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Dorothea Lasky poet The Wall Hanging I Never Noticed by Dorothea Lasky
I never noticed before
How the red flowers hang from the blue branches
Christopher Tye poet I Am The Best by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 17,977 Points
I Am The Best
Invincible self-belief.
Dorothea Lasky poet Ars Poetica by Dorothea Lasky
I wanted to tell the veterinary assistant about the cat video Jason sent me
But I resisted for fear she'd think it strange
Dorothea Lasky poet Some Sort of Truth by Dorothea Lasky
When my dad first started to die
All my mom could remember
Dorothea Lasky poet The Process of Explication by Dorothea Lasky
Students, look at this table
Dorothea Lasky poet Philosophies by Dorothea Lasky
The man who murders his wife
Is not the same as the man
Dorothea Lasky poet On Old Ideas by Dorothea Lasky
Kissing the bankteller outside his stairs
In Brighton, MA I cannot lie. I felt the hope
Dorothea Lasky poet Monsters by Dorothea Lasky
This is a world where there are monsters
There are monsters everywhere, racoons and skunks
Dorothea Lasky poet Love Poem by Dorothea Lasky
The rain whistled.
A taxi brought me to your apartment building
Dorothea Lasky poet Lilac Field by Dorothea Lasky
To perform death is something only humans would do
No animal would sit there
Dorothea Lasky poet The End by Dorothea Lasky
Promising myself  I would not do this again
Is what kept me going
Judith Blatherwick poet Gate To The Past by Judith Blatherwick Gold Star - 29,637 Points
(Collaboration with Gary Liles)
Judith quickly, gather your things
Dorothea Lasky poet The Birth by Dorothea Lasky
The birth isn't about poetry
It is about screaming pain on a Sunday
Christopher Tye poet Old Man's Beard by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 17,977 Points
Old Man's Beard
Old Man's Beard or Travellers' Joy depending on your view point,
Tishani Doshi poet Lament —I by Tishani Doshi
When I see the houses in this city,
the electric gates and uniformed men
Donna Jones poet Awesome Flowers by Donna Jones Gold Star - 21,076 Points
Making my heart grow
awesome flowers, I now bloom
Phil Soar poet Snake Wrapping by Phil Soar Gold Star - 32,534 Points
She wrapped herself around her prey
Squeezing all the life away
Ramesh T A poet A Logic Of Life To Fulfilment! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 33,439 Points
True knowledge only helps one to have strong conviction..;
Conviction only gives great confidence in life sans confusion;
MaryLisa Russo poet The Mirror by MaryLisa Russo Freshman - 562 Points
Stay away from hatred
She is mean and bitter
Joan Agnew poet Now by Joan Agnew Rookie - 27 Points
So, I shuffled off,
My pen, loosely held between
Barry Middleton poet Wishing In Colors by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 45,094 Points
I had a wish to find the reddest rose
the dream of love
Elias Nganga poet Teacher by Elias Nganga Rookie - 208 Points
A teacher is a barber, tiding up shaggy hairs at all times
Donna Jones poet Dancing Daffodils by Donna Jones Gold Star - 21,076 Points
Dancing daffodils
dance in autumns breeze, painting
Aufie Zophy poet Triple by Aufie Zophy Gold Star - 12,403 Points
A pair of hands is praying
for a wave of triple wisdom;
Mary Angela Douglas poet Cherry Kerchief by Mary Angela Douglas Gold Star - 13,144 Points
[for Isabel De Clare]
this won't be remembered, perhaps you said
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