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Gajanan Mishra poet Puri Express by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 155,905 Points
Wait there,
I am going on
Barry Middleton poet Timeless by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 45,251 Points
time cannot be bought or bartered
time is free
UnniKrishnan P.P poet Stumbling by UnniKrishnan P.P Rookie - 122 Points
Gleams of carnage passed a cold wave,
caressing and mincing what felt a sublime chant.
Veer Dhiman poet Mobile & Human by Veer Dhiman Freshman - 828 Points
Mobile is just liked as me
It is 'he for she' & 'she for he',
Jim Yerman poet Free Hugs by Jim Yerman Silver Star - 4,196 Points
You watch the news and begin to think the world is filled with hate and guns and drugs.
Then you see her on a street corner holding a sign that reads
Gajanan Mishra poet Call Me Back by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 155,905 Points
Call me back,
Call me back.
Aidan Cost poet Stress by Aidan Cost Rookie - 358 Points
biting, heaving, collapsing, feeling, tapping, looking, talking..
Crying, breathing, relapsing, unfeeling, snapping, gnawing, shocking..
Gajanan Mishra poet Very Good by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 155,905 Points
Very good, very good,
You are there to
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet On Forefront by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 27,157 Points
I love you, my love and praise your beauty
Love fire has just started burning me alive
Morgan Siegel poet -untitled- (3) by Morgan Siegel Rookie - 292 Points
Touch my agony...
Turning away.
Gajanan Mishra poet No Idea by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 155,905 Points
I have no idea
Of this area,
Ajay Srivastava poet ऐ भ्रष्टाचार by Ajay Srivastava Gold Star - 10,574 Points
बच्चे मॉ बाप को छोड सकते है।
पति पत्नी को व पत्नी पति को छोड सकती है।
Gary Liles poet For Your Love by Gary Liles Gold Star - 39,130 Points
I am mystified by just
how much love you have to give,
Mizzy ........ poet True Love Lingers Eternally. by Mizzy ........ Silver Star - 4,289 Points
When failing time erodes this mortal coil,
My broken finger nails to lose their hold,
Gary Liles poet Lost Love by Gary Liles Gold Star - 39,130 Points
I met you once
I don't know your name,
WES Vogler poet (limerick) On The Other Hand #15 by WES Vogler Gold Star - 58,819 Points
Addendum to 'church' senryu series by Kelly Kurt
Choir Loft kelly
Gary Liles poet Love Laughs by Gary Liles Gold Star - 39,130 Points
Cuddled up on our bed
I listen to your heart,
Ira Sadoff poet Oklahoma City: The Aftermath by Ira Sadoff
Sometimes I'm so lachrymose I forget I was there
with my darling—I call her my darling to make her
Ira Sadoff poet February by Ira Sadoff
A mist appalls the windshield.
So I still see trees as moral lessons,
Ira Sadoff poet On the Day of Nixon's Funeral by Ira Sadoff
It's time to put the aside the old resentments; lies,
machinations, the paranoia, bugs in telephones,
Ira Sadoff poet The Soul by Ira Sadoff
The shaft of narrative peers down.
The soul's a petrified fleck of partridge this October.
Ira Sadoff poet My First Roses by Ira Sadoff
My first roses brought me to my senses.
All my furies, I launched them like paper boats
Ira Sadoff poet Self-Portrait by Ira Sadoff
I sniff after the sparrow and the spaniel, flitting around,
barking, digging up the dirt: how could I not be
Gary Liles poet Game Of Love by Gary Liles Gold Star - 39,130 Points
I play the game of love
like I play guitar,
Ira Sadoff poet Once I Could Say by Ira Sadoff
Once I could say
my loyal friend, the house wren.
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