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Poems About: ODE

In this page, poems on / about “ode” are listed.

  • 97.

    The three-toed tree-toad
    Sings his sweet ode
    To the moon; read more »

    Arthur Guiterman
  • 98.
    Siren's Song

    Wraith you were in dreams, I felt you;
    you had a blue ribbon to twine,
    my spirit's ocean drops and truth,
    the stars ironically to shine; read more »

    Giorgio Venetopoulos
  • 99.

    I was filled with hope and I wrote this ode,
    When I observed a footpath next to a road.

    For as they built roads for people to strive, read more »

    Sameer Daniel Gardner
  • 100.
    Ode To The Old

      As a premature spring rain is born to an early March wind, a heavy heart carries unfulfilled dreams within my soul.  
      Rain falls steadily never to cease or console, as if only to circumvent my actions for a short while, contorting and adding more difficulty as the March wind howls and blows.
      The mind wanders and reaches for a tiny fragment of youth as wrought iron rusts and a March wind swirls paying tribute to the Ode to the old.
       Nearby trees yield to and fro, struggling to stand tall as the unforgiving wrath carries on.   read more »

    Ron Pate
  • 101.
    for all mothers

    any other presence
    in the kitchen is a threat
    to her empire...
    none knows her pots and pans read more »

    indira babbellapati
  • 102.
    nostalgia ***** ODE TO MIS. OCC. PHILS

    From margin southern sea
    rise calm waves in gentle free
    with wind of love
    from shore to Malindang above read more »

    Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan
  • 103.
    We will survive

    Our bantam scow drifts aimlessly
    And clouds rise up before her bow
    We hold our course tenaciously
    Not knowing how read more »

    Amera Andersen
  • 104.

    Another Big Bang
    Ode to Big Man
    This is to “You” who calls himself human
    gave yourself dominion over all things live read more »

    Dela Bobobee
  • 105.
    Picture I Could Steal

    Picture I Could Steal

    Those shrewd lips dipped in blood-mary,
    with memories and eyes are there for me. read more »

    Gurpreet S..
  • 106.
    The maritime ode

    When the ship sails away,
    leaving the quay with space widening
    setting a course into the sea
    aiming somewhere over the blue beyond read more »

    Gert Strydom
  • 107.
    Marion In The Catacombs

    Orpheaus and the soul sucking stone,
    never to see Eurydice,
    River Styx, to cross, one penny-
    Disparity in the Hebridies. read more »

    Ross Mackay
  • 108.
    Black Country Times - part 1

    Or roight me ode mert, erw yaw gewin
    Better than me ar bet, om gewin ta rack en ruwin
    I ay sin yaw fer a few wicks ar dow think read more »

    Brian 'Peza' Perrins
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