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गु बाजिबाय
आयै, आं ओँखाम उखैबाय
मोन्दोँना मोनाखै जाखो
Ronjoy Brahma poet by Ronjoy Brahma
on 7/29/2014
The harp players
When; dark & light
Sickle moons play harp
Mark Heathcote poet by Mark Heathcote
on 7/29/2014
Whenever I see you pass me by
I can only heave a heavy sigh
Johnny Goyena poet by Johnny Goyena
on 7/29/2014
So sorry
I am satisfied
I have faith
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 7/29/2014
A knight errant!
Like a knight when I was wondering
In an exotic jungle at the foot of a tribal hill,
on 7/29/2014
Does Anyone Want Beautiful Poems Cried the Peddler
does anyone want beautiful poems cried the peddler
from his cart, a litte broken down.
mary douglas poet by mary douglas
on 7/29/2014
Largest house.
We lives in the largest house
The largest house that is the world
Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
on 7/29/2014
Tears Of A Rose
It is the earth's hidden star
That makes life all worthwhile
Electric Lady poet by Electric Lady
on 7/29/2014
Yesterday I wrote of the Gubbins
And the criss-crossing of the dolphins
Pius Didier poet by Pius Didier
on 7/29/2014
Remember This.
If you write the words that say farewell,
Then you've learned your lesson, learned it well.
richard harris poet by richard harris
on 7/29/2014
Girl, He Never Loved You
Girl, he never loved you
He never really cared
Ronell Warren Alman poet by Ronell Warren Alman
on 7/29/2014
Writing on the wall
Writing on the wall
I wonder if you too, remember
Nassy Fesharaki poet by Nassy Fesharaki
on 7/29/2014
The Poetry of Onkar Nath Gupta
Onkar Nath Gupta writes poetry with a purpose,
Artistic and didactic too,
Bijay Kant Dubey poet by Bijay Kant Dubey
on 7/29/2014
My Dream Tonight
My Dream Tonight
Written by: Wilfred Mellers
Wilfred Mellers poet by Wilfred Mellers
on 7/29/2014
To Joyce
Hadn't thought of you for a while,
of your licorice hair and chocolate eyes,
Roger A. Rose poet by Roger A. Rose
on 7/29/2014
Miriam's danse
Nature black and white,
Blue and red inside,
Dimitri Khokhlov poet by Dimitri Khokhlov
on 7/29/2014
The Other Holocausts
After all, we're not savages. We're English.
And the English are the best at everything.
Francie Lynch poet by Francie Lynch
on 7/29/2014
The Clouds Out Of An Aeroplane Window
The clouds appeared as Islands
Floating upon a sea of white mist
Sambanath Denis poet by Sambanath Denis
on 7/29/2014
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