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Poems About: PAIN

In this page, poems on / about “pain” are listed.

  • 109.
    Power; Out of Pain

    Go through some pain,
    you can sing.
    Go through some pain,
    you can pen a poem. read more »

    Phyllis Strong
  • 110.

    Pain is an intoxicant,
    It blots the Past –
    It is the Present alone which you feel,
    Pain never lets you think – read more »

    Angelina Pandian
  • 111.
    a rainbow of pain

    a rainbow of pain is normal for me
    i can hide it well so no one can see
    a rainbow of pain can be dark and so lonley
    it has griped me tight it knows it does own me read more »

    steven johnson
  • 112.

    All the pain
    Inside me is to much
    I can't help but hurt
    It's all the pain read more »

    stacey manley
  • 113.
    the pain

    the pain still hurts
    the wounds are still there
    will they ever heal? read more »

    rachel reed
  • 114.
    Mask That Covers My Pain

    I wear a mask,
    A mask that covers my pain,
    I wear a smile,
    A smile to cover my frown, read more »

    Samantha Guinen
  • 115.
    Poet To Poet

    You read my words, I read your words
    I feel your thoughts, Your pains. Your worries
    Do you feel my thoughts? My pains? My worries?
    Your words called back the pains of my past read more »

    Robert N. Cantara
  • 116.
    Cutting Edge

    Relief read more »

    Crimson Reflections
  • 117.
    My Pain

    Everyday I come home
    Something is going on
    My parents are arguring with each other
    Or my parents are arguring with my brother read more »

    Alexis McCall
  • 118.

    read more »

    mz. carlson
  • 119.
    Casual pain

    There’s this one pain, a pain
    That only the vulnerable would sustain
    A simple, yet devastating pain
    A common, yet overwhelming pain read more »

    ryan morris
  • 120.
    Plain Pain

    Ask Caser, what true pain is
    A tale of true Pain, A story of his
    Doubly pain when stabbed by ones’ own
    Dying disgusted and disregarded read more »

    Nima Tharchen
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