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Suresh Dogra poet Tru-th by Suresh Dogra Rookie - 655 Points
Truth is split
The poets know
0.00 0
naveen vanaganti poet childhood to juvevile home by naveen vanaganti Rookie - 0 Points
The hands
busy with
10.00 0
Sumita Jetley poet The Trust & Confidence We Have In each other. by Sumita Jetley Rookie - 211 Points
It's so quiet, and quite.
Speaks without words and chorus.
0.00 0
hasmukh amathalal poet From day one by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 18,721 Points
Yes we had yet not exploded
But were wedded
8.00 2
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet Sonnet For The Brain On Drugs... by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Freshman - 2,206 Points
Choking 'pon herbs an' chemical
Mercurial Brain....short of breath
10.00 0
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Beauty in Mist by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Veteran Poet - 4,095 Points
Clouds come down to kiss her cheeks
Mist engulf her lovely peaks
10.00 2
Raven Rasputin poet The Currency of the Quixotic by Raven Rasputin Rookie - 32 Points
Nebulous in its intentions
0.00 0
Raven Rasputin poet Leaning on Dwelling by Raven Rasputin Rookie - 32 Points
Hovering here
I get bogged down
0.00 0
Brigitt Rodriguez poet Remember by Brigitt Rodriguez Rookie - 20 Points
I don't remember how you smell
But I do remember there was no farewell
0.00 1
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Playful Interlude by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Silver Star - 9,291 Points
First one I have ever written and it just flew out of my
mind, in anticipation of the expression on your face and
0.00 1
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet The S E E R... by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Freshman - 2,206 Points
Olde woman rocking in her Gooseneck chair;
Embroidering scarves.......with ominous stare;
0.00 0
Ronjoy Brahma poet 1987, बर'नि अल'खद by Ronjoy Brahma Veteran Poet - 4,111 Points
हांफ्ला-सिफ्ला हरना-गुणा
मानो खारबोखो फंबाय?
0.00 0
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet Two Scores And Two After The Rush...(r) by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Freshman - 2,206 Points
Fi! Yes, it seems like yesterday
when Hendrix and Joplin
0.00 0
Tony Adah poet A Youth Is Gone. by Tony Adah Veteran Poet - 4,360 Points
Death looked at its hit list
And its pangs piercing like a spear
0.00 0
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet The Hallowed Tomb Of The Saints... {A Visit To The Catacom.. by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Freshman - 2,206 Points
Visited the Tomb of the Saints last week
at the catacombs, 'neath the River, Hudson,
0.00 0
Electric Lady poet To Kendrick Lamar by Electric Lady Veteran Poet - 3,204 Points
Someday we'll be together
The future is so clear to me now
0.00 1
ademola oluwabusayo poet am burning inside by ademola oluwabusayo Rookie - 652 Points
Am burning inside
Like a joke man keep imagine
0.00 0
Merton Lee poet A Haiku Doing Reversed Engineering by Merton Lee Rookie - 643 Points
Ripples soft-clawing the dark green pond
repeat the consecrated, froggy plops.
0.00 0
courtney metcalf poet Thoughts Through the Smoke by courtney metcalf Rookie - 71 Points
With every hit, the pain fades away,
and she is numb again for yet another day.
0.00 0
Luo Zhihai poet Love and Hate by Luo Zhihai Rookie - 845 Points
★Love and Hate
☆by Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal
10.00 1
SAK Reddy poet Being Human.Being Alive. by SAK Reddy Rookie - 26 Points
In the mist is something unknown
that am scared of
0.00 0
Ronjoy Brahma poet रं by Ronjoy Brahma Veteran Poet - 4,111 Points
सेँग्राफ्रा साजायो
गारांजोँ महर,
0.00 0
Buddy Bee Anthony poet All Mooched Out by Buddy Bee Anthony Rookie - 903 Points
Have you seen Godot today?
We were supposed to hook up but I think he split on me.
8.00 1
Indranil Bit poet DAWN of Twenty-Fifth by Indranil Bit Rookie - 23 Points
What is there in Today's night?
So beautiful and so bright!
0.00 0
Tushar Ray poet Thou Art That by Tushar Ray Rookie - 844 Points
This boundless Consciousness that we are part of
Had been depicted by ancient poets as Lord Siva
0.00 0
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