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Is It Poetry poet ..................... I Am James by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 24,887 Points
I try to do
the right thing, because it is right.
Victoria Hudson poet Her Mystery by Victoria Hudson Freshman - 726 Points
Lost in thought. No feeling of heat or cold. Nothing radiating through her body as she sits there. Alone in the night, with the cold frigid air. She t
The Crow poet Poetry Burnout by The Crow Gold Star - 18,558 Points
I feel burnt out
Poetry is draining
Neeraj Kumar poet Lost Boy by Neeraj Kumar Freshman - 832 Points
He's broken But he don't tell His life is like a hell Still he act like everything's going well He want to quit this world But he got responsibilities
Gajanan Mishra poet Tolerate All by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 175,020 Points
Tolerate all,
I tell myself,
Luis Estable poet A Sign, Please, My Beauty by Luis Estable Gold Star - 8,840 Points
I like the way you look,
The way you wear your hair.
Bijay Kant Dubey poet Politicians Are But Rotten Eggs by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 40,352 Points
Politicians are but rotten eggs,
Throw you not rotten tomatoes on them
Luis Estable poet A Sign, Please by Luis Estable Gold Star - 8,840 Points
I like the way you look,
The way you wear your hair.
Rajesh Thankappan poet Helplessness by Rajesh Thankappan Gold Star - 10,333 Points
Are we not sometimes like those powerful ants
Who with Herculean ease carry many times their body weight
Luis Estable poet Sex Ll by Luis Estable Gold Star - 8,840 Points
Sometimes the thoughts don`t help
How to stop it when it comes.
Dexsta Ray Jr. poet Chiaros... Gesso, Then...Curo by Dexsta Ray Jr. Gold Star - 10,220 Points
Block it out, flout and doubt
I speak subjectively
Bijay Kant Dubey poet The Defence Minister Should Not Release Casual Statements by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 40,352 Points
The defence minister
Should not
Michael P. McParland poet Night Note 227 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 74,354 Points
Before I lay down
for just a few I wanted
Sister Frances poet Twisted Sista by Sister Frances Silver Star - 4,344 Points
She was a dancing sister
Her black dress clung to her curves
Orlando Belo poet Busy Driveway by Orlando Belo Gold Star - 12,336 Points
My driveway is a highway for animals
as cats and foxes walk by.
John Sensele poet Lips & Hips by John Sensele Gold Star - 13,400 Points
Lips and hips beep, sip, tip and whip quips
Sliding and gliding from romantic pips
Gert Strydom poet Inner Man by Gert Strydom Gold Star - 10,531 Points
Once I knew a chap
who could parachute, drive his motorbike
Akinbode Oluwaseun poet Chilly Night by Akinbode Oluwaseun Rookie - 78 Points
Under the open sky I stood
Billions of stars I gazed at
Deanna Samuels poet Oliver The Sphynx Cat by Deanna Samuels Rookie - 290 Points
Oliver the Sphinx Cat has come into my life for a while
What a change a small feline can make in one's domicile
Margaret Moran poet Taking The Road Less Traveled by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 18,190 Points
Makes a difference
Without condition moved to
John Sensele poet Dancing On Fences by John Sensele Gold Star - 13,400 Points
Dancing on fences makes fake sense
If wenches quench first thirsts in immense
Hasmukh Amathalal poet Selflessly For Gesture by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 261,808 Points
Selflessly for
It is empowering nature
Alexander Julian poet Rays Above Waves by Alexander Julian Rookie - 173 Points
The Naga King tastes his rough chili with smooth fruit at maturity,
While dried fish of their red sea hunt those neap tides in God's prosperity.
Rubel das raj poet Bad Habits by Rubel das raj Rookie - 213 Points
stop me, stop me from my habits...
I like to speak with sky...
Ryson D'souza poet Knowing The Unknown -(Key To Awareness) by Ryson D'souza Silver Star - 3,333 Points
There are things we know
And things we don't
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