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Pierre Lien poet Substituting for Another Teacher by Pierre Lien Rookie - 86 Points
i forced my eyes open when i entered the gate of hell.
the rascals continued their usual deeds,
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Aparna Chatterjee poet Describe by Aparna Chatterjee Rookie - 914 Points
Don't need
Many words
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Merton Lee poet Unfringe A Skeleton Poem In Singapore (Nonconformist Haiku.. by Merton Lee Rookie - 294 Points
Is it near the fringes
of the metropolis Concrete,
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T (no first name) Wignesan poet Quizz with broad hints for blind poets by T (no first name) Wignesan Rookie - 682 Points
the nose bridge
an ear sans fold kneeling on a slab (sometimes
0.00 0
Samudeen M.A. Ilimu poet My Hijab by Samudeen M.A. Ilimu Rookie - 14 Points
How funny the world has become
I am mocked for choosing to wear a Hijab
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John Ashbery poet Wet Casements by John Ashbery
When Eduard Raban, coming along the passage, walked into the
open doorway, he saw that it was raining. It was not raining much.
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Allen Grossman poet The Work by Allen Grossman
A great light is the man who knows the woman he loves
A great light is the woman who knows the man she loves
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H. D. poet Eideolon, Book 3, Section 7 by H. D.
Was Helen stronger than Achilles even 'as the arrows fell'? That could not be, but he recognised in her some power other than her legendary beauty.
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Cee Bea poet The winter of forever by Cee Bea Freshman - 2,119 Points
It was the winter of forever
so somber and forlorn
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Dennis Field poet TO DIE by Dennis Field Rookie - 0 Points
Do not cry when I die,
remember I loved you,
0.00 0
David Ferry poet from Gilgamesh: Tablet 1 by David Ferry
The Story
of him who knew the most of all men know;
0.00 0
Tex T Sarnie poet It's The Way I Am by Tex T Sarnie Rookie - 394 Points
I daily walk along the rim of life
and could easily fall either way.
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Tina Chang poet Love by Tina Chang
I am haunted by how much our mothers do not know.
How a republic falls because of its backhanded deals,
10.00 0
Tina Chang poet The Idea of Revelation by Tina Chang
It wasn't holy so let us not praise gods.
Let us not look to them for bread,
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cadance cunningham poet lonely by cadance cunningham Rookie - 120 Points
you learn you love
you wonder whats above
0.00 0
DEEPTI MISHRA poet Sometimes I Do! by DEEPTI MISHRA Rookie - 20 Points
Sometimes i miss u, but doesnt mean i wanna meet u
10.00 2
cadance cunningham poet hot air baloon by cadance cunningham Rookie - 120 Points
they're just sleeping
what are they dreaming
0.00 0
Christian Wiman poet Do You Remember the Rude Nudists by Christian Wiman
Do you remember the rude nudists?
Lazing easy in girth and tongue,
0.00 0
Stephen Brian Brady poet Shadow of the Angel's wing by Stephen Brian Brady Rookie - 105 Points
on certain cloudless nights
when the moon
0.00 0
cadance cunningham poet rainbows by cadance cunningham Rookie - 120 Points
we gave up rainbows for a spectrum
gave up mysteries for a message
0.00 0
Kevin Young poet I am Trying to Break Your Heart by Kevin Young
I am hoping
to hang your head
0.00 0
cadance cunningham poet questions by cadance cunningham Rookie - 120 Points
i got some questions
science can't answer
0.00 0
Erato poet Wanting to give more to the one I adore. by Erato Freshman - 1,068 Points
There's a rendezvous I desired to keep
so I closed my eyes and went off to sleep.
0.00 0
David Harsent poet From "A Dream Book" by David Harsent Rookie
Deep reaches of sleep until the unforeseen
moment, like fugue, like petit mal, some kind of sign,
0.00 0
Pierre Lien poet At a Vote Reading by Pierre Lien Rookie - 86 Points
banners raised and visage blocked
people gathering for a purpose to be
0.00 0
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