New Poems


Poet Poem
Edward Kofi Louis poet Still Sitting On It by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 77,993 Points
Are you still sitting on it?
Then, finish hard! !
Margaret Moran poet My Eyes Keep Closing by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 11,339 Points
Tired and weary of
Looking at printed matter
RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL poet Corruption by RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL Rookie - 325 Points
It has entwined
Human like no before
Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos poet Ego-Rocking Words by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos Silver Star - 3,614 Points
It will be futile
To gather you into my arm
Charlotte Smith poet from The Emigrants: A Poem by Charlotte Smith
[Disillusion with the French Revolution]
So many years have passed,
Edward Kofi Louis poet Obey The Laws by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 77,993 Points
A place only for women,
Why should men be around?
Susan Griffin poet Revolution by Susan Griffin
I would not have gotten in this boat with you.
I would not
Traci Brimhall poet Prelude to a Revolution by Traci Brimhall
We go to prison windows and pass cigarettes, tangerines
and iodine through the bars. Anything we think
Joanne Kyger poet It's been a long time by Joanne Kyger
During the beat of this story you may find other beats. I mean
Percy Bysshe Shelley poet from Laon and Cythna; or The Revolution of the Golden City by Percy Bysshe Shelley
To Mary — —
Anne Waldman poet Revolution by Anne Waldman
Spooky summer on the horizon I'm gazing at
from my window into the streets
Rimni chakravarty poet Time Is A Big Factor! by Rimni chakravarty Veteran Poet - 1,174 Points
Time is a great factor,
I now understand what it means
Khairul Ahsan poet Damsel In The Cloud by Khairul Ahsan Gold Star - 13,535 Points
Oh, the damsel in the cloud!
A poet built a home in the layer
Margaret Moran poet Takes Over by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 11,339 Points
When fear takes over
Cripples emotionally
Alfred Edward Housman poet Revolution by Alfred Edward Housman
West and away the wheels of darkness roll,
Day's beamy banner up the east is borne,
Nosheen Irfan poet Disintegration by Nosheen Irfan Gold Star - 8,389 Points
The whole facade fell apart
A rain of sawdust on all
Paul Alexandru Dolha poet When We Return by Paul Alexandru Dolha Rookie - 334 Points
we leave
thus making a promise of coming back
Robert Pottle poet What I've Learned At School by Robert Pottle
At school I've learned a lot of things
I really like to do,
Michael P. McParland poet I Love You Kira 15 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 47,636 Points
I love you sweet Kira,
you are my sweetie and precious jewel
Ananta Madhavan poet Greeting February by Ananta Madhavan Silver Star - 3,554 Points
My quilt and blanket slid off.
I wriggled out of bed, a little shivery;
Bin Ramke poet Gravity and Levity by Bin Ramke
The heron resolves itself from the gray lake the water
conversely the woman dissolves in sex, her own
clawdea benat poet I Wish You Were Somebody by clawdea benat Freshman - 827 Points
at the core of the earth i stay still
at this life i keep running to where my destiny is
Jesus James Llorico poet Twilight Hour by Jesus James Llorico Gold Star - 5,001 Points
'This twilight hour
and surrounding streets
Brittany Woessner poet A Silent Threat by Brittany Woessner Rookie - 138 Points
I don't like this feeling
Swelling up inside
gajanan mishra poet I Am Self-Willed by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 92,361 Points
I am self-willed,
No one can force me to act
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