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Poems About: OCEAN

In this page, poems on / about “ocean” are listed.

  • 109.
    A Carp in the Donut-Shaped Lake

    (To Akira Kurosawa)

    Swimming in the donut-shaped lake,
    The carp goes round and round, read more »

    Pedro Cescon
  • 110.
    The Ocean

    Written on: 12/07/09

    At the ocean it's really bright
    by the seashore the water's light read more »

    Rebekah Morgan
  • 111.
    Ocean's Rose

    The ocean's rose The ocean's rose
    Is a sight
    Is a sprite read more »

    Alex M.ller
  • 112.
    And Not a Drop to Drink.

    She wanted to be in the sea,
    and spread throughout each molecule and expand to each ocean.
    She wanted to be the beauty of the sun's reflection
    as it rises over the Atlantic Ocean in glorious gleaming ripples read more »

    Amanda Lukas
  • 113.
    I've Come Down to the Ocean

    I've come down to the ocean;
    The ocean great and wide,
    Of pure blue span
    And soft white sand read more »

    Lizzy Anon
  • 114.
    Gulf Aftermath 2

    Gulf Aftermath
    By Lori Triggs
    Copyrighted August 15 2010 read more »

    Lori Triggs
  • 115.
    water in ocean

    It´s indeed as delicate as a most skilled dancer but its rage is beyond human comprehend. It can be as beautiful as heaven, but at its bottom there lies eternal coldness.

    you walk on it in winter and accidently step in a weak spot.
    'you can walk on it when the winter lord freezes it, you can die if you fall from it.' read more »

    Maria Junnonen
  • 116.

    From seven-palm-tree depth of ocean
    Tsunami of desires blew up.
    Pushed the cloud away
    But read more »

    Hrushikesha Mohanty
  • 117.

    Ephemeral isn't beautiful unless it's beautiful and beautiful.
    And beautiful isn't this unless it's this.
    And beautiful.
    And Literature is the water in the ocean, read more »

    Josh Davoll
  • 118.
    Deep Blue Knight

    Deep Blue Knight
    I want to jump into the ocean read more »

    melissa fox
  • 119.

    My venture an impulsive start
    Unfastened into water and looked around
    Appeared a calm ocean from above
    Hidden beneath countless treasures read more »

    Vidi Writes
  • 120.
    Amidst, amidst

    Amidst, amidst
    Amidst the waves
    The ocean-waves that sparkle on the pilot sea
    And glisten in the night to dancing forms read more »

    Emmanuel George Cefai
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