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Poet Poem
Charles Hice poet Mother Russia Help Amerika by Charles Hice Rookie
Mother Russia Help Amerika
Mother Russia Help Amerika
Marilyn Jean poet Moon Watches by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 9,854 Points
The big face
Has no feelings
Marie Shine poet The Good Shepherd. by Marie Shine Gold Star - 5,877 Points
Dear Jesus, You are 'The Good Shepherd'
and I am Thy little lamb
Frankie Wills poet Jealousy by Frankie Wills Freshman - 611 Points
The cloak surrounds me
Smothering - suffocating
Sanjukta Nag poet In Love With Winter by Sanjukta Nag Gold Star - 10,257 Points
He hated the frosty bitterness,
As his blue veins were clasped by
Saiom Shriver poet Nicotine by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 11,881 Points
What has more pull
than a two ton truck?
Raymond Sawyer poet The More The Stars Sparkle The More Once Eyes Twinkle. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 18,498 Points
When the moon raise in the night for there a angel that is full of respect and every touch of respect for one will feel the morning sun that will fill
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet Never Give Up by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Silver Star - 3,876 Points
when everything in life goes wrong
where the path leads to the finish line
shashi kumar poet Ek Kudi Maine Dekhi Badi Pyaari by shashi kumar Rookie - 14 Points
Ek kudi maine dekhi badi pyaari
Dekhte hi bhoola duniya ye saari
Saiom Shriver poet A Tennessee Pig by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 11,881 Points
Became convinced many
reserachers like Hennessy
Miguel de la Fuente poet The Second by Miguel de la Fuente Freshman - 536 Points
It was late in the summer
I had been around town and back
Liza Sud poet Boy-Origami by Liza Sud Gold Star - 10,789 Points
Forgetting that poets - are little mages
I stand as a column, my face flushed crimson,
Daniel Brick poet Envoi (Port Trakl) by Daniel Brick Gold Star - 17,080 Points
Isn't this the right moment
for saying Good-Bye: Let's part
anita sharma poet Exotic Pearl by anita sharma Bronze Star - 2,546 Points
rainbows pooling in the ocean
surrounded by warm embrace of mollusk
Raymond Sawyer poet To Reach For A Star Is To Be Touch With Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 18,498 Points
When one wish that one could touch a star thus one wish for the touch of respect but for every stars that sparkle in the night is the stars of angels
Hebert Logerie poet I Cannot Stop Loving You by Hebert Logerie Silver Star - 3,947 Points
In the dark compartment of my bedroom,
I saw a silhouette; I thought that was you.
Saiom Shriver poet Pharmaceutical Company Black Op by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 11,881 Points
Why does the military
continue to force poisonous vaccines
T (no first name) Wignesan poet Villanelle: Whose Condition Is The Worst Everyone Asks by T (no first name) Wignesan Veteran Poet - 1,453 Points
Villanelle: Whose condition is the worst everyone asks
Whose condition is the worst everyone asks
Jane Elliston poet Honeysuckle by Jane Elliston Rookie - 295 Points
The heavenly heady fragrance of honeysuckle scent,
fill the balmy evening air
Jackie Bush Holcomb poet The Beach In The Sky by Jackie Bush Holcomb Rookie - 75 Points
The Beach In The Sky
I closed my eyes.
Naveed Khalid poet Loki by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 4,662 Points
Thus, by far more to the sea that golden compass,
hath weaved around my head
Naveed Khalid poet Carnival by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 4,662 Points
I had sworn thee, not in poetry to rehearse,
That of decaying form thy marvelled age,
Rajnish Manga poet बदनसीब मैं हार गया (Hindi) by Rajnish Manga Gold Star - 24,529 Points
सारे घायल पड़े हुये है
संविधान की पुस्तक वाले
Naveed Khalid poet Dante's Inferno by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 4,662 Points
Thus, this world so off-hand to my sightless view,
of raptures wild in lurking limbo,
Saiom Shriver poet Icy Food by Saiom Shriver Gold Star - 11,881 Points
In Iceland they
ate a baby lamb
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