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hasmukh amathalal poet With Good Humor by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 169,639 Points
With good humor
Sometimes head gets heavy
Bilal Khoukhi poet Big Dreams by Bilal Khoukhi Rookie - 159 Points
Word are power
Emotions don't rhyme
Mr. Agape poet Love, Wind, Electricity, God by Mr. Agape Gold Star - 25,136 Points
none of it seen
none of it to be weighed
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Disparity by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 19,371 Points
My better half left me for good
Because I lost my knighthood
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Enchanting Lover by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 19,371 Points
She is like a butterfly flying just from rose to rose
In her emotional flight she just wants to buldoze
Steve A. Politte poet Day Of The Vultures by Steve A. Politte Rookie - 494 Points
I stare out into an empty space
With something deeply rooted in my mind.
Sajiah Moddassir poet Civilised by Sajiah Moddassir Rookie - 447 Points
You barge into his house;
It's called discovery.
Michael P. McParland poet To My Sweet Darling by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 55,215 Points
I send all of my love with
the sweetest of kisses and big hugs
April Lane poet Tell Me by April Lane Rookie - 295 Points
One thousand thirty seven miles an hour
Mindless  in circles we dance
Camilla Keenan Koch poet On Authenticity (For Wordsworth) by Camilla Keenan Koch Freshman - 511 Points
It is achieved without striving
You bitch
Philo Yan poet Mind Control by Philo Yan Veteran Poet - 1,534 Points
Our minds always want to be in control
It becomes obsessed, it begins to troll
Bijay Kant Dubey poet Into The Realm Of Contemporary Indian English Verse, Every.. by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 30,003 Points
Into the realms of
Contemporary Indian English verse,
Paul Warren. poet Police - You Wouldn't Believe It by Paul Warren. Gold Star - 20,042 Points
You wouldn't believe it I heard her say
I only had one drink and under.05 I'll stay
Sambhab Thapaliya poet Synthetic Wigs by Sambhab Thapaliya Rookie - 76 Points
Synthetic wigs
I knew you were evil.
Sambhab Thapaliya poet Nothing by Sambhab Thapaliya Rookie - 76 Points
I don't have people around, I am not lonely.
AKSHAYA KUMAR DAS poet The Unknown Infatuation.. by AKSHAYA KUMAR DAS Freshman - 969 Points
The Unknown Infatuation
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet The Many Who Have Slept by Lawrence S. Pertillar
More naysayers of those yesterdays gone,
Are heard to be sighing about what's going on.
Fathom Faith poet Heartfelt by Fathom Faith Rookie - 127 Points
In the words of Etta James, 'At last, my love has come along'...
I've danced a long time in the rain,
Sambhab Thapaliya poet Phlegmatic Harangue by Sambhab Thapaliya Rookie - 76 Points
Hating and killing are easy task, lions can do so.
Can you forgive killer of dearest person? , give him life.
AKSHAYA KUMAR DAS poet Human Emancipation.. by AKSHAYA KUMAR DAS Freshman - 969 Points
Human Emancipation.
Tali Mehaignerie poet There Is Never A Good Or Bad by Tali Mehaignerie Rookie - 54 Points
There is never a good side
Only the illusion of one
John Lennard Lee poet An Experiment by John Lennard Lee Veteran Poet - 1,168 Points
What's a Singaporean poem? Nope... wrong question...
What's not inside a recent Singaporean poem? ...
Tali Mehaignerie poet The One Precious Moment by Tali Mehaignerie Rookie - 54 Points
There is always a precious moment
That one moment
Tali Mehaignerie poet Feelings by Tali Mehaignerie Rookie - 54 Points
If you are reading this
Most likely
Ord Aohana poet Unsend Heart by Ord Aohana Rookie - 94 Points
I thought i wanna lose my memories
No just about happy life
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