New Poems


Title Poet
Broken Homes?
'Broken families ain't true'
They said twas non-existent.
Ellirie Aviles poet by Ellirie Aviles
on 7/25/2014
What Saves Us
We are wrapped around each other in
the back of my father's car parked
Bruce Weigl poet by Bruce Weigl
on 7/25/2014
My Ode to Oluebube
I live through my dark existence
only to bask in your beauty
Saturday Chikezie Promise poet by Saturday Chikezie Promise
on 7/25/2014
Dream (Secret Message Poem)
Today, chivalry may be dead.
Today, we find life confusing and complicated.
Ronald Chapman poet by Ronald Chapman
on 7/25/2014
Beautiful World
The words do not come
Desire gives way to desire
John Schwartz poet by John Schwartz
on 7/25/2014
Ye Mere Nayan.............
Ye re man mat ho udaas tu,
Girna nhi uthkar chalana sikh tu,
sonali kumari poet by sonali kumari
on 7/25/2014
Another Sound
another sound
of the cicadas before summers
Neelam Dadhwal poet by Neelam Dadhwal
on 7/25/2014
One of a Kind
Come over everybody have seen a gurl,
Perfect she looks in her beautiful genre,
Seyi Rufus Oluwadare poet by Seyi Rufus Oluwadare
on 7/25/2014
Morals Mourn
I walk alone broken, unseen,
Batty emotions bash and cudgel my brain,
Michael Olajubu poet by Michael Olajubu
on 7/25/2014
I made a crazy decision 364 days ago; my reasons were unclear;
To try to write a poem a day for one entire year.
Jim Yerman poet by Jim Yerman
on 7/25/2014
Give me a way
Give me a sight
Soumita Sarkar Ray poet by Soumita Sarkar Ray
on 7/25/2014
Black And Blue
A broken heart doesn't feel so awful
Still boundaries are boundaries
Electric Lady poet by Electric Lady
on 7/25/2014
Tax man! The tax man is coming,
He is in company of the city Askari
alexander opicho poet by alexander opicho
on 7/25/2014
Poem: Power Thoughts
I've decided to not live in fear;
I can do all things through Christ,
Joseph James Breunig 3rd poet by Joseph James Breunig 3rd
on 7/25/2014
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