. Leave only one line between the sections.
If you want to add a
0.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Nothing by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 4,909 Points
Condor; that huge bird
Lifted up in Andes
0.00 0
Michael P. Johnson poet WHO HAS EARS? by Michael P. Johnson Veteran Poet - 1,911 Points
Most of mankind, is being fooled
Where churches close their door
0.00 1
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Only profits by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 15,982 Points
To some people, Life means only profits... There are an
0.00 0
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Life's knots by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 15,982 Points
There are many knots in life That bother us greatly... Those ugly
0.00 0
oskar hansen poet the seal by oskar hansen Veteran Poet - 1,316 Points
The Seal.
It is a long time go in a bay somewhere on the Algarve
0.00 0
Margaret Alice Second poet Quantum Miracles by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Quantum physics says it’s true – it’s true
what Jews can do, by focusing people’s
0.00 0
Sensuelle Briden poet Let Your Body Move In Dance by Sensuelle Briden Rookie - 401 Points
Liberate your fate from pain.
Free your mind from things to gain.
0.00 0
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Drizzles - رذاذ المطر by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 15,982 Points
احيانا لا تمطر السماء و لكن تكون هناك غيوم كئيبة و عابرة تمطر على
0.00 0
Walter Anchors poet Feel free to fly by Walter Anchors Rookie - 44 Points
When I first met you I was kind of shy
When I took that long first trip
0.00 0
Londizwi Shezi poet Indoni yamanzi by Londizwi Shezi Rookie - 21 Points
I didnt believe indoni really exist till i saw you,
you drive me crazy you mamme do things that i don' wanna do,
10.00 0
Milan Georges Burovac poet A lie in Paris by Milan Georges Burovac Rookie - 212 Points
our words are of a theater
and they don't tell anything
0.00 0
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet rising by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Rookie - 200 Points
my vanity to dream on new wings
to fly like leaves with the winds from snowy mountains as haunting for the spring
0.00 0
Adeosun Olamide poet At the Hearing of Margaret by Adeosun Olamide Veteran Poet - 1,296 Points
I plea the council
To hear
0.00 0
gajanan mishra poet Poets are wise by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 28,919 Points
Poets are wise
And they make
10.00 1
solomon belay poet king solomon by solomon belay Rookie - 97 Points
dreaming i'll dream on
all about me oh, silly so
0.00 1
gajanan mishra poet My desire by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 28,919 Points
My desire is to live,
My desire is to know,
10.00 0
gajanan mishra poet Struggle is a must by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 28,919 Points
Struggle is a must
So long as you are here.
10.00 0
Shemsi Elsani poet HukumNya by Shemsi Elsani Rookie - 180 Points
Lupakah kita dari mana asal-usul?
Lalu dengan angkuhnya mempertikai?
0.00 0
Muthu manickam poet World Is The Body He Lives! by Muthu manickam Rookie - 206 Points
Body is the house where you live
Forest is the place where animals survive
0.00 0
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