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Poems About: PAIN

In this page, poems on / about “pain” are listed.

  • 361.

    The pain just won't stop
    Theres nothing you can do
    About the pain that won't go away
    You just can't drop read more »

    Ann Young
  • 362.
    The pain remains the same

    The pain remains the same,
    for you are the one to blame
    For the pain inside me and the fears I hold
    You are the one who treated me so cold. read more »

    Ryan Cleveland
  • 363.
    Pain Part 2

    All the pain inside of me will never fade away
    All those painful memories are my darkest moments in time
    The past, the present, the future its all the same
    I've always been in pain and forever more it will still be here read more »

  • 364.
    tired of trying

    read more »

    leticia starkey
  • 365.
    I love you

    Love is a pain
    The pain that keeps you driven
    Pain that you thrive for
    A pain you would kill to keep read more »

    Ronald Speight
  • 366.
    Trying to Leave the Pain

    i think of you and every one that has hurt me and lefted me in tears
    as i slide that blade across my skin
    i think of the pain they all have put on me and on my heart
    i think of leaving this pain read more »

    sarah may
  • 367.
    The Pain

    Why should I go through this pain, the torching pain of being me?
    Every day I have to lie, to keep from bearing whom I was born to be.
    Every one laughs, every one teases,
    However, no one knows the pain I am going through. read more »

    Carla Pizano
  • 368.
    love from a hate man

    screams and yells
    hurt and pain
    hits and kills read more »

    sarah may
  • 369.
    not carin 4 you at all

    i hate you
    you a$$
    you hurt me
    you destroyed me read more »

    Mandy Taylor
  • 370.
    Be a Man

    i leave my pain on leaves,
    torn edges
    that turn to diamond read more »

    Jamie Dewyer
  • 371.
    i have felt the rain

    I have felt the pain
    Of people
    I have felt the pain
    Of getting hurt read more »

    Lizzy Henry
  • 372.

    read more »

    robert morales
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