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Madhabi Banerjee poet দাবাখেলা by Madhabi Banerjee Veteran Poet - 1,204 Points
আমরা কেহ কখনো অস্ত্র ধরতে চাইনা
আমরা শুধু চাই
nafis shadhin poet Love Bird by nafis shadhin Rookie - 157 Points
You are my love bird
Do not give me pain
Is It Poetry poet Destruction Of National Treasures by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 7,201 Points
The heart can only hold as much as life their gifts they gave.
Life to some is not as long as treasures left to stand.
DEEP DARK SOUL POET poet Crossing Over.... by DEEP DARK SOUL POET Rookie - 170 Points
Feelings of happiness are prevalent
Know no bounds of being irreverent
David Wood poet Excerpts From A Teenage Diary by David Wood Silver Star - 3,972 Points
Wind drifting through a rolling cornfield
Far from the city lights
hurma eht poet A Handful Of Diamonds by hurma eht Rookie - 40 Points
She had everything an ordinary could wish for
But she also had sumthing withen her, there was a hole
Tony Adah poet Epitaph On A Quarrelsome Couple's Tomb. by Tony Adah Gold Star - 11,453 Points
They wedded alive and in death
And they lay here two breathless
Jake Quan poet Waiting by Jake Quan Rookie - 30 Points
Waiting for her or waiting for me?
Why is it so hard to be.
Matlapa Maphologela poet Live It by Matlapa Maphologela Rookie - 145 Points
Went through the morning of day, it lead to an afternoon and always knew I have a date with night.
I lived it.
shreej k.c poet Laughing Buddha by shreej k.c Freshman - 888 Points
I own two Laughing Buddhas
placed primly over my dresser
Ramesh T A poet Are We Really Advanced To Feel Proud? by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 8,854 Points
Astronauts travel in rockets to other planets;
We feel very proud that man is travelling
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet The Neem Tree by Asit Kumar Sanyal Gold Star - 4,949 Points
There are two Neem trees in my house
One is inside and other is at outside
albot george poet Exaggerated by albot george Bronze Star - 2,614 Points
Sometimes it is easier to write
To tell you how it feels
Ronjoy Brahma poet आं गोसो खाङो by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 11,706 Points
आं गोसो खाङो गारबोनाय
बै समनि-
Michael P. McParland poet I Ache For You by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 23,016 Points
I ache for you my sweet one.
I ache to have you here in my arms
Matlapa Maphologela poet Wake Up, Wake Up by Matlapa Maphologela Rookie - 145 Points
I know her from school, she was driven by friends and pride.
They told her if she sell her body, she will never be broke again. Her beauty and booty
Ronjoy Brahma poet मुं गैयै खन्थाइ by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 11,706 Points
सिमांआव बिरबायदोँमोन
जोमै सिंखाव सिंखाव,
Nassy Fesharaki poet Love Story Of Susan by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 14,630 Points
Love story of Susan
This poem is for you
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Instrumental Sorrow by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 40,592 Points
Pounding keys of a piano, playing chords of my sadness
in the key of E flat minor, never being far from the
hasmukh amathalal poet Her Image by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 66,573 Points
She has power
As beautiful flower
Dr. Antony Theodore poet On Nakedness by Dr. Antony Theodore Bronze Star - 2,445 Points
Truth is naked.
The moon is naked.
gajanan mishra poet I Will Sue by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,279 Points
I will sue, just wait.
My suffering is going
rajendran muthiah poet Appraisal Of An Enemy's Power (By St. Thiruvalluvar) by rajendran muthiah Veteran Poet - 1,015 Points
871. Don’t harbor the ill-natured hatred
even for a joke.
Sanjukta Nag poet You Are The One by Sanjukta Nag Bronze Star - 2,386 Points
You are the one I was looking for
While walking down the shore of insight,
Tapan Saren poet Let Us Flee There by Tapan Saren Rookie - 160 Points
Let us flee there
Beyond those high hills
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