New Poems


Title Poet
Wooden Steps
You must possess the courage of an other,
From another time,
Abraham Sutzkever poet by Abraham Sutzkever
on 7/22/2014
Where can I belong?
In a world that's gone so wrong.
Michael McParland poet by Michael McParland
on 7/22/2014
From My Window
Spring: the first morning when that one true block of sweet, laminar,
complex scent arrives
C. K. Williams poet by C. K. Williams
on 7/22/2014
Short dark brown hair
And my awkward golden eyed stare.
Wolfie Scott poet by Wolfie Scott
on 7/22/2014
_As We Sat Together In The Moonlight There
You came again in my dreams last night
And being with you was such pure delight
Yor Nella poet by Yor Nella
on 7/22/2014
Sheer Columns
How do we know it's not matter that matters
but matter's absence, elegies of matter
Lisa Williams poet by Lisa Williams
on 7/22/2014
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