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Tushar Ray poet BELOVED MOTHER EARTH by Tushar Ray Silver Star - 4,226 Points
This earth is sensual plane of all living souls
And as dear as our own birth-mother
0.00 1
Jerome Fuseau poet Silently by Jerome Fuseau Rookie - 104 Points
False times, don't you find, darling?
Just false times. Can't you hear it?
0.00 0
hasmukh amathalal poet Near ones by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 30,038 Points
Near ones
Women are soft spoken
0.00 0
Terrance Upham poet Greateful for Everything by Terrance Upham Rookie - 459 Points
Humbling harmony tip toe walking straight the crooked line sways & grinds a staggering wavering wager. Suduces life’s wisdom’s of a mytics monumental
0.00 0
Terrance Upham poet Mythic's Pen by Terrance Upham Rookie - 459 Points
World's philosophical crazy mind.
Poet bellowing philosophy's
0.00 0
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet That's Evil by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Living one's life,
On incredible big lies to tell...
0.00 0
Kelly Kurt poet The Back Of My Hand by Kelly Kurt Bronze Star - 2,567 Points
February is a cruel month
Too cold and forbidding in the upper mid-west
7.75 17
ali habash poet Rockets Destroying a Happy Family by ali habash Rookie - 0 Points
Rockets fill my heart and head
Time is running by
0.00 0
Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) poet Vultures Of New York (Senryu) by Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) Veteran Poet - 1,238 Points
Vultures Of New York (Senryu)
The kings of the East
0.00 0
douglas scotney poet There's Something About 'Wonderful' by douglas scotney Silver Star - 3,871 Points
I hate that fripperous word
so often used about classical music.
0.00 0
Aidan Cost poet Blind by Aidan Cost Rookie - 244 Points
I feel trapped in my own company,
That's a rather dark place to start,
0.00 4
Adeosun Olamide poet I Thought of You- by Adeosun Olamide Veteran Poet - 1,316 Points
I wrote this for you
My son- Who cries untended
0.00 1
ali habash poet Companionship by ali habash Rookie - 0 Points
The cigarette
it shoots bullets into my life
0.00 1
Kelly Kurt poet Snapdragon Seeds by Kelly Kurt Bronze Star - 2,567 Points
Dried pod from summer’s brilliance
Among dozens in a paper bag
0.00 2
Terrance Upham poet WordEngineer by Terrance Upham Rookie - 459 Points
A word engineer contorting reality with the winds of change in a swift breeze. Writing life's fascinating scripts to worded trips, wicked double scrip
10.00 0
Janak Desai poet But It Grabs Hold by Janak Desai Rookie - 149 Points
I create a field of sand
and then a mound,
0.00 0
Angell Afinowi poet Midnight rain by Angell Afinowi Veteran Poet - 1,741 Points
The midnight rain is here beating down on the iron roof
Trickling of its undulating corrugations dripping rusty
0.00 1
ali habash poet The Heart by ali habash Rookie - 0 Points
The heart has filled with wastelands
And empty bottles, and homeland
0.00 0
Is It Poetry poet The American War On Mental Illness by Is It Poetry Silver Star - 3,558 Points
Perspectives, are as many as are the eyes that don't see
every one knows some one else that's not them.
10.00 2
Tia Attwood poet From kindle to ashes by Tia Attwood Rookie - 34 Points
Our journey travelled now divides
A love of which been pushed aside
9.00 2
Hans Ostrom poet Feeling Bad? Try Thinking About Sex by Hans Ostrom Rookie - 336 Points
When I get to
feeling bad,
0.00 0
Terrance Upham poet Cost effective War Precluded by Terrance Upham Rookie - 459 Points
The war rages within
the questions where to begin.
10.00 2
Ann Beard poet Gaze upon the Rose (Ambridge English Rose) by Ann Beard Rookie - 115 Points
Eyes drawn to Gaze upon the rose,
Green stem armed spitefully with thorn.
0.00 0
Paul Hartal poet Romance is Ageless by Paul Hartal Freshman - 649 Points
Don’t consign romance only to the young!
Love is for all. It is ageless and eternal.
0.00 1
Hans Ostrom poet 'Please Rate Your User Experience' by Hans Ostrom Rookie - 336 Points
He was asked, by a machine, to rate
his user experience. He did not rate it.
0.00 0
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