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Paul Kesler poet The Sage's Doubtful Escape by Paul Kesler Rookie - 480 Points
Philosopher: 'I find the best way to gather no moss is to
examine the stones very carefully, making sure the
Kumarmani Mahakul poet Ululation by Kumarmani Mahakul Gold Star - 34,568 Points
Ululation is heard at the time of cruel death,
Umpteen People ululate from heart depth.
ari alsio poet The Sexy Pet by ari alsio Silver Star - 3,414 Points
I did not like you
sexy pet me into my bed
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Beauty Dangles by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 11,872 Points
Because of her astonishing curves
She dangles and dances on my nerves
Denis Martindale poet I Want To Live In The Spirit! by Denis Martindale Bronze Star - 2,231 Points
I want to live in the Spirit,
As all wise Christians would,
Satish Verma poet The Dancing Tale by Satish Verma Silver Star - 3,502 Points
I do not remain happy
with noises of wisdom.
PAUL WARREN poet Life - I'm Chasing A Rainbow by PAUL WARREN Gold Star - 7,211 Points
I'm chasing a rainbow for a sunny day
It always seems to be further away you see
Piew Dutta poet The Unconquerable Love by Piew Dutta Rookie - 42 Points
You sailed to the deepest core of my soul
You opened every closed door of my mind
Paul Kesler poet If Age Knew Its Youthful Wood by Paul Kesler Rookie - 480 Points
The trick is to manipulate the articles in the room in such a way that the chair is fooled, so that instead of arriving at midnight, like it always do
Adam Wayne Mackay poet The Blast by Adam Wayne Mackay Rookie - 160 Points
Floating in near silence
M. Asim Nehal poet Haiku- Sleepless Night by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 18,190 Points
howling in the night
several thoughts linger back
hasmukh amathalal poet For Greatness by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 82,441 Points
Be sure
And reassure
Pamela Sinicrope poet The Hollow Boy (Part One... Almost Perfect) by Pamela Sinicrope Gold Star - 6,832 Points
When the boy was born
He was perfect
dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath poet Bharatheeyakavitha-82- October Second by dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath Bronze Star - 2,125 Points
The One
Stanley Collymore poet Keine Andere In Dieser Welt, Aber Sie Fuer Mich! by Stanley Collymore Freshman - 839 Points
By Stanley Collymore
Ich liebe Dich sehr mein Liebchen! And what’s more
gajanan mishra poet What They Said All Truth by gajanan mishra Gold Star - 54,880 Points
What they said,
Let me say
Eugene Levich poet Translator Urgently Needed! by Eugene Levich Bronze Star - 2,755 Points
Fitzgerald translated Omar Khayyam
Waley translated the Tang poets
Andre Brown poet Know Yourself by Andre Brown Rookie - 135 Points
To know and not to do is not to know,
Most people fail to try because of fear of the unknown,
Tony Adah poet The Holy Man by Tony Adah Gold Star - 13,920 Points
The world is a Stygian crypt
Where man hides and does his whims
Margaret Moran poet Lavish Gifts by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 4,845 Points
Loving thanks we give
For the lavish gifts of God
Arfa Iman Kalera poet A Snowman by Arfa Iman Kalera Freshman - 613 Points
Last year I made a snowman,
Beautiful and tall,
Winston GoodenHusbands poet Perfect by Winston GoodenHusbands Rookie - 45 Points
Perfect isn't easy,
That much is true.
VAIDYANATHAN RAM poet An Small Words by VAIDYANATHAN RAM Freshman - 525 Points
Some times, Some where, Some how,
The small words are valuable and inspirable,
Winston GoodenHusbands poet Nostril by Winston GoodenHusbands Rookie - 45 Points
I was thinking of you today.
'In what way? ' I hear you say.
Ramesh T A poet How To Make Good Of Conferences? by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 13,158 Points
Meeting people in conferences is very nice
To have discussions on all various matters
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