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J Sheba Anandhi poet Back To Home by J Sheba Anandhi Rookie - 106 Points
It is good to be back
To home with a pack,
J Sheba Anandhi poet An Antique Object by J Sheba Anandhi Rookie - 106 Points
The arrangement of small little petals,
In an order or series that quite settles,
allen campbell poet Love by allen campbell Rookie - 0 Points
my love is real never feak
true love never breaks
J Sheba Anandhi poet Handsome Smiles by J Sheba Anandhi Rookie - 106 Points
Travelling a number of miles
To see the handsome smiles,
Melwin Mathew poet Skin by Melwin Mathew Rookie - 0 Points
Well, I look up very often
The truth burns my skin off.
J Sheba Anandhi poet Share The Pride by J Sheba Anandhi Rookie - 106 Points
When work is given, be happy,
Do the work, not being sappy,
Reason A. Poteet poet Rapture, A Serious Rising by Reason A. Poteet Rookie - 71 Points
hearts pound
Jodelle Duverseau poet L'Homme Macho.- by Jodelle Duverseau Rookie - 10 Points
His face took the shape of a ghost and that of a liar. Incognito, the enigma of a decade, death at his most poignant stage. I saw every women he fuck
Kewayne Wadley poet Like Light In The Dark by Kewayne Wadley Bronze Star - 2,529 Points
You are like the sun, spreading its light across the land.
Spreading joy and warmth.
jasmine berry poet Death Is Coming by jasmine berry Rookie - 52 Points
i wonder how close he is,
or how far away,
hasmukh amathalal poet Individual Lien by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 35,580 Points
I survive with His blessed eyes
As my journey moves on
hasmukh amathalal poet Real Tolerance by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 35,580 Points
I shall be confined to faith
With pure inhaling and exhaling breathe
Josey Alfred poet Five And Thirty Years Young by Josey Alfred Freshman - 982 Points
Five and thirty five years young
Me and my loving darling wife
Erato poet Dear Spirit And Essence Of Womanhood by Erato Bronze Star - 2,252 Points
A very special woman are you
and my Muse of love and poetry too.
Echezonachukwu Nduka poet Chronicles Of Miss Dungworth by Echezonachukwu Nduka Rookie - 167 Points
A red handbag, fluttering eyelashes
Madrason writer poet Paris And Oikonomos by Madrason writer Bronze Star - 2,740 Points
Think about all the human pleas
do we want it on it's knees
oskar hansen poet Black-Winged Bird by oskar hansen Veteran Poet - 1,626 Points
The Black -winged Bird.
A bird with enormous wing span is darkening
maria sudibyo poet Alarm by maria sudibyo Freshman - 788 Points
Just like alarm sound
Nothing personal but it's
Dr John Celes poet Mary, The Mother Of Jesus Lord by Dr John Celes Silver Star - 4,127 Points
The love of God had chosen her
She was to bear the son of God
nidhi gopal poet She by nidhi gopal Rookie - 0 Points
Reluctant to disclose all
her difficulties
maria sudibyo poet Flattery by maria sudibyo Freshman - 788 Points
Empty flattery
Will lose its effectiveness
Mpho Wordsworth Leteng poet I Will Not Fall Apart Or Wither by Mpho Wordsworth Leteng Rookie - 35 Points
I will wing higher than eagles soar;
I will speak; I will rumble and roar,
maria sudibyo poet Wanderer by maria sudibyo Freshman - 788 Points
Even in my dream
I can not convince myself
maria sudibyo poet Spilled Ink by maria sudibyo Freshman - 788 Points
Fear of taking pen
Is between can't stop writing
Luo Zhihai poet On The Frontier by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 7,378 Points
★ On the Frontier
☆ Poetry by Zheng Wo (? -? , Tang Dynasty, China)
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