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Poet Poem
M. Asim Nehal poet Senryu- 204 by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 143,100 Points
between two snowflakes
our love melts gradually
M. Asim Nehal poet Haiku - 219 by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 143,100 Points
as the dawn-dark hills
shines when sunlight touches
Rachelle Langley poet Chess by Rachelle Langley Rookie - 96 Points
life's game
women's tame
Rob Knetsch poet Red And Black by Rob Knetsch Veteran Poet - 1,335 Points
this junk
addicted to the needle, the powder, the drink
Sister Frances poet Cut Up by Sister Frances Gold Star - 4,854 Points
You've managed to do this in one day
Fill me up with sadness and throw me away
DEEPTI MISHRA poet Tum Bhi Nahi Aur Hum Bhi Nahi! by DEEPTI MISHRA Bronze Star - 2,960 Points
Samandar sa gehra pyar unhe bhi hai aur Hume bhi,
Per ye kehne ko, Khamosh hum bhi hain, aur lafz koi unhe bhi nahi! !
Ronell Warren Alman poet Sadness And Darkness by Ronell Warren Alman Gold Star - 10,642 Points
It is quite sad
Nothing but darkness and pain
Blai gonzalez poet The House Is Empty by Blai gonzalez Rookie - 97 Points
Leaving it all and leave, to live.
Time, experiences, turing back and silence.
Is It Poetry poet Pissing In The Snow by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 25,328 Points
Pissing in the snow
Arching rainbow's
Liza Sud poet I Will Love You On A Couch, by Liza Sud Gold Star - 40,044 Points
I will love you on a couch,
on a windowsill, at the table,
Mrs Khan poet Trapped by Mrs Khan Rookie - 326 Points
Trapped in a voyage to nowhere land
Done with this celebration grand (life)
Nyx C Styx poet Lines Vi by Nyx C Styx Bronze Star - 2,542 Points
The monsters aren't under your bed
the monsters are inside your head
Nyx C Styx poet Lines V by Nyx C Styx Bronze Star - 2,542 Points
you will only find my love
when you start digging for it
Nyx C Styx poet Lines Iv by Nyx C Styx Bronze Star - 2,542 Points
A woman's heart is ruled by time
not by roses, not by rhyme
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Love Shades by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 33,631 Points
Do you know that my beloved jasmine
When be in my arms will make river dry
Akhtar Jawad poet Reply Of Valsa George's Limerick Inaction by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 82,526 Points
Keeping devil busy was surely her right,
Every night is not a honeymoon night,
BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA poet It Doesn't Matter by BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA Veteran Poet - 1,802 Points
It matters not
If you're rich or poor
Dr. kalyana brata sahoo poet A Truth About A Sleepless Night by Dr. kalyana brata sahoo Rookie - 86 Points
'Why haven't you slept? ', asked my brother looking at my eyesight,
With preoccupied mind, i got sense back, seemed i was preturbed throughout the s
Malsawmi Jacob poet Flute Player by Malsawmi Jacob Rookie - 241 Points
at the station
sweltering heat
Gerry Freeman poet Solitude by Gerry Freeman Rookie - 350 Points
The tired Sun in his lonely sky
Must forever strive
Ronald Chapman poet Beloved by Ronald Chapman Gold Star - 5,860 Points
When you were taken from me,
On the cold spring day.
Gerry Freeman poet Nothing Ever Works Out by Gerry Freeman Rookie - 350 Points
What the hey, we never made it.
Are you really surprised?
JOE POEWHIT poet Clown by JOE POEWHIT Freshman - 948 Points
Painted upside down.
Wear a hat.
Joshua Flores poet The Last Poem Ever Written by Joshua Flores Rookie - 175 Points
The world is ending,
we are descending into a world of pretending
Bijay Kant Dubey poet A Small Girl, Daughter-Like by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 40,352 Points
A small girl daughter-like
What can I
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