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sheena blackhall poet The Evil That Men Do (Scots Owersetts & Poems) by sheena blackhall Freshman - 903 Points
8 Scots Owersets in ‘Evil’ pamphlet
1.The Panther: A Scots Owersett o a poem bi Rainer Maria Rilke
Lawerence Mize, Sr. poet Me And My Baby by Lawerence Mize, Sr. Freshman - 613 Points
Warm Rays of sun...Shinning
Through the venetian blinds
SEEMA SHARMA poet Light In The Dark! by SEEMA SHARMA Rookie - 44 Points
I am the light in the dark,
the shadiness bellows its horrible call, but I push back,
James Darwin Smith II poet Soul Gate by James Darwin Smith II Rookie - 404 Points
Soul, Grow wings, please
Fly higher than ever before
gajanan mishra poet Love For Life by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,279 Points
Love for life,
Death is not
David Wood poet If….. by David Wood Silver Star - 3,972 Points
If man had the compassion
To end all suffering
gajanan mishra poet Missing Rhythm by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,279 Points
Forgetting the music,
Missing the rhythm,
Luo Zhihai poet Anchoring Under The Beigu Mountain (Five Lü) by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 14,073 Points
★ Anchoring Under the Beigu Mountain (Five Lü)
☆ Poetry by Wang Wan (693-751, Tang Dynasty, China)
Phil Soar poet Drifting by Phil Soar Gold Star - 11,791 Points
My mind works in mysterious ways and drifts off quite at random
It’s like a ride on a bicycle that ought to be a tandem
Michael P. Johnson poet Time Is So Precious by Michael P. Johnson Silver Star - 4,148 Points
How are you spending your days now?
The nights before you sleep?
Leslie Philibert poet For S. by Leslie Philibert Veteran Poet - 1,181 Points
So when the heavens close
and the smashed clock
PAUL WARREN poet Music - The Moody Blues by PAUL WARREN Gold Star - 4,872 Points
In search of the lost chord is rung
On a Tuesday afternoon sweetly sung
Anahit Arustamyan poet Modigliani! by Anahit Arustamyan Freshman - 577 Points
I wasn't born in your century. I didn't meet you, Modigliani. Paris told you its starry story. Your colors became rainbows to smile at M
Ima Ryma poet Hersey And Carlos Announce...Lincoln Park Zoo by Ima Ryma Silver Star - 3,513 Points
Hersey and Carlos do announce,
Born to them at Lincoln Park Zoo,
Fidoic ... poet What Do We Talk When We Talk About Love. by Fidoic ... Rookie - 26 Points
If its not showing love and care..
Not even being always there..
Denis Martindale poet Little Princess by Denis Martindale Veteran Poet - 1,818 Points
The cheetah cub had no idea
That she was royalty,
Aniket Nikhade poet Always Put The Next Step Carefully by Aniket Nikhade Rookie - 75 Points
Nothing from prior
Nothing from previous
Toshie Nohara poet Tenderly by Toshie Nohara Silver Star - 3,760 Points
At a dance party
She, waltzing with Johnny
Nancy Oyula poet I Lost My Soul by Nancy Oyula Rookie - 307 Points
It was hanging on the hooks,
Like my old man’s grey coat,
Phil Soar poet Starlight by Phil Soar Gold Star - 11,791 Points
I lay there, looking up
Wondering how far away you might be
Phil Soar poet The Things I Say by Phil Soar Gold Star - 11,791 Points
I gather up the things I say each day
Pack them up and archive them away
Phil Soar poet No Obstacle by Phil Soar Gold Star - 11,791 Points
When age is not an obstacle, and someone thinks you’re great
Don’t just sit and think you’re not, just realise its fate
Lawrence Beck poet Ill-Defined by Lawrence Beck Bronze Star - 2,856 Points
Our predicate has been established.
We both can agree to that. We're
gajanan mishra poet So Many Dogs by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 45,279 Points
So many dogs are there,
On the streets now-a-days
Melissa Patty poet Remembering Things..... by Melissa Patty Bronze Star - 2,665 Points
Remember to say thankyou and please
Remember to get a tissue when you sneeze
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