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RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Traveling The Road Of Destiny by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 98,671 Points
Believing in faith and hope, knowing that at difficult times
during life, they were all that saved this mere poet, owing
dave lessard poet 9/30/1955. by dave lessard Veteran Poet - 1,487 Points
Out of Indiana,
he headed for the west;
Ken Bennight poet Suck It Up Buttercup by Ken Bennight Silver Star - 4,163 Points
Born of flesh,
born of bone,
Donal Mahoney poet A Nice Roast Every Sunday by Donal Mahoney Gold Star - 14,608 Points
Bill would come every Sunday to his mother's house after a tough divorce. He'd bring his laundry for his mother to do and then he'd devour the roast b
Naveed Akram poet To Give Your Soul by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 16,519 Points
To give your money is to give your soul,
I have gold as shiny as the pencil of light.
luke scott poet Love Transporting Molecules by luke scott Rookie - 0 Points
looking through my transporter window again
Vision distorted by the rain on the pain
Michael P. McParland poet A Tired Afternoon by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 69,481 Points
After a day spent running around
I am feeling so tired on this afternoon
Sofia Kioroglou poet Πεσ Μου Πωσ Να Ξεχασω; by Sofia Kioroglou Gold Star - 10,192 Points
Χιλιοβασάνισμένη Νήσος του καημού
χτυπήθηκες απ' ανέμια εχθρικά
luke scott poet Perch On Earth by luke scott Rookie - 0 Points
Disillusioned with life
Thats why life will be taken
Edward Kofi Louis poet T. E. D. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 189,828 Points
Take things very easy in life and,
Enjoy your status with positive morals;
Brittany Thompson poet What Is It? by Brittany Thompson Rookie - 156 Points
The people who surround me are such a disgrace,
Don't want to see me succeed, but want to be all in my face,
Raymond Sawyer poet Travel With The Stars Is To Travel With Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 39,152 Points
For when the sun shine thus one will feel the warm smile that touch a heart but for one who's eyes sparkle is one that been touch with respect for eve
Mike Garrett poet I Heart Nj by Mike Garrett Rookie - 435 Points
I left NJ behind just as soon as I could.
Left the old 70's era trailer
T. M. Isaac poet September by T. M. Isaac Rookie - 174 Points
No more will the sullen sound of sunken flowers devour my sleep;
no more will vapid images surpass desire only to succumb to loss;
Raymond Sawyer poet A Time To Travel Is The Time For The Touch Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 39,152 Points
Thus for one who travel by night for one travel under the stars of respect fo9r every min that one travel the more one shall feel the touch of the fam
Randy McClave poet Georgina's Kiss by Randy McClave Gold Star - 7,424 Points
I waited for her kiss for 20 plus odd years
So, I practiced on others and even on my mirrors,
Marius Poet poet After A Bad Start Today by Marius Poet Gold Star - 16,887 Points
The start was very bad
Mostly on my part
Carol Nichols poet Euphoria by Carol Nichols Rookie - 477 Points
It was a gift of euphoria from the Earth
Shared by lovers on a harvest moon
Raymond Sawyer poet For Every Min That One Wish For Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 39,152 Points
For when it cool thus a heart wish for the touch of respect and yet every touch of respect for a rose shall bloom in full thus the heart that wish for
Michael P. McParland poet Love Note 530 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 69,481 Points
Good early afternoon
my beautiful sweet love
Gary Liles poet Country Smile by Gary Liles Gold Star - 39,130 Points
I love the countryside
it emulates peace
Amao Williams Praise poet by Amao Williams Praise Rookie - 0 Points
Gary Liles poet My Death by Gary Liles Gold Star - 39,130 Points
My rotten death
lies beneath the earth
Gary Liles poet White T-Shirt by Gary Liles Gold Star - 39,130 Points
White t-shirt and
dancing nipples,
Gary Liles poet Blink by Gary Liles Gold Star - 39,130 Points
How much can happen
in a blink of an eye?
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