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hasmukh amathalal poet Simple Man In Life by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 66,209 Points
I must oblige
And apologize
Dr John Celes poet Sonnet: Souls In Purgatory by Dr John Celes Gold Star - 6,833 Points
If I can’t pray for you, then who else could?
If I don’t pray for you, then who else will?
Paul Gerard Reed poet Woodstock by Paul Gerard Reed Bronze Star - 2,048 Points
Adolescence and freedom
Hopes, fear and rebellion
Paul Amrod poet Exalting Our Earthly Surroundings by Paul Amrod Silver Star - 3,017 Points
Incipient sentiments of an alluring nature have tantalized our surroundings.
Sweeping passions have enveloped the unassuming as the morning awakes.
gajanan mishra poet Permanent by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 44,743 Points
I know,
What is permanent.
sheena blackhall poet Baby Boomers (2 Poems) 2015 by sheena blackhall Freshman - 903 Points
Baby Boomers
Baby Boomers, Mods and rockers
sheena blackhall poet Deva Victrix by sheena blackhall Freshman - 903 Points
I am Gaius, of the XX Legion of Rome
Stationed at Deva Victrix.
Graham Fowell poet The Pipe by Graham Fowell Rookie - 160 Points
I’ve seen what happens…
Like looking at a pipe
Graham Fowell poet Coffin' Dave by Graham Fowell Rookie - 160 Points
Coffin’ Dave’s a nuisance
When he doesn’t cough
Graham Fowell poet The Sentinel by Graham Fowell Rookie - 160 Points
Look out boys and girls
The Beam is coming round
sheena blackhall poet The Evil That Men Do (Scots Owersetts & Poems) by sheena blackhall Freshman - 903 Points
8 Scots Owersets in ‘Evil’ pamphlet
1.The Panther: A Scots Owersett o a poem bi Rainer Maria Rilke
Lawerence Mize, Sr. poet Me And My Baby by Lawerence Mize, Sr. Freshman - 613 Points
Warm Rays of sun...Shinning
Through the venetian blinds
SEEMA SHARMA poet Light In The Dark! by SEEMA SHARMA Rookie - 44 Points
I am the light in the dark,
the shadiness bellows its horrible call, but I push back,
James Darwin Smith II poet Soul Gate by James Darwin Smith II Rookie - 404 Points
Soul, Grow wings, please
Fly higher than ever before
gajanan mishra poet Love For Life by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 44,743 Points
Love for life,
Death is not
David Wood poet If….. by David Wood Silver Star - 3,624 Points
If man had the compassion
To end all suffering
gajanan mishra poet Missing Rhythm by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 44,743 Points
Forgetting the music,
Missing the rhythm,
Luo Zhihai poet Anchoring Under The Beigu Mountain (Five Lü) by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 14,073 Points
★ Anchoring Under the Beigu Mountain (Five Lü)
☆ Poetry by Wang Wan (693-751, Tang Dynasty, China)
Phil Soar poet Drifting by Phil Soar Gold Star - 11,791 Points
My mind works in mysterious ways and drifts off quite at random
It’s like a ride on a bicycle that ought to be a tandem
Michael P. Johnson poet Time Is So Precious by Michael P. Johnson Silver Star - 4,148 Points
How are you spending your days now?
The nights before you sleep?
Leslie Philibert poet For S. by Leslie Philibert Veteran Poet - 1,181 Points
So when the heavens close
and the smashed clock
PAUL WARREN poet Music - The Moody Blues by PAUL WARREN Gold Star - 4,872 Points
In search of the lost chord is rung
On a Tuesday afternoon sweetly sung
Anahit Arustamyan poet Modigliani! by Anahit Arustamyan Freshman - 577 Points
I wasn't born in your century. I didn't meet you, Modigliani. Paris told you its starry story. Your colors became rainbows to smile at M
Ima Ryma poet Hersey And Carlos Announce...Lincoln Park Zoo by Ima Ryma Silver Star - 3,513 Points
Hersey and Carlos do announce,
Born to them at Lincoln Park Zoo,
Fidoic ... poet What Do We Talk When We Talk About Love. by Fidoic ... Rookie - 26 Points
If its not showing love and care..
Not even being always there..
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