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Poet Poem
charles K wanjohi poet Life To Live by charles K wanjohi Rookie - 117 Points
Scribbles I scribe
Etched on core
Mubeen Sadhika poet Pigeon's Shadow by Mubeen Sadhika Freshman - 867 Points
Laura arwen poet Last Letter by Laura arwen Gold Star - 6,179 Points
I want to
send my last
Oskar Hansen poet Winter Landscape by Oskar Hansen Gold Star - 11,237 Points
Winter landscape
The landscape was white like frozen waves
Heaz Rha'el poet What Doesnt Kill You! by Heaz Rha'el Rookie - 75 Points
On this metal wheeled bed he laid,
With every single breath delayed....
Michael P. McParland poet Thoughts Of You As I Drift Off by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 71,173 Points
As I finally lay down for awhile
on this early morning thoughts of you
Siwaphiwe Fortune Zwelethu Shweni poet In Black 'n' Blue by Siwaphiwe Fortune Zwelethu Shweni Gold Star - 11,651 Points
I assure you! Enemy O' hater
I heard that, you claim that;
Phil Soar poet Mind Games 2 by Phil Soar Gold Star - 33,731 Points
Capture my mind if you can
Infiltrate the intricate passage ways
Sathya Narayana poet Lanka Torched by Sathya Narayana Silver Star - 3,226 Points
Let me express my love and gratitude
Phil Soar poet The Fall by Phil Soar Gold Star - 33,731 Points
And now the sun sits lower in the sky
It has a watery look, yet it still burns
Eliza Griswold poet Water Table by Eliza Griswold
My earliest wish was not to exist,
to burst in the backyard
Eliza Griswold poet Sirens by Eliza Griswold
My transgressions pile against the garden wall
(built when Rome began to weaken, scarred
Eliza Griswold poet Sapphic Fragment by Eliza Griswold
Do I still long for my virginity?
— Fragment 107
Eliza Griswold poet Sample by Eliza Griswold
When you said no,
I went for your dresser,
Eliza Griswold poet Ruins by Eliza Griswold
A spring day oozes through Trastevere.
A nun in turquoise sneakers contemplates the stairs.
Eliza Griswold poet Ovid on Climate Change by Eliza Griswold
Bastard, the other boys teased him,
till Phaethon unleashed the steeds
Eliza Griswold poet Lisbon by Eliza Griswold
We meet midway to walk white cobbles
under a fish-flesh gray sky.
Eliza Griswold poet Libyan Proverbs by Eliza Griswold
The naked man in the caravan
has peace of mind. He whose covering
Eliza Griswold poet Forecast by Eliza Griswold
The pack is filing
from my nowheresvilles
Eliza Griswold poet Filicudi by Eliza Griswold
You have a beautiful mouth,
Luigi, the man-boy says.
Eliza Griswold poet Chicken Little In Love by Eliza Griswold
I'm through! I'm through!
she says and resays.
sEaN nOrTh poet And So Sh#t Go - 1400mj by sEaN nOrTh Gold Star - 4,887 Points
Look @ you,
with tired eyes.
Denis Martindale poet See Jesus by Denis Martindale Gold Star - 8,629 Points
If not for Jesus Christ I know that life could not exist,
No Universe in which to grow, to prosper and persist...
George Knott poet When All Seems Lost by George Knott Rookie - 0 Points
When all seems lost
and the end,
Colin Ian Jeffery poet I Met A Man Out Walking by Colin Ian Jeffery Veteran Poet - 1,551 Points
I met a man out walking
One windy day in chilly Autumn
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