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The Angel For Who's Heart Is Fill With Respect. - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

The night that one wish for the touch of respect and yet every star that one see been touch with respect thus every star that one see is the family of Star bucks for who's heart is fill with respect yet for who's heart will be touch with respect but yet for the angel for who's heart is fill with respect.

Thus just to see the family sparkle in the night sky but for every star is the angels of Star bucks thus when one see the moon light for every min that one see the moon light for the light is the light of life to the family for respect mean a lot to the family and yet the angel for who's heart is fill with respect.

When the sun raise thus every rose shall bloom with the touch of the sun and yet just to hear the birds sing for the touch of respect but where there happiness thus there a warm smile that will shine like the morning sun that kiss the blue sky yet the angel for who's heart is fill with respect.

Some where in the night there the angel of respect filling the some heart with respect but yet when one see a star thus one see the sparkle in the night for every star that twinkle is the star of respect what a lovely night just to feel the night breeze whisper respect but yet the angel for who's heart is fill with respect.

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