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The Ocean Of Tears - Poem by Amber Lyn Charneski

I see you and my eyes fill up with tears
I can't tell you why those tears are in my eyes
I feel like I am drowning in an Ocean of Tears
I reach for the surface and gasp for air
I swallow some tears as I struggle to stay up

I see you now are the only one who can bring me to Safety
I can't quite reach your hands there are tears still in my eyes
I feel myself get weak and I start to go under that ocean
I reach for the surface again but this time I miss and get no air
I swallow a couple mouthfuls of tears as I started to sink

I see a blur of blue and gray and then nothing but black
I can't remember what happened next but then
I feel the warm sun on my skin my vision is still in a blur
I reach for an object it turned out it was your hand
I swallow a sip of water from a cup you hand me

I see you clearly now your arm is now slung over my shoulder
I can't tell you how grateful I am that you are my friend
I feel great warmth that starts from the inside out
I reach my arm over your shoulder to show you my gratefulness
I swallow another sip of water from the cup

I see you smiling I try to say thanks but I found out that
I can't because when ever I tried all I could do was cough
I feel you put a thick, warm towel over my shoulders
I reach for my charm bracelet and hold it tightly in my hand
I swallow some more of the water that you gave me

I see a ring attached to my bracelet it has a beautiful gem
I can't think of where it could of came from but then I know
I feel it's heart shaped gem and notice it is as blue as the ocean
I reach for your hand and you help me up and I took one last look before
I swallow one last sip of water as we walk away from The Ocean of Tears

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