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Matthias Pantaleon poet Ninety Nine Problems by Matthias Pantaleon Freshman - 673 Points
Have you heard about the man
With ninety nine problems
Matthias Pantaleon poet John by Matthias Pantaleon Freshman - 673 Points
They said you are wealthy now
Some said you rewrite your story
Matthias Pantaleon poet Every Legend Has A Beginning by Matthias Pantaleon Freshman - 673 Points
When we were boys we acted like one
People call us names behind our back
Amber McCalment poet Departure by Amber McCalment Rookie - 34 Points
I sit and i wait for the bells to ring.
anxious to leave, bu during the chorus they sing.
Matthias Pantaleon poet Do They Dare To Care by Matthias Pantaleon Freshman - 673 Points
So many times I woke at night
Afraid of what life has become
S.zaynub Kamoonpuri poet Pop Goes Passion by S.zaynub Kamoonpuri Bronze Star - 2,848 Points
It builds up in steam
steamy l'amour in passion's pressure cooker
Bhat Naieem poet I Don'T Know Why by Bhat Naieem Freshman - 921 Points
Why do i love you? When it's clear I mean Nothing to you Why do i feel jealous Of him and you When i wish to see you blissfull Why do i shed tears
Lilly Emery poet I Miss Your Touch by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,347 Points
I miss your touch
all taciturn of words you speak so soft
Lilly Emery poet The Fear Of Goodbye by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,347 Points
The Fears Of Goodbye
Perpetual fear I hold in my heart
Lilly Emery poet He That Loves Me by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,347 Points
He that Loves me could feel
my aches with amorous love
george albot poet Just A Little Encouragement by george albot Veteran Poet - 1,813 Points
Your hair, your eyes the smile that you hold,
Makes you shine
Lilly Emery poet Love Taken Me By The Hand by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,347 Points
Love Taken Me By The Hand
Love had taken my hand
Sherayne Rego poet Her Man. by Sherayne Rego Rookie - 45 Points
The way he looked.
Confidence was his mate.
sallam yassin poet ا سألت قلبي by sallam yassin Veteran Poet - 1,955 Points
يا من تسكن\ اقمار من نور\ في عينيه
Oduro Bright Amoh poet The Wisdom Of Folly by Oduro Bright Amoh Veteran Poet - 1,166 Points
Oh how those who need them give them,
They share what they've not had before
Chloe Hughes poet Taboo by Chloe Hughes Rookie - 75 Points
Oh mirrored taboo,
I bedded you in the past;
hasmukh amathalal poet Sweet Whispers by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 38,421 Points
You may be brave man
Bodybuilder and superman
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet On the Wing by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Once in a dream (for once I dreamed of you)
We stood together in an open field;
Marilyn Jean poet Love Splits In Three And Wants To Be One Again by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 5,783 Points
A spark of well contained passion
A day of undeserved rejection on me
SAKISABRE Saki poet Salsaabil 34 Poem@sakisabre by SAKISABRE Saki Silver Star - 3,846 Points
Religious guidance not worldly business or fame but sincerity! !
Elizabeth Barrett Browning poet Paraphrase on Anacreon: Ode to the Swallow by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Thou indeed, little Swallow,
A sweet yearly comer.
Lilly Emery poet Obsession by Lilly Emery Silver Star - 4,347 Points
Angel wings that will never fly
Alicia Suskin Ostriker poet Birdcall by Alicia Suskin Ostriker
—for Elizabeth Bishop
Tuwee, calls a bird near the house,
Patricia Denise Newman poet V.E.Day by Patricia Denise Newman Rookie - 95 Points
It's over, it's finished, the war has now been won,
Thank God it's finally ended; finished; over; done!
Naveed Khalid poet C'Est La Vie by Naveed Khalid Bronze Star - 2,757 Points
That beacon alight in the furnaces
of hallowed fire that horizon in deep azure,
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