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Swapan Rakshit poet The Climax by Swapan Rakshit Rookie - 215 Points
Though your softness gives me
Physical strength, that you feel with skin,
Raymond Sawyer poet Where There Midnight Sky There The Stars Of Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Bronze Star - 2,090 Points
When the sun kiss the blue sky yet every rose that one see for once eyes shall twinkle like the stars that has respect just to feel the summer breeze
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Windows In Life by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 19,672 Points
Not only houses or cars Have windows, but There are
Kevin Thaddeus FisherPaulson poet Compline by Kevin Thaddeus FisherPaulson Rookie - 80 Points
Yet even in the deepest of night, the dark
is never whole, cannot stop sight. The dark
John Zeller poet Useless Incantation by John Zeller Rookie - 231 Points
Its the breeze that turns my sweat to salt-sickles
as the burning sun reaches yet another epoch lost
Ofero Basbas poet My Love Is My Undoing by Ofero Basbas Rookie - 158 Points
come here, this is my undoing:
here in the velvet of night where all began
Islahuddin Nasiruddin Syed poet Procreation And Recreation by Islahuddin Nasiruddin Syed Rookie - 31 Points
His hair fall was horrifying
He was 35, looked 55; cancer!
John Zeller poet Checking Out by John Zeller Rookie - 231 Points
Carve my name in marble
this name I will never see
Islahuddin Nasiruddin Syed poet Made For Each Other by Islahuddin Nasiruddin Syed Rookie - 31 Points
A friend had lent him a 1000 Rupees
His 'things to do list' before the date was rather long
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Fearing Reality by Lawrence S. Pertillar
The only people fearing reality today,
Are those who have been sold...
Denis Mair poet Bait Of Pity by Denis Mair Rookie - 152 Points
Earthworm, poor earthworm
Poor earthworm crawling on the cement
Denis Mair poet George And Me by Denis Mair Rookie - 152 Points
My life lies splayed out across the years
In serpentine course through town and city
Jayl Morris poet My Best Friends by Jayl Morris Rookie - 233 Points
A long ago when I wore youth
when not in school nor at chore
John Zeller poet Ambidexterity by John Zeller Rookie - 231 Points
sun shining through my back door
wind blowing through the front
Yvonne Eve831 poet Life's Decisions by Yvonne Eve831 Rookie - 111 Points
Where you go in life is up to you.
The decisions you make will determine what you do.
hasmukh amathalal poet The Gift by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 44,557 Points
It was child age
And I put everything on page
John Zeller poet The Cross I Bear by John Zeller Rookie - 231 Points
This time and dimension just one of my own
A bottomless pit in an indefinable zone
Wolkine Stany poet Intolerant Americans by Wolkine Stany Rookie - 10 Points
I noticed that a lot people are so fearlessly showing a lot of gay pride/but when it's time to face the wrath of God, don't you dare try to hide.
Denis Mair poet Galileo's Gaze by Denis Mair Rookie - 152 Points
When Galileo first looked at the moon through a telescope
He saw circles like intersecting ripples.
Ashutosh Gupta poet The Rhythm by Ashutosh Gupta Rookie - 12 Points
Water droplets on leaves
follows the rhythm
Raymond Sawyer poet The Twinkle Of The Stars Of Star Bucks. by Raymond Sawyer Bronze Star - 2,090 Points
When one see the light and yet it's not the moon light but it the light is the stars of Star bucks thus where there is light for there the light of re
Islahuddin Nasiruddin Syed poet Of Vets, Pets, And Auto Rickshaw Drivers by Islahuddin Nasiruddin Syed Rookie - 31 Points
My bike I didn't have
Walked to the main road
rezvan tahouri poet خود باخته by rezvan tahouri Rookie - 66 Points
در کوی سرگشتگی هر راهی گمراهی است
پیش پای هر گام چاله ای
Bill Galvin poet I Cried For John Keats And My Love by Bill Galvin Silver Star - 3,156 Points
Sometimes the long way round,
By way of searching a new address,
Oliver Anderson poet Why Doesn'T My Sister... by Oliver Anderson Rookie - 26 Points
Why doesn't my sister play with me,
Why did she go away,
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