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crystal ruth poet A Fool by crystal ruth Rookie - 50 Points
I am not a fool for loving you.
I am not a fool for trusting you.
0.00 0
douglas scotney poet The Game by douglas scotney Veteran Poet - 2,578 Points
Growing thin
taking fat from others
0.00 1
George Dee Vuy poet Cover Me With You by George Dee Vuy Rookie - 272 Points
Let us
climb up
0.00 0
Naveed Akram poet Loss In A Mirror by Naveed Akram Veteran Poet - 2,585 Points
The loss of mirrors is openly a kiss,
Home of the triumphant ones.
0.00 0
Mr. Spock poet Angelwalk 2 by Mr. Spock Rookie - 681 Points
The angel Darien, stuck between mortal life
and paradise, meets others that were born retarded
0.00 0
Nassy Fesharaki poet Died Eagle by Nassy Fesharaki Veteran Poet - 3,069 Points
Died Eagle
All of us,10,15 or 30
0.00 0
Tirupathi Chandrupatla poet Calm Days'll Arrive by Tirupathi Chandrupatla Veteran Poet - 3,543 Points
Who can try to guess
Power of the unknown?
0.00 3
Naveed Akram poet Aches Of Mermen by Naveed Akram Veteran Poet - 2,585 Points
I am one of the aching mermen,
Living within the certain cities undersea;
0.00 0
Tina Chan poet Wash Out by Tina Chan Rookie - 33 Points
Wash Out
A violent rage outburst
0.00 0
Is It Poetry poet Lucid Awake Changing Dreams by Is It Poetry Veteran Poet - 3,090 Points
Earth covers my eyes with a kiss
under the veil of dark night.
0.00 0
Tina Chan poet Never Easy To Make by Tina Chan Rookie - 33 Points
Never Easy To Make
我很容易使 Wǒ hěn róngyì shǐ
0.00 0
Tina Chan poet Sorry by Tina Chan Rookie - 33 Points
Six weeks with you
0.00 0
Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken poet Let us go by Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken Rookie - 698 Points
Let us go
there where you and i can feel free
10.00 0
E Nigma poet ~Hell On Earth Is Art In Heaven~ by E Nigma Freshman - 1,249 Points
Holding onto the night as it's slipping away
Over the right, under the covers
10.00 2
Christina Sunrise poet BABIES LOVE by Christina Sunrise Rookie - 493 Points
As a baby you radiated love...
you where a bundle of joy from up above.
0.00 0
Christina Sunrise poet ANGER STEMS FROM PAIN by Christina Sunrise Rookie - 493 Points
Anger stems from pain...
when we were young
7.00 0
Christina Sunrise poet ACTION IS WHERE IT STARTS by Christina Sunrise Rookie - 493 Points
It all starts with your actions
here in the 3d-
0.00 0
Ryan Brodesser poet Night terrors by Ryan Brodesser Rookie - 64 Points
When the sky grows dark after days on eve
Twisted shadows start to seeth
0.00 0
Kim Barney poet River Ran Red by Kim Barney Veteran Poet - 5,009 Points
The Union troops were on the left,
the Rebels on the right.
10.00 1
Gunnar Mo. poet KRIG by Gunnar Mo. Rookie - 207 Points
uåpnet var patronen
ved min side
0.00 0
Andy Brookes poet Sink the Dream Boat by Andy Brookes Rookie - 586 Points
When they say I want someone, to make my dreams come true,
Why should it not be anyone, why not even you.
9.00 0
Mark Heathcote poet Charlie Chaplin by Mark Heathcote Freshman - 2,405 Points
He became an icon a public figure
From struggling actor he rose to fame.
0.00 0
Christina Sunrise poet AFFIRMATIONS by Christina Sunrise Rookie - 493 Points
Your life is formed by your thoughts...
good ones, bad ones that make your
0.00 0
Electric Lady poet Good Riddance by Electric Lady Veteran Poet - 3,290 Points
Sometimes silence is the best motivation
And even the gentlest words
10.00 5
Slim Jay poet Coming Home by Slim Jay Rookie - 310 Points
I'm coming home
I'm riding on a mule
0.00 0
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