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Luke Curcio poet Dawn Has Come. by Luke Curcio Rookie - 126 Points
Birds now singing. What happened last dusk? Dawn now here. What darkness came last twilight? Easy morning breeze. Who fallen tears are these?
Hasmukh Amathalal poet Work With Zeal by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 229,158 Points
Work with zeal
Work with zeal
Ange Mlinko poet Year Round by Ange Mlinko
Two flags nuzzle each other in the desultory gust
because they are
Ange Mlinko poet Win-Win by Ange Mlinko
If an orchidophage's tastebud magnified
resembles an orchid
Ange Mlinko poet This is the Latest by Ange Mlinko
Lobster in the bathtub. Christmas Eve.
Scrub the tub first. Hand off cleanser.
Ange Mlinko poet "They that dally nicely with words may quickly make t.. by Ange Mlinko
Should I take this time, while the children are in school,
Ange Mlinko poet Symphonic Expanse by Ange Mlinko
If you'd seen
the Gaillardots' mullein in the Cedars of the Shouf;
Ange Mlinko poet Stabile by Ange Mlinko
I wake to light jackhammering, and news
follows: a plane
Ange Mlinko poet Securitization by Ange Mlinko
In someone's distant algorithm
your mortgage was bundled to another's
Ange Mlinko poet The Owl by Ange Mlinko
The flight attendants
Ange Mlinko poet A Not Unruffled Surface by Ange Mlinko
The sky was laced with Irish cream mist, that mellow tan overhanging the hills, which were studded with deathmasks and baskets spilling flowers from b
Ange Mlinko poet The Leaves Are Falling by Ange Mlinko
Here I am saying "The leaves are falling"
—one of those choruses
Ange Mlinko poet It Was a Bichon Frisé's Life . . . by Ange Mlinko
Louisiana skies paddle north nodding hello to some exiles
displaced by floodwaters so we all putter in the bisque
Ange Mlinko poet Kouign Amann by Ange Mlinko
I went to make kouign amann. It sounded Irish
and/or Maghrebi. But it's Breton, as I can swear
Ange Mlinko poet The Grind by Ange Mlinko
Three mini ciabattini for breakfast
where demand for persnickety bread
Ange Mlinko poet Gallimaufry by Ange Mlinko
Reaching for the vinegar over the range hood
(still dashing grass wisps on the gas flames
Ange Mlinko poet Escape Architecture by Ange Mlinko
They sang Green, Green Grass of Home
sailing west from New Orleans.
Ange Mlinko poet The Fort by Ange Mlinko
From the weathered boards knots pop
like the eyes of potatoes. From brick
Ange Mlinko poet Epic by Ange Mlinko
It's you I'd like to see Greece again with
You I'd like to take to bed of cyclamen
Ange Mlinko poet Eros of Heroines by Ange Mlinko
Sunset backlights some pine to ... a caped sponge
and though I throw my gasp after a monarch there is no hitch,
Ange Mlinko poet Cantata for Lynette Roberts by Ange Mlinko
Lynette, the stars are kerned so far apart—
Through a herniated zodiac I almost see your waled skylanes, your shocked Capricorn and Cancer.
Ange Mlinko poet Conversion Comedy by Ange Mlinko
'I thought of you as a butterfly tonight,' getting to eschatology from a sketchpad, your mom's.
And though you write sermons nice and linear you als
Ange Mlinko poet Cottonmouth by Ange Mlinko
A levitating anvil. Omen of seagull
blown inland. Ranch gate said Riverstyx,
Terry Collett poet Countless Flies 1916 by Terry Collett Gold Star - 12,011 Points
Polly stands
behind George
Bri Mar poet '' You Have Now Been Deserted '' by Bri Mar Silver Star - 3,188 Points
The desire for success,
Or a yearning for beauty,
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