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Poems About: OCEAN

In this page, poems on / about “ocean” are listed.

  • 229.

    Oh Princess
    My princess of the ocean
    The darling girl of the pirate King
    Am one in a billion to dare read more »

    R.K Das
  • 230.
    Moon and Supermoon

    Only the neuronal ocean may cradle this fateful magic,
    Supermoon, the king-size divinity.

    Even genetics succumbs under its sway, read more »

    Bhanu Padmo
  • 231.
    A day at the Ocean

    A day at the Ocean

    I had a look at the life
    in the deep blue read more »

    Catherine Inscore
  • 232.
    Find Me at the Edge

    You will find me at the edge
    Of the water
    Where the sand and deep
    Ocean meet read more »

    Dawn Michelle
  • 233.
    Since you left

    My Life this winter
    has been more still then the lake
    that teases me with its ability
    to grant other forms of life with sanity read more »

    Daryl Hennix
  • 234.

    Sunrise on the eastern front
    Dawn approaches with mist
    The ground is in and flooded with gems
    Clouds spread in ocean of sky read more »

    James Davies
  • 235.
    The Giver

    How can you be awesome and also grand
    To always give and share and have us understand read more »

    AHO Speaks
  • 236.

    I love the ocean –
    the living ocean always in motion –
    always changing-
    primeval yet ever new— read more »

    Paul Clement Czaja
  • 237.
    Galleon Of Gold

    And as I watch the breaking dawn
    The sun begins to rise,
    Above the scarlet clouds within
    The early morning skies, read more »

  • 238.

    I've never once seen them on land though from the shore I see
    Them with folded wings from dizzy heights diving into the sea
    And then they rise out of the waves and upwards again fly
    These hunters of the ocean who stalk their prey from the sky. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 239.
    Ocean of Nothing

    Love cascades from my heart
    Rushing like the rapids into the ocean
    But it's not an ocean of love.
    It's an ocean of nothing. read more »

    Denice Woods
  • 240.
    Bag Pipes

    A ship-yard celebration is to accede
    no sailor from a new boat will abscond
    to abnegate drinks, of a wishing deed
    Oceans to challenge and far beyond. read more »

    Giorgio Venetopoulos
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