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SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet Aristocracy by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 5,152 Points
Poor condition, under pressure
Crackling hodgepodge repenting
Luo Zhihai poet Do Not Importune(Two Pairs Of Couplets) by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 53,313 Points
★ Do Not Importune(Two Pairs of Couplets)
☆ Quatrain & Translation by Luo Zhihai (1954-, China)
Tom Billsborough poet Hot Chocolate Strawberry Trifle by Tom Billsborough Gold Star - 16,005 Points
Hot chocolate Strawberry Trifle,
Now that's an eyeful if you please.
ROCHISH MON poet You Must by ROCHISH MON Veteran Poet - 1,030 Points
On the stage of my words
You must exist as dance performance
Paul Sebastian poet Waiting For You by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 10,514 Points
How slow each day passes
Waiting for you day after day
Tom Billsborough poet A Hive Of Bees by Tom Billsborough Gold Star - 16,005 Points
Bri, Billie Bunny bred Barbara Bunny. Barbara blinked, bounced brighly, became beautiful. Boyfriend Ben bought Barabara beneficial blessings, birthday
M. Asim Nehal poet Senryu - Footprints by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 91,842 Points
the circling of thoughts
creates element of doubts
jewel mazhar poet The Birth Offerings by jewel mazhar Freshman - 595 Points
The night's forest effaced the image of my father.
And that the face of my mom
Tom Billsborough poet Marriage by Tom Billsborough Gold Star - 16,005 Points
The bride wore a shroud
What imagery.
Elena Sandu poet Love View- Haiku by Elena Sandu Silver Star - 4,032 Points
Flat, zero distance.
As one heart think of other
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet The Illumination For The Strength And Capability Of A Man! by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Gold Star - 11,086 Points
The illumination for the home is the presence of children!
..The illumination for the cultivating land
Margaret Alice Second poet Dimensional Relay-Station [r] by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
A storm-ridden office, Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
& an allergic head - thoughts darting like small fish
Paul Warren. poet Right - What Makes Us Free For All To See? by Paul Warren. Gold Star - 21,048 Points
What makes us free for all to see?
Is it that I live and do as I please to be
Jim Yerman poet I Wonder About The News by Jim Yerman Veteran Poet - 1,657 Points
I wonder about the news fair an unbalanced can it be?
Because the people they report on are not the people whom I see.
Hobby going to top; climbing not known
So what? have influence, money. Man-power
M. Asim Nehal poet Haiku - Horses And Donkeys by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 91,842 Points
horses ate grasses
meadows look so desolate
Terry O'Leary poet The Circus Is In Town by Terry O'Leary Freshman - 653 Points
Come join the unraveling circus
quite soon to be passing our way,
Lalitha Narayanan poet Oh Jesus, Crucify Me, Let Me Resurrect by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 16,855 Points
said the beggar maid
at the altar of god
Richard Wlodarski poet Raptors' Victory Song by Richard Wlodarski Freshman - 933 Points
He goin' down so hard
The Cavs goin' down hard
M. Asim Nehal poet Wakeup Call by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 91,842 Points
a summer morning
nature's clock, alarm ringing
Sharp teeth iron-saw cut hard iron
It would have been not possible
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet The Shining Wall by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 20,127 Points
My love your name is written on shining wall
Your reflection makes me beautiful and tall
M. Asim Nehal poet Senryu- Reading by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 91,842 Points
books waiting in shelve
pdf version on kindle downloaded
Howard Dalton poet ' I Miss The Music ' by Howard Dalton Rookie - 267 Points
A Crescendo Of Sound, The Cities Streets
Starting With The Collection Of Corpses As We Sleep
oskar hansen poet Armless On Ttwo Feet by oskar hansen Gold Star - 7,977 Points
In need
When I feel lost and in pain, I think of the armless man
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