New Poems


Title Poet
A Life For Demise
It really is a snare
Dexsta Ray poet by Dexsta Ray
on 7/23/2014
Winter Is Coming
This Valentines Day.
I met an angel this day.
Ronald Chapman poet by Ronald Chapman
on 7/23/2014
Five deeds one shouldn't do in the presence of the ruler!
Spitting saliva, sitting at a higher seat,
…chewing the betel-nuts with betel-leaves,
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan
on 7/23/2014
Middle path
Where is that
Middle path?
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 7/23/2014
Bitter Pill
It's all in your mind
You'd rather hate me than love me
Electric Lady poet by Electric Lady
on 7/23/2014
Meant To Be
We're meant to be.
You and me.
Michael McParland poet by Michael McParland
on 7/23/2014
Gypsy in my backyard
Right in my back yard
In desert plains
Nalini Chaturvedi poet by Nalini Chaturvedi
on 7/23/2014
Painting Your Face
i paint your face
with velvet brushes
Kyle Schlicher poet by Kyle Schlicher
on 7/23/2014
Seize This Day
Under this singing sky
Smoked with balloons
Rex mayor Ubini poet by Rex mayor Ubini
on 7/23/2014
I Love Thee Too Much
Love thee for who they are,
Love thee for who they can be,
Sherry Painter poet by Sherry Painter
on 7/23/2014
From The Conversations
A- Misery descends pon our corridors, our sweetness floods
Our sodden streams flow now with blood,
Adeosun Olamide poet by Adeosun Olamide
on 7/23/2014
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