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Poet Poem
Dorina Neculce poet Here by Dorina Neculce Rookie - 267 Points
from Venom wet
I do
Naveed Akram poet Your Task Is Forced by Naveed Akram Gold Star - 12,224 Points
We have sent you a task for all ponds of business,
In the position of cattle you are kept like a bursting fruit.
Shankaran Kutty poet Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier by Shankaran Kutty Silver Star - 4,356 Points
I once went for a walk all alone
Across the countryside
Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek poet Dreams Of An African Boy by Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek Veteran Poet - 1,541 Points
I dream of a new black suit
With a long tail and a leather boot
Michael P. McParland poet Love Note 402 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 47,567 Points
Good afternoon my sweet Angel dove
and I am so sorry it took me
Charles Hice poet The Charlax Bible by Charles Hice Rookie
The CharlaX Bible
The CharlaX Bible
William Blackman poet Love Is A Celebration by William Blackman Veteran Poet - 1,373 Points
We spend ourlives seeking deep and vast.
Yes, consumed by it's power to compel.
Vincent Bayer poet Winter Without End by Vincent Bayer Freshman - 548 Points
The cruel wind cries
Like a wounded animal,
Daniel Bernard Kelleher poet Election Time by Daniel Bernard Kelleher Silver Star - 4,148 Points
This is the month for elections
When we will get to cast our vote
Brian Goddard poet The Worst by Brian Goddard Rookie - 221 Points
He was the worst,
A mind controlling freak with a thirst for blood,
Samir Maina poet There by Samir Maina Rookie - 2 Points
Hey thereDon't you have a friendor somebodyor anything elseAnything that can be pluggedPlugged to bring some harmonyMust be all he wondersBecause he c
Swati Trivedi poet Embracing The Treasure I Find In Solitude. by Swati Trivedi Rookie - 47 Points
Loving the inner world while exploring the outer is my attitude.
Forgotten is the pain, am just filled with fortitude.
mary douglas poet Glimmer by mary douglas Veteran Poet - 1,561 Points
teachers tell me I have used this word too much
as if it could wear out
Waseem Sherif poet A Glimpse Of Resonance by Waseem Sherif Veteran Poet - 1,223 Points
I looked upon a stilly sea
a body of ethereal blue
june keysha poet I Am by june keysha Rookie - 212 Points
i am the adventurer wandered in my own world
shamelessly cutted all the ropes
Jackson Wings poet The Clock by Jackson Wings Rookie - 318 Points
Tick tock tick tock the repeated echo of the clock flies through your mind. The clock ticks on until time completely stops. Everyone hoping the clock
Waseem Sherif poet Caveboy by Waseem Sherif Veteran Poet - 1,223 Points
In a tenebrous cave I used to dwell
lost to the world and even more to myself
Edward Kofi Louis poet Edge by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 76,963 Points
Over the edge!
Hebert Logerie poet February Is Short, Pure, Dark, And Pristine by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 6,468 Points
I love the month of February,
The coldest month of the season,
Vincent Bayer poet Blackbird On The Barbwire by Vincent Bayer Freshman - 548 Points
Solitary blackbird
High up on a barbwire fence.
surge sutraman poet Echoed In That Faraway By Her by surge sutraman Bronze Star - 2,134 Points
The crimson flame is visible -
Euterpe's magic contemplate,
Ramesh T A poet Love Of Mother, The Source For Everything! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 19,573 Points
Mother is the personification for love ever
As father is personification for knowledge!
ria sam poet Rising To Expectations by ria sam Rookie - 0 Points
Why so less score
When your potential is so much more?
Hebert Logerie poet L'arôme De Ton Sourire by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 6,468 Points
Je frissonne d'une étrange fièvre
A ta vue. En regardant tes lèvres,
Edward Kofi Louis poet Sweet And Deep by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 76,963 Points
Fresh and clean;
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