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Kristin Dimitrova poet The Border by Kristin Dimitrova
My daughter asked me whether
I had brought her bubble gum.
Kristin Dimitrova poet My Life in Squares by Kristin Dimitrova
Like a chess-player who plays with
both the white and the black pieces,
Kristin Dimitrova poet Beliefs by Kristin Dimitrova
Old people say that whenever
someone lights a cigarette from a candle
Kristin Dimitrova poet A Visit to the Clockmaker by Kristin Dimitrova
I crossed the street
to enter a secret shop
Kristin Dimitrova poet Post Card to our Brothers, the Little Green Men by Kristin Dimitrova
Celestial greetings!
Accept our
Kristin Dimitrova poet Noah, the Carrier by Kristin Dimitrova
Noah told it differently.
To the Jewish delegation he said
Kristin Dimitrova poet Searching for the Answer by Kristin Dimitrova
I asked the sky
‘Why am I here?'
Kristin Dimitrova poet Sometimes it is Not Important Who Sings by Kristin Dimitrova
During the concert, between
Iron Men and Bark at the Moon
Kristin Dimitrova poet Summing-up by Kristin Dimitrova
Santa Claus
you have given me a broken toy!
Margaret Alice Second poet Line Of Notes (C) by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Cast as Jane Eyre's friend Helen Burns
persecuted by Miss Scatcherd - I listen to
Tino Villanueva poet You, If No One Else by Tino Villanueva
Listen, you
who transformed your anguish
Tino Villanueva poet The Venturesomeness of Sedition by Tino Villanueva
The unrestricted sun
had split the day in two,
Tino Villanueva poet Field of Moving Colors Layered by Tino Villanueva
I'm not easily mesmerized.
But how can you not be drawn in by swirls,
Tino Villanueva poet The 8 O'Clock Movie by Tino Villanueva
Boston, 1973—Years had passed and I assumed a
Different life when one night, while resting from
Cynthia Rylant poet Shoes by Cynthia Rylant
When he finally died, they kept
them around the house
Cynthia Rylant poet Wax Lips by Cynthia Rylant
Todd's Hardware was dust and a monkey—
a real one, on the second floor—
Mahatma Shandy poet What Does It Take To Be A Hit Man? by Mahatma Shandy Veteran Poet - 1,764 Points
I mean I cannot really ask a hitman,
hitmen are generally anonymous
Robert Murray Smith poet Emerald Green Flower Of Dreams by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 39,585 Points
Relish me in your dreams
my ravishing flower.
Francois GUIMATSIA poet Tiempo De Cosechas by Francois GUIMATSIA Rookie - 387 Points
¿Cuándo cogeremos las frutas de valor,
A cambio de siglos de sudor y de labor?
Francois GUIMATSIA poet Le Temps Des Vendanges by Francois GUIMATSIA Rookie - 387 Points
Quand verrons-nous les fruits de nos efforts,
Après des siècles de graves ironies du sort?
Jim Yerman poet I Grew Up On Fairy Tales by Jim Yerman Gold Star - 4,784 Points
I grew up on fairy tales...they filled my dreams with laughter...
I grew up happily ever after.
Francois GUIMATSIA poet Harvest Time by Francois GUIMATSIA Rookie - 387 Points
When shall we reap the fruits of our labor,
In return for our investment of endeavor?
Nassy Fesharaki poet Aleppo And Mosul by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 43,297 Points
Aleppo and Mosul
Two cities, same region
Ravinder Kumar Soni poet Wishful Thinking by Ravinder Kumar Soni Gold Star - 4,661 Points
I might soon be made to lead a new life
But, not in the manner I do now,
Francois GUIMATSIA poet Sencillez by Francois GUIMATSIA Rookie - 387 Points
Toma el tiempo de ver la Creación,
Como una pintura que perfeccionar,
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