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Cherie Mort poet Dido Weeping by Cherie Mort Rookie - 378 Points
I weep, silently and invisibly grieving
You are sailing away from me on the next ship home
Bijay Kant Dubey poet My Hindustani English, Understand You, Said I In The Class.. by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 20,241 Points
My English is Indian English
Whatever say you about,
Randy McClave poet Terror-Stricken by Randy McClave Silver Star - 3,485 Points
At another person I have stared
Of them or anyone else I am not scared,
Cherie Mort poet I'd Wait Forever For You by Cherie Mort Rookie - 378 Points
I sit alone in a booth at a café, music playing softly in the background
I tap my fingers impatiently on the table, waiting for my date to arrive
Petra Soliman poet She Sets Her Eyes by Petra Soliman Rookie - 449 Points
She's an eagle, but she doesn't know,
She's an angel on earth,
Ronjoy Brahma poet मिजिँनि गोरबो गोरबो by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 17,907 Points
लैथोनिफ्राय मुलुग सोर्गोसिम
नैबे हादोदनि मिथिँगायाव
Shalom Freedman poet The Silent Beauty Of The Darkness Of Night by Shalom Freedman Gold Star - 4,925 Points
The silent beauty of the darkness of night
A walk into the lure of the distance
Ronjoy Brahma poet गोदान फैसालि by Ronjoy Brahma Gold Star - 17,907 Points
हगार हगार गोसोनि
गुफुर दाउथुखौ
Seema Jayaraman poet My Friend, I Will Never Say Goodbye by Seema Jayaraman Gold Star - 11,391 Points
I remember our gang jousting's
growing up as pranky teenagers
.., Rahman .., Henry poet Greedy Citizen by .., Rahman .., Henry Gold Star - 21,523 Points
Blue sky gets down on
The green earth, kisses the grounds;
Seema Jayaraman poet I'll Never Say Goodbye by Seema Jayaraman Gold Star - 11,391 Points
I'm afraid to close my eyes tonight,
lest I loose my grip on today,
Kyle Stanley poet Her Idol by Kyle Stanley Rookie - 149 Points
She took beatings man
and goddamn
Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon poet Mahatma Gandhi 13 - An Attempt To Smoke by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Gold Star - 5,329 Points
Around the same period of meat-eating days,
Young Mohandas together with a relative,
hasmukh amathalal poet Even If Gone by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 98,667 Points
Even if gone
Golden days
aditi mohanty poet Life by aditi mohanty Rookie - 88 Points
Life is full of work,
so don't be lazy, but work work work,
Joe Allen poet The Name Of The Game by Joe Allen Veteran Poet - 1,394 Points
You've got to love the war
If you don't have to fight
M. Asim Nehal poet Before It's Too Late by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 41,088 Points
They say we have history
To back our claims
Joe Allen poet Do You Fear Death by Joe Allen Veteran Poet - 1,394 Points
With cold dead eyes
He stares in the mirror
Joe Davis poet Growing Doubt by Joe Davis Bronze Star - 2,138 Points
Delusions of the masses
They can't see what they've become
Toshie Nohara poet Wrong Love by Toshie Nohara Gold Star - 5,339 Points
Love for
cigarette smoking
Bidindra Basumatary poet गोथार खुंखा: सानजारां लक्षेस्वर ब्रह्मनो by Bidindra Basumatary Veteran Poet - 1,835 Points
जोनोमा नोंनि जेराव
आंबो दिनै बेयाव,
aditi mohanty poet Pollution by aditi mohanty Rookie - 88 Points
The world is round,
but we are not at all sound.
Joe Davis poet For A Price by Joe Davis Bronze Star - 2,138 Points
All feelings left raw
It's curse never ending
joseph harlacher 111 poet It Is Work Working On Any Subject One At A Time When Think.. by joseph harlacher 111 Silver Star - 4,021 Points
the invasion started when i rolled over
Jesus James Llorico poet Taking My Time by Jesus James Llorico Bronze Star - 2,637 Points
'The sky and mountain is wrap in lovely scene
as I see your love somewhere in between
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