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Robert Murray Smith poet Forgiven by Robert Murray Smith Freshman - 727 Points
The past masks a hurt so strong
From whence it came is bold, present
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. poet Civilization Grown Or Blown? by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. Gold Star - 15,217 Points
Pollution, corruption and rape
Unheard fifty years ago
Tribhawan Kaul poet Undying Hope by Tribhawan Kaul Veteran Poet - 1,399 Points
The grandeur visible to the naked eyes
solidified through the very essence
Binapani Mahaling poet On A Veranda by Binapani Mahaling Rookie - 120 Points
I was looking at the middle age lady sitting on a veranda
Her blue beautiful eyes were thinking something in depth
Terry Collett poet Deep Down Lost Feeling 1916 by Terry Collett Gold Star - 9,237 Points
Polly polishes
George's room
Lalitha Narayanan poet How Long Did I Wait For God? ? ? by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 20,610 Points
Really not much long,
but when pain pinches,
Ramesh T A poet A Monsoon Magic! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 27,873 Points
A coastal place becomes a paradise by the
Strong monsoon magic in the Summer...!
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Just Say Hello To The Day by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 13,769 Points
J-ust say hello to the day,
O-pen your heart to the sun;
Michael P. McParland poet A Tired And Quiet Night Together by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 61,424 Points
I am so very tired my sweet Angel of light
and I just want with you a quiet
binayak dutta poet অস্থি সন্ধি by binayak dutta Freshman - 667 Points
সম্পর্ক ছেঁড়ে না
লেগে থাকে অস্থির ফাঁকে ফাঁকে
binayak dutta poet বিবেক যেদিন চিনবে তোমায় by binayak dutta Freshman - 667 Points
তারপর একদিন
আয়নায় খুঁজে পাবে না নিজেকে
Bobby Pask poet Ring That Will Be by Bobby Pask Rookie - 209 Points
I can't wait
For that day
Bobby Pask poet I Just by Bobby Pask Rookie - 209 Points
I just
Want you.
Shalom Freedman poet I Despair When I Do Not Write by Shalom Freedman Gold Star - 8,540 Points
I despair when I do not write
I come alive
Santosh Bakaya poet And It Rained by Santosh Bakaya Rookie - 124 Points
Will it, won't it, will it rain?
The spirited peacock does not complain
Mr. Agape poet Could You Find A Nicer Way To Bother Me? by Mr. Agape Gold Star - 27,888 Points
When you do THAT, there clearly is
a YOU and a ME
binayak dutta poet অ কৃ ত্রি ম by binayak dutta Freshman - 667 Points
গরীবদের লেখা পড়
Sergio Jaime poet Has De Entenderme by Sergio Jaime Veteran Poet - 1,858 Points
Has de entenderme,
no nos hemos encontrado,
Orlando Belo poet Reversal Of Time by Orlando Belo Gold Star - 8,288 Points
When I awoke from my sleep this morning
I could not believe my eyes.
Anu Shraddha poet Moon by Anu Shraddha Silver Star - 4,230 Points
Come to me in the form of a dream
quietly to that shore of conscious death
Mr. Agape poet I'd Like To Wake Up Somewhere With You... by Mr. Agape Gold Star - 27,888 Points
Of the prepositions, all were made for us
You want to get ________me
Indranil Bit poet Saltmate Love by Indranil Bit Rookie - 323 Points
Oh I visit you finally;
After a long time wait.
Jayl Morris poet Were Dreams A Wind by Jayl Morris Rookie - 455 Points
Were dreams but a wind
blowing from the East
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Just Look Upon The Sky by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 13,769 Points
J-ust look upon the sky
I-n the midst of gray and blue;
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Abstraction by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 21,238 Points
Life is a series of dour, complexities and abstract
Every abstraction causes an other for its sake
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