New Poems


Poet Poem
Donna Jones poet Springs Gentle Kisses by Donna Jones Gold Star - 8,901 Points
springs gentle kisses
flutter so delicately
Ajay Kumar Adarsh poet प्रोतसाहन by Ajay Kumar Adarsh Bronze Star - 2,247 Points
आपका प्रोतसाहन मेरा पारितोषक होगा!
कड़ी कठिन कॉटों की डगर पर!
WES Vogler poet (limerick) Be Not Callous by WES Vogler Gold Star - 53,192 Points
The strange places and people of 'Alice
In Wonderland' (was there a palace?)
Madrason writer poet Can't Be Measured In A Rhyme by Madrason writer Gold Star - 9,461 Points
Life is but a mere seedling
a patch of acre on this soil
WES Vogler poet (limerick) Stealing Home Plate by WES Vogler Gold Star - 53,192 Points
In baseball there's nothing so great
As the feeling of stealing home plate.
Hasmukh Amathalal poet Regularly Define by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 214,236 Points
Regularly define
I fire
Senator alufalism poet Noble Rich Poor Son by Senator alufalism Rookie - 351 Points
Shame on you,
Noble belly man of penny,
WES Vogler poet (limerick) So I Erred by WES Vogler Gold Star - 53,192 Points
To err, so they say, is quite human...
So stop all your fussin' and fumin'.
Edward Kofi Louis poet Here Comes The Sun With Peace And Love by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 171,132 Points
Lost! !
But love found me;
Tom Zart poet A Good Speech! by Tom Zart Gold Star - 8,137 Points
A good speech paints a picture
For both your heart and brain.
Bijay Kant Dubey poet A Rain Of Rites By Jayanta Mahapatra- Ii by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 35,013 Points
A Rain of Rites by J.M.
Brought out from
Tiku akp poet Splendour by Tiku akp Gold Star - 25,667 Points
I will burrow from a flower
Essence of love they keep for
Senator alufalism poet Mine by Senator alufalism Rookie - 351 Points
Everyday grew like flowers under-
The care of photosynthesis,
Randy McClave poet Jesse James by Randy McClave Gold Star - 6,944 Points
Jesse James enjoyed his job
Which was not to labor, but to rob,
Victor Charles poet Out At Evening by Victor Charles Rookie - 327 Points
Here I go again
Wandering in the fall of sun
Mark Heathcote poet Old Life Adieu by Mark Heathcote Gold Star - 17,322 Points
When I was 9yrs old, we moved house, upped sticks
Leaving the city for the countryside
Nosheen Irfan poet The Sight Of Fallen Cypress by Nosheen Irfan Gold Star - 29,558 Points
A lone cypress
In my grandfather's lawn
Christopher Tye poet Eagles by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 11,595 Points
Earth left behind as you soar towards the heavens,
Loppo Louie poet Withering by Loppo Louie Veteran Poet - 1,231 Points
Withering a leaves makes its journey to the sea,
as the seashore begins its snore.
Bill Galvin poet Milk-Glass Moon by Bill Galvin Gold Star - 10,623 Points
Hazy summer's eve
A milk-glass moon shines muted
Minnoor srinivasan poet The Jubilant Tide And The Joyous Kids by Minnoor srinivasan Rookie - 265 Points
Teacher surrounded by kids,
Tiny souls
Ehimika Ehimigbai poet We Can Survive by Ehimika Ehimigbai Rookie - 103 Points
No matter the stress and strain
Known as a corrupt Nation
Paul Gerard Reed poet Things You Find In A Hedge by Paul Gerard Reed Gold Star - 5,189 Points
Lying hidden amongst the twigs and greenery for decades
Thrown-away newspapers, milk cartons and deaf aids;
Ehimika Ehimigbai poet If You Care by Ehimika Ehimigbai Rookie - 103 Points
You so special
like gold in my pocket
Ehimika Ehimigbai poet I Am Young by Ehimika Ehimigbai Rookie - 103 Points
I am young
The future of Nigeria
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