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Treasure Island

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Title Poet
I think you perhaps have a point,
; And it wood' have being nice for you to have
george albot poet by george albot
on 8/25/2014
Back at school
Jupp says no
Terry Collett poet by Terry Collett
on 8/25/2014
Time Goes On
He walks
away from
Heather Burns poet by Heather Burns
on 8/25/2014
World where we live:
Tears merged with sweats
Hurt of salty taste
binod bastola poet by binod bastola
on 8/25/2014
Priorities To Emphasize
We are taught,
What priorities to emphasize.
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet by Lawrence S. Pertillar
on 8/25/2014
The Revenge of the 64 Ounce Soda
Michael Bloomberg was awakened in an unfamiliar bed.
Restraining bands were on his limbs and also on his head.
John F. McCullagh poet by John F. McCullagh
on 8/25/2014
Don't know from where to start
How should I apologise
Namrata Garg poet by Namrata Garg
on 8/25/2014
No Foe Like My Own
They came to battle two sides of the mind.
One side was clever and smart the other was weak and light years behind.
Anthony Levitt poet by Anthony Levitt
on 8/25/2014
Picture This
When you hurt her
Picture this;
Billie Jessie poet by Billie Jessie
on 8/25/2014
Simply Spoken - Let It Be
In our daily walk
let it be
Heather Burns poet by Heather Burns
on 8/25/2014
Simply Spoken - A Mystery
Life is a mystery
within a mystery
Heather Burns poet by Heather Burns
on 8/25/2014
Shakuntala - III: Let the pain be with me
Why so disturbed I am?
Why does my garden of
Pulakkumar Ditti poet by Pulakkumar Ditti
on 8/25/2014
Hit, hit bang us
We fear no pain,
micheal john poet by micheal john
on 8/25/2014
All the same
All the same
the earth, the stone,
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 8/25/2014
Rain Storm
Rain clouds scurrying across the sky,
turbulent in their shades of grey,
Jacqueline Nash poet by Jacqueline Nash
on 8/25/2014
(1) Flowers That Utter Poetry
Lonely eyes,
downcast and averted
Uriah Hamilton poet by Uriah Hamilton
on 8/25/2014
What went wrong....
What went wrong….
- - - - - - - - - - -
on 8/25/2014
एक बनो नेक बनो
'गीदड़ धमकी से जो डर जाए,
वो परशुराम संतान नही,
Rahul Vyas poet by Rahul Vyas
on 8/25/2014
चक्ष जब भीगे थे, लगी थी जब चोट,
उस समय भी काम आए थे नोट,
Rahul Vyas poet by Rahul Vyas
on 8/25/2014
The life has many views
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet by Asit Kumar Sanyal
on 8/25/2014
press here
we had a sky light
unlike any ceiling;
Mandolyn ... poet by Mandolyn ...
on 8/25/2014
All Will Carry On (In Greek)
Ακόμα ο ήλιος θα λάμπει
και οι βροχές θα πέφτουν
Elia Michael poet by Elia Michael
on 8/25/2014
तिरंगे की आड़ मे गोलिया चली,
चढ़ी थी बेकसूरो की बलि,
Rahul Vyas poet by Rahul Vyas
on 8/25/2014
grand ma
My dear grand ma
Your beauty is unrare
Emmanuel chibuike poet by Emmanuel chibuike
on 8/25/2014
I Don't know who I Am- A Sufi Song (in Translation)
(Original in Punjabi by Bulle Shah, the Sufi Mystic)
'Bullaa, kee jaanaa main kaun'
Sunil Uniyal poet by Sunil Uniyal
on 8/25/2014
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