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gajanan mishra poet Otherwise Failure by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 91,389 Points
Love, love and love
Otherwise face
sharon wildey poet New Eyes by sharon wildey Rookie - 115 Points
I see with new eyes today
The world
RIC S. BASTASA poet The Soundless Event by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 16,762 Points
when you were given so much
Rayona Dawson poet November 15th by Rayona Dawson Rookie - 0 Points
Sometimes I wanna scream out I still love you but he'll never love me the same, whatever love he had for me is just a distant memory smothered by the
val legend poet Not Today by val legend Rookie - 473 Points
There cometh a day
when I will be as strong as I was before you
Rayona Dawson poet Him. by Rayona Dawson Rookie - 0 Points
Something intrigued Me about him, I'm used to people paying me attention, predictable.... But he was different. He didn't pay me any attention, didn't
Irvin Relebogile poet Goodness Within Everyone by Irvin Relebogile Rookie - 448 Points
Tho' to evil monsters our images do they relate,
For as smitten foes of mercy we are fallen victim(s) ,
Marilyn Jean poet I Shall Be Strong by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 13,554 Points
I shall be strong
Love will be kept a part
RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL poet Refugee by RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL Rookie - 219 Points
She travelled hundreds
Of kilometers, cried for her food
.., Rahman .., Henry poet অভূমিষ্ঠ ।। শ্যারন ওল্ডস (Bengali Version) by .., Rahman .., Henry Gold Star - 27,027 Points
গরমের দিনে স্ট্রিট লাইটের আলো ঘিরে যেমন ডাঁশ মশারা,
মাঝেমাঝে, আমাদের মাথার চারপাশে, প্রায় দেখেই ফেলি,
Terry Collett poet Being Dad 1951 by Terry Collett Silver Star - 3,555 Points
Auntie and I
went to her friend
Almas Assylbekov poet The Cuckoo (Translation Of A Russian Song) by Almas Assylbekov Rookie - 191 Points
How many songs unwritten yet?
How many, tell me cuckoo…
Kelly Kurt poet Optimism (Tanka) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 96,966 Points
The snow is melting
Last day of January
RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL poet Fornlorn Love by RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL Rookie - 219 Points
i loved her so much
she was so beautiful
Margaret Moran poet Moderation by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 11,037 Points
Tis an attitude
Implies peace under pressure
RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL poet Ganges by RAVIKIRAN ARAKKAL Rookie - 219 Points
she bore a civilization,
She fed her children.,
Margaret Moran poet Waiting For An Answer by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 11,037 Points
Frustrates tries patience
Even God delays to strengthen
Naveed Khalid poet Hymnal by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 7,447 Points
Then, this world of thy most high deserts
upon the sand dunes,
gajanan mishra poet Good-For-Nothing by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 91,389 Points
How can I say?
gajanan mishra poet But A Sign by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 91,389 Points
Poem is nothing,
But a sign
Souren Mondal poet Nayi Zindigi by Souren Mondal Gold Star - 19,819 Points
Aao fir chalte hai
Tum aur hum,
Hebert Logerie poet I Love You My Love, Mon Amour by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 6,441 Points
You said that when we were young
That was infatuation
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet The Storm Witch O'er The River Quay... by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 65,151 Points
Rivers, they speak to themselves at night
coursing in crooked stride, while keeping-
Orlando Belo poet I'm Sorry If by Orlando Belo Gold Star - 4,720 Points
I'm Sorry If
You overheard our whispers of tease and seduction,
Titto Mutny poet Heart On A Plate. by Titto Mutny Veteran Poet - 1,549 Points
I want to love you, poet.
Giving you my all
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