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saif gallant poet 'Long Live Nepal' by saif gallant Rookie - 83 Points
World has caught humans
In darkness,
Kenzo Woo poet Strangers In The Night by Kenzo Woo Rookie - 293 Points
Strangers in the night
Wet wandering in the sleet
Kate Lechoe poet True Friends by Kate Lechoe Rookie - 20 Points
Be in good faith
Brian 'Peza' Perrins poet A Place In Time by Brian 'Peza' Perrins Rookie - 22 Points
A glance into those evil eyes
Enough to justify my despise
Brian 'Peza' Perrins poet Poppy Fields by Brian 'Peza' Perrins Rookie - 22 Points
Heavy mist and laden dew
Masses morn the courageous few
Saket Suman poet Thoughts On A Diwali Night by Saket Suman Rookie - 86 Points
And the sweet smell of the sweets
Rise up in the air again as light
Allan James Saywell poet When I A Boy by Allan James Saywell Rookie - 294 Points
My shadow did follow me
When I a boy
Saket Suman poet Glow Glow Thou Dark Night by Saket Suman Rookie - 86 Points
I stare into the darkness of night sometimes,
Sometimes the night stares dark into me.
Saket Suman poet A Prayer For Nepal by Saket Suman Rookie - 86 Points
Not drenched in the darkness of night,
nor dismayed by the day's light,
Allan James Saywell poet Sweet Talk Cafe, by Allan James Saywell Rookie - 294 Points
Im on my way
Im on my way
Sumita Jetley poet Naturally, Certain Things Simply Make Me Nervous by Sumita Jetley Freshman - 896 Points
Just as nervous,
Fiddling with facts,
kfm Productions poet My Birthday! (28 / 03 / 2015 / 07: 50-Am) . by kfm Productions Rookie - 108 Points
My favourate day, /
which comes once a year! /
Ima Ryma poet Climb Time - Lincoln Park Zoo by Ima Ryma Bronze Star - 2,392 Points
Six weeks old at Lincoln Park Zoo,
This gorilla girl's getting care
Arno Le Roux poet What Is Her Name? by Arno Le Roux Rookie - 475 Points
Fighting all odds her beauty was sold
Exchanging her features so you won't be cold
Obed dela Cruz poet Would It That God Lead Her To Another Man by Obed dela Cruz Rookie - 108 Points
She is not my own. In fact, none of them are.
It was not I who wrought her fate long ago.
Asma Khan poet White Angel by Asma Khan Freshman - 870 Points
I met the traveler of time across
the delusions of my eyes
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet Baltimore... by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 37,782 Points
I heard glass and sirens
in Baltimore.
Luo Zhihai poet Autumn Title (Seven Jue) by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 7,378 Points
★ Autumn Title (Seven Jue)
☆ Poetry by Xue Neng (817? -880? , Tang Dynasty, China)
Toshie Nohara poet Soaring High by Toshie Nohara Veteran Poet - 1,082 Points
Into a lucky fountain
Eager tourists
Abraxas Hazzard poet When We First Met And Now by Abraxas Hazzard Rookie - 0 Points
...... This poem I wrote for my wonderful fiance Martin
When we first met and talked I was sad and i felt alone. I felt unwanted and unloved like I
Luis Estable poet That Will Not With Me by Luis Estable Bronze Star - 2,681 Points
I have traveled to so many places
In my limitless imagination
Luis Estable poet He Was Destined So by Luis Estable Bronze Star - 2,681 Points
Richard the 111 was bad seed
The moment that substance entered
Jaishree Nair poet And The Saga Continues........ by Jaishree Nair Veteran Poet - 1,301 Points
Darkness enveloped my mind;
Not a ray of hope....
Luis Estable poet The Whore by Luis Estable Bronze Star - 2,681 Points
There is a back street in the house.
It is her room.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Life Keeps Living Through Me by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 18,763 Points
Living on nothing, not wanting to eat, having no appetite
for anything in this life, least of all food of any kind.
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