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Maya Hanson poet Walking My Thoughts by Maya Hanson Gold Star - 4,967 Points
I've slipped, I'm stuck in a mystery
If only I could get out of my head
Raymond Sawyer poet To Feel The Sun Is To Feel The Touch Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 39,089 Points
Here on a clear night for the moon will shine with the light of life thus every star that touch the sky is the family of the angel for who's heart is
Olorode Olorunleke poet The Way by Olorode Olorunleke Freshman - 966 Points
tossing the lake that brought us to limelight
Michael P. McParland poet Love Note 529 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 69,376 Points
Good afternoon my sweet
and adorable best friend.
Gary Liles poet In That Place by Gary Liles Gold Star - 38,484 Points
I want you, I need you
as only you can put me
Ronell Warren Alman poet It Is A Cruel World Out There by Ronell Warren Alman Gold Star - 8,865 Points
It is a cruel world out there
But, we must find the strength to live
Gary Liles poet You Wrote Not Me by Gary Liles Gold Star - 38,484 Points
I didn't write this poem
you wrote it with your
Annette Aitken poet The Circle Of Life by Annette Aitken Gold Star - 9,715 Points
The Circle Of Life
A boulders life it would be
M. Asim Nehal poet Love With Nature by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 120,498 Points
The sound of nature
Where the birds were singing
Gary Liles poet Day Dreamin by Gary Liles Gold Star - 38,484 Points
Sitting in a day dream
watching the ladies happen by
Spock the Vegan poet Carpentering (Limerick) by Spock the Vegan Gold Star - 22,260 Points
I seem to be depressed of a sort.
Is my brain power down a quart?
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Defense Mechanisms by Lawrence S. Pertillar
How can anyone state to have faith,
Displayed publicly to patronize...
Olorode Olorunleke poet Wonderful Mysteries by Olorode Olorunleke Freshman - 966 Points
Looking up the stares.
Gary Liles poet Pink Dolphin by Gary Liles Gold Star - 38,484 Points
Pink dolphin you
swim with grace,
Olorode Olorunleke poet Wonderful Mystery by Olorode Olorunleke Freshman - 966 Points
Looking up the stares.
Bruce Gashirabake poet The Flare Amidst The Canopy by Bruce Gashirabake Rookie - 85 Points
Deep in that damp alley,
When pathways are yet to valleys,
Tirupathi Chandrupatla poet Endless Quest by Tirupathi Chandrupatla Gold Star - 17,376 Points
O' God
In all things You do
Gary Liles poet Autumn? by Gary Liles Gold Star - 38,484 Points
Wasps still annoyingly buzzing around,
the tree's autumn clothes still not fully found.
Lawrence Beck poet Bum Ticker by Lawrence Beck Gold Star - 8,197 Points
Suddenly, this bastard heart
No longer threatens. It rebels.
Bruce Gashirabake poet My Pen by Bruce Gashirabake Rookie - 85 Points
Bury my heart bury me,
A slim-bodied and light gadget,
Neal Beightol poet Before The Fall by Neal Beightol Silver Star - 4,160 Points
greenest leaf now gold
clinging for one day longer
Victoria Hudson poet Her Payment by Victoria Hudson Freshman - 684 Points
Alone in a dark, quiet room.
The devil whispering in her ear.
Latoya Cuffy poet Singing Pages by Latoya Cuffy Rookie - 0 Points
I write words in the form of a song, that only I could hear..
Because it beats for a reason and hurts for the same
Bijay Kant Dubey poet The Nights Will Reverberate With The Chandipatha, Durga Pu.. by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 35,697 Points
They are making the idol of Durga
I can see,
Paul Amrod poet Dreary Day, Bluesy Night by Paul Amrod Gold Star - 8,628 Points
Dreary day, weary fight, loosely played on this dark bluesy night.
Misery, demise me, I'm so lonely I can't even see.
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