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Silencing The Tears On My Eyes - Poem by Ujjol Kamal

Silencing the tears of my eyes
She stole the night
Ran she away with dreams and dime
My time doesn't pass now
My tide doesn't rise
My sadness-sunken eyes cannot see the sightes in sights
Ran she away with dollars and dime
Leaving me alone in the hub of lies
I watch now forever the spider webbing its hive
The dance of the darkness in the embrace of ember-glowing eyes
My time stay still
My orchard rots and cries
The weeds wed willows and dead dolorous butterflies
Silencing the tears of my eyes
She stole the night
All day I sleep now
All night I neigh
Nicotine coats my ceilings
Alcohol spits out spirits of surprise
Coke and coffee cough out images of Last Supper, Crucifixion,
Resurrection, Rise
Silencing the tears of the night
She stole my eyes
I have become a blind bard
Razes like Blake, Milton, I
The funeral flame upon the shoulders of Ganges never die
The rivulets of reminiscences run and race wild
Every night I invite the sister, the daughter of the moon-drunken night
Some find me pleasing
While some run out with dear lives
While a few other let me experience with their motley color flesh
skin hide
Strange days
Stranger nights
Love can be bought
Love can be bribed
But love can never be viced
Silencing the tears of my eyes
You stole the night
On whose arms do you swing now
On whose pillow you prowl
Who you warm now
Who you warm
The worm ugly old shall pound and pierces your love abode
Your beauty shall become soil and shadow
Before the Solar System shall have finished his next round
Your pride shall become dust
You shall become unlust!
Silencing the tears of my eyes
She stole the night
The nightingale in the night
Invite unbeknown a lost knight
With the sword of life
The knight bleeds the she-nightingale's rhyme
She bleeds a little
Yet she delight!
Alive she cried deep in the night
Feeling the pangs of pleasure betwix her thigs!
You me and the butterfly
The seagull soars high and high
Above the blue blow blue
Below the blue flow blue
Slow mellow slow
Soft swift swallow
Hollow halo fellow
Hello high low
Tip toe
Layla lay low
Pleasure-preached bungalow
Cream-coloured cream coal
Lip lip leap lick
Orgasmic tea talks

Silencing the tears on my eyes
She stole the night
Ran she away with power and pride
Leaving me all powerless and deprieved
Ran she away awry wet wild
The he-owlet cannot hear the she-owlet cries
Mysterious Sky
Oblivious eyes
Both share mystery of different kind
Young age minus
Old age adds time's time
Dear daffodil do not die
The sun has not yet attained his height
The virgin hasn't cried yet
Nor the oxen climbed
Silencing the tears on my eyes
She stole the night
Depravity, desperation, desolation, despair
Strange kind has taken hold of my subconscious mind
The breze blows beauty
The fragrant air breathes bliss
The song unsung unheard is the sweetest song that has been ever sing
the path unknown the path untrodden
Is the path that leads to life
The lilac blooms alone
Dances alone
Dies alone
Causing no tremor of life or death
Time and tide waits for none
Every cloud has a silver lining
A moving stone gathers no moss
Necessity is the mother of invention
You and me
Sip and dine
Cut and climb
Create and cry
Sob and smile
Above the sky starry
Below the seas flow swift and slow
A robin, a thrush unthread the tune of Thames, Tigris, and Tiber
Paris sleeps as a baby onto the bosom of Helen
Knowing not of his certain demise
Alive she cried deep in the night
Feeling the pangs of pleasure betwix her thighs
All my tales are tossed and told
All my joy get smoked up in johns and joints
She ran away stealing the night
The mahogany stood then silent, still, wise
I didn't move a bit
I was busy burning candle-lights
Before the dawn arrived
The misty mountain, Dewey morn inter exchanged lies with smile
I lost my frontier of freedom
I lost all taste in life
I heard a temple bell rang twice, thrice
And saw a pair of golden bald majestic eagles gliding across the even
breasts of the twilight-lit Sky
I took a step back
I took 2 steps on sides
I felt s little dizzy
I felt a little light
I sensed my brain gave out a sad sigh
After that I never felt the same
I became what I'm now
Eyes oblivious
Flesh fryed
Limbs lead unentwined
I always hear a voice
A siren cry
Calling me off far far off from the fathomless foamy cave of
investigative lust
Silencing the tears of my eyes
She stabbed the night
A shoal of sea-horses hiss and hide
Sun-flowers wither
Willows wake wide
Milky cows churn butter
Cheer-leaders stir up tribes
What's the color of love mama
What's the color of life
Why we war mama
Why we die
Why we hate mama
Why we hide
When I was a little boy I would run after the sky
No matter how far I would run I could never touch the sky
Often and oftener I would watch the heaven gather clouds, lightings
and lights
In the woods of bamboo trees I would see the ripe girls and big bees
would share their treasure of Paradise
All day long in the summer morn
I would roll roll roll on the fresh cut sweet smelling haystack of
And then when the night would fall
I would stretch my hands to catch and captivate the fireflies of
starry balls
My sweetest mom would put me to sleep
Singing the sweet lullaby of all the lost, forgotten, far far always
kings, queens, wizards, elves, fairies
I would fall asleep
Dreaming all night about the frog, kissing prince
Mother I miss you
Dad I'm sorry
I couldn't be by your side
When died
I'm a sinner
I'm an eternal evil
I don't like company
I'm a sage egocentric
I breathe through my nose concentric
I'm a monk
I keep my mouth in my sock
I like women big and small
I laugh at humanity's stupidity
I like to talk not
I think when I walk
I shoeshine when I cry
I eat not with my dog
I do not practice religion
I not plunder Zion
I bite when I climb
I cut when I fall
I like girls big and small
I hate politicians, priests, padres
I like pretty girls clad in expensive sari
I don't like pretense
I don't like tense
I like space stretching deep, dark, depth-less infinite insane
I don't like machines
I don't like people cutting down trees, domesticating animals
Denuding woods to cities, towns
Barring rivets for electricity
Meat eating meat
So cruel, cold
I don't like the tone of your speech
I don't like people to judge me
I don't give a damned if you tell me my writing is bullshit
I care less if you spit out in my face
I know the boundary of my insanity
While you are all so selfish, craving, desiring, destructive
So ignorant of your own surroundings
I don't need modern amenities
I don't need your amnesty
I hate you ugly
I hate you nasty
You reek
You reel
You machines, meats, gunpowder, beliefs, unbelief
You worship society
Society do not worship
I do not worship
Clay, concrete
Chips, chits, cheats
Sip lips
Breathe deep
Can you hear the Mother Nature cries
Where will you live
After you have consumed all of her resources and relief
Will religions feed you then
Will gunpowder save
Will your money, machines, power, glory
Love, lust, nudity
Will come to you with a piece of bread or a fruit to satisfy your
hunger and needs
I really do doubt that sincerely
The way you rushing
The way you raping all o' Nature divinity
You will be out before you will discover another earth, another Jesus,
Mahomet, Moses, Buddha
Another you, another me

Silencing the tears of my eyes she stole the night
My days a dying now
My night a desecrating dream
Too tired to think things
Too tired to sleep
Toss and turn the Universe unfurls Urn
Earth expires
Humanity ends! !
Where is you now
Where I is
Darkness devoid of lights
All dressed up to meet Him
Another Play
Another setting
Another woman
Another dead dream
Be it
! ! !

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