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Poet Poem
Musfiq us shaleheen poet A white shirt that I had left in the kans grasses by Musfiq us shaleheen Freshman - 978 Points
Away from the white Stork feathers
Often seemed to be gentle breeze
W.F.D. BLCK poet The Years by W.F.D. BLCK Rookie - 280 Points
The years go by breeze on vine along the long circles of time.
The telling of a season gives and strips away. Makes one look
Madathil Nair poet Special Eyesight by Madathil Nair Silver Star - 3,625 Points
God granted me last night
Special super-fine eyesight
Cecil (C.J.) Krieger poet The Four Seasons by Cecil (C.J.) Krieger Rookie - 0 Points
Small speckles of wild grass
Looking like tiny green drops
Stephen Katona poet The Broken Hearted by Stephen Katona Veteran Poet - 1,703 Points
Then in a clearing those broken hearted met,
So full they all seemed of regret.
Terence G. Craddock (afterglows echoes .. poet Tar Oil Companies Carbon Fuel Giants by Terence G. Craddock (afterglows echoes .. Gold Star - 4,612 Points
promote equality for people
establish quality of life for people
Shaman Wolf poet Transcendentalism by Shaman Wolf Rookie - 12 Points
When you feel the breeze
It is the freedom that the wolf spirit brings
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet True Faces by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Never keep it unreal to feel.
If it isn't.
louis rams poet the housewife by louis rams Freshman - 680 Points
If you do a little housework every day
Then on the weekend you’ll have time to play
Mark Heathcote poet But honestly what do I believe by Mark Heathcote Silver Star - 3,535 Points
The devil looks after me
He doesn’t forsake me
Lawrence Beck poet When the Storm Arrives by Lawrence Beck Veteran Poet - 1,306 Points
It's time to turn, to cover up.
The wind has cut, as have
Tushar Ray poet Tagore Song (#84) instantly Thou hug her by Thy chest by Tushar Ray Silver Star - 4,381 Points
(provater ei prothom ganer kusum-khani)
Please awake this earliest morning blossom
Tushar Ray poet Tagore Song (#83) please give her Thy touch by Tushar Ray Silver Star - 4,381 Points
(Sur shunaye je ghum vangao sesur amar)
The morning song Thou used
Tushar Ray poet Let’s Go With the Flow by Tushar Ray Silver Star - 4,381 Points
Let’s go with the flow!
And feeling our divine nature as we go
Fergus Anthony poet The Black Stuff by Fergus Anthony Rookie - 10 Points
He came to school with a blacker eye
Than the bottle of stout he’d found and
Kelly Kurt poet Fruit Fly (Haiku) by Kelly Kurt Bronze Star - 2,976 Points
Thirty day lifespans
Many generations plague
Kelly Kurt poet Stone In My Shoe by Kelly Kurt Bronze Star - 2,976 Points
Calling at three in the morning
Dropping by when I’m busy
George Egba poet How Would I Know by George Egba Freshman - 930 Points
A bond of pleasure and terror
Dear world why these three dreams error
Michael P. McParland poet A Needed Rest 2 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 10,312 Points
Now I can lay down and relax for
a short and needed rest with a smile on my face.
Shemsi Elsani poet Letih by Shemsi Elsani Rookie - 180 Points
Berhempas pulas seharian menggalas segala beban
Mengerah segenap titik peluh dan keringat
Shemsi Elsani poet Friendship by Shemsi Elsani Rookie - 180 Points
It's come subconsciously
Seeping through the unseen barriers
Shemsi Elsani poet Aku, Diri Dan Sendiri by Shemsi Elsani Rookie - 180 Points
Tintaku kali ini berbaur jalang, maafkan
Dalam kehebatan profesionalisma
Moses Samandar poet Element Higheous by Moses Samandar Rookie - 146 Points
Destroy the Apocalypse
Freshen the Draw
venkat poolabala poet Love and Liesure by venkat poolabala Rookie - 51 Points
Je voudrais écouter les chérie
dans un monde tranquile
venkat poolabala poet multiple shades of life by venkat poolabala Rookie - 51 Points
వేకువ జామున వాయుస మొక్కటి వహాయో జెప్పి వాకిట్లో వాలింది
బెల్ తెమ్పొ అన్నాది నల్ల పిల్లి మూచో గుస్తో అన్నాది బుల్లి పిట్ట
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