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Leah Ayliffe poet Floating Dust by Leah Ayliffe Veteran Poet - 1,947 Points
When the version of yourself
inside your head
Scotty Ceurvels poet Ourselves by Scotty Ceurvels Rookie - 60 Points
Why do I have to be 
What others think of me?
george albot poet Just To One Side! ! ! by george albot Veteran Poet - 1,884 Points
Might I be more if only in your arms
Might I be if laid in your shadow
Lilly Emery poet I Call Upon The Fire Within by Lilly Emery Gold Star - 4,670 Points
I Call Upon The Fire Within
This old flame has been burning longer
Joseph Narusiewicz poet As I Nap by Joseph Narusiewicz Veteran Poet - 1,938 Points
An old bust of Lincoln
Ideals of the secular stellar
oskar hansen poet Remote Controller by oskar hansen Veteran Poet - 1,906 Points
The Remote
it was a terrible hallucination
Paola Degli Esposti poet The Boy Who Lives Down The Hill. Part.Two. Chapter Thirtyo.. by Paola Degli Esposti Freshman - 724 Points
Another train.Middle afternoon and they are moving Eastward. In another compartment they sit and the air is hot.Shaun is watching a map that a boy has
DICKSON MSETI poet If I Call You by DICKSON MSETI Rookie - 0 Points
It is summer time in my heart,
I need cold water as it is hot,
Anthony Cavuoti poet Found Even When You Hide. by Anthony Cavuoti Rookie - 61 Points
If you hide from your self in her, and in her sweet desires
make certain that it is satisfying and worth the high price you will paid.
Lilly Emery poet I'Ll Remember Your Touch by Lilly Emery Gold Star - 4,670 Points
I'll Remember Your Touch
I'll remember you're touch for life
katusiime jeresi poet Break The Time Machine by katusiime jeresi Rookie - 270 Points
Break the time machine and sign us into eternity
Dwell in our hearts and in those of our posterity
Raymond Sawyer poet Happy Heart Is A Heart With Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Freshman - 786 Points
Where there a heart with respect is the heart of a star that is the family of Star bucks but for every star there a warm smile that say welcome to Sta
Alfred Oyori poet Vision by Alfred Oyori Rookie - 112 Points
When we have a vision, We not only see our position, But also our abilities And our possibilities. When we have a vision, It gives us a reason, T
Tiku akp poet Trial by Tiku akp Veteran Poet - 1,909 Points
Chanting her name
I get up from bed
Sengiyumva Thiery poet Shooting An Elephant by Sengiyumva Thiery Rookie - 69 Points
Sengiyumva Thiery
Shooting an elephant
Donal Mahoney poet Monday Morning by Donal Mahoney Bronze Star - 2,277 Points
Lying in bed
on a Monday morning
yuvraj singh poet ਕਈ ਵਾਰ ਲੜਨਾ ਪੈਂਦਾ by yuvraj singh Rookie - 17 Points
ਕਈ ਵਾਰ ਲੜਨਾ ਪੈਂਦਾ ਹੈ ਤਦ ਵੀ,
ਜਦ ਪਤਾ ਹੁੰਦਾ ਹਾਰ ਯਕੀਨੀ ਹੈ
Mascha Hansen poet Ein Brief An Daphnis by Mascha Hansen Rookie - 39 Points
An Krone, Segen meines Lebens, dies,
Du viel Geliebter Deiner Gattin; lies,
p a noushad poet Navas Paleri by p a noushad Veteran Poet - 1,143 Points
music flows
Akash Sarkar poet We Are In Touch by Akash Sarkar Rookie - 166 Points
We are in touch
We are in touch
Kelly Kurt poet Do You? by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 13,435 Points
Do you want to know?
Do you give a damn?
Mascha Hansen poet O Schreckenskönig by Mascha Hansen Rookie - 39 Points
O Schreckenskönig, dessen still Begehren
All das, was lebt, muss doch zuletzt erhören;
Akash Sarkar poet Handful Of Dust by Akash Sarkar Rookie - 166 Points
Can anyone give me a handful of dust of the soil?
To feel the cadence of the universe
KyeongChan Ro poet Connected, But Alone by KyeongChan Ro Rookie - 13 Points
I think I’m in boat
I sink and I ought
Lalitha Narayanan poet Full Moon by Lalitha Narayanan Rookie - 243 Points
Distinct and perfect
the full moon shines;
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