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  • 97.
    I Hurt Someone Last Night

    I hurt someone last night
    I didn't use a stick
    I didn't use a club
    I didn't use a knife
    I'd never use a gun

    I hurt someone last night
    It wasn't intentional I swear
    Doesn't make it any better
    They were left bleeding
    In the cold night air

    I hurt someone last night
    No one heard a sound
    No police came
    No ambulance called
    No one knew at all

    I hurt someone last night
    She knew, she felt it
    She knew, who had dealt it
    She knew, how much it hurt
    She knew, I hurt her

    I hurt someone last night
    I love her very much
    There was no object weapon used
    I used a word instead
    The deadliest weapon of them all

    I hurt someone last night
    Perhaps I should put some words away
    And the tone I used
    To frighten her away
    I think I should apologize now
    Because I hurt someone last night
    And I love her very much read more »

  • 98.
    The hill

    There is a hill
    I journey to every night
    To sit and stare
    And watch the fading light read more »

  • 99.
    The night

    Tonight is the night
    I tell myself
    Tonight is the night
    I will break free read more »

  • 100.
    The City At Night

    The city is very beautiful at night.
    To see the shimmering lights
    In the buildings around,
    Beacons to the minds eye. read more »

  • 101.
    Beautiful Night

    Beautiful night, how the stars, they so clearly shine
    And the joyful moon how it mirrors back my smile
    Oh, beautiful night, you're good to a heart like mine
    Oh, beautiful night, you've made this long road worthwhile read more »

  • 102.
    The Streets Are Quiet Now

    The streets are quiet now.
    The wind is howling
    Across the streets at night
    Whilst children sleep at night. read more »

  • 103.
    Adult Conspiracy

    at morning i stare at the walls
    at evening i gaze at the stars
    at night i just sleep in my bed
    or sit in my kitchen instead read more »

  • 104.
    At night

    At night i think of you hoping my wishes and dreams come true.
    At night i wonder can be this the end of our love.
    At night i wish we could go to the way we were.
    At night i cry about the thing that happened and how it ended. read more »

  • 105.
    That Joyous Night

    That night is approaching once again,
    after traversing a year long journey
    That night of sparkling lights
    that night of gaiety and gay abandon, read more »

  • 106.
    Haiku - Dew

    dawn approaches
    dew on grass blades
    the night cries read more »

  • 107.
    The Night I Cried

    The night i cried
    You weren't anymore there
    Tears were heavy
    No one asked me to share. read more »

  • 108.
    star light friends

    How can these things fly and run across the night sky
    Why can’t I do what they do
    I want to be able to walk across the night sky
    I hate the morning of the sun sky so hot read more »

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