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Poems About: PARIS

In this page, poems on / about “paris” are listed.

  • 121.
    The Wagner Room

    “Sorry, sir. Booked out.. but then...”
    The patronne’s voice is calm, you’re
    penniless again in Paris, facing doom
    and banking on the hope her “then.. read more »

    John a'Beckett
  • 122.
    A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet VII

    Ah, Paris, Paris! What an echo rings
    Still in those syllables of vain delight!
    What voice of what dead pleasures on what wings read more »

    Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
  • 123.
    Last Kisses

    Last kisess leading on from those first
    Sweet wishes, oh I had such a thrist,
    Insatiable for a blissful few months, now
    Has it dried out this soon, so soon, how? read more »

    Claudia Fitzgerald
  • 124.
    The Apple of Discord [Fallen Star Project: Chapter 2]

    The Trojan War has ended a million years ago
    But my mind has a war equal to its magnitude
    Paris started that war in search of true love
    I started this war in search of an answer for my love read more »

    Benn Degusman
  • 125.
    How Vain And Arrogant...

    Why am I always sad when I’ve read about
    Paris Hilton, when people argue that she
    is pretty and empty-headed, yet
    what chance did she ever have read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 126.
    The Idler’s Calendar. Twelve Sonnets For The Months. March

    When loud March from the East begins to blow,
    And earth and heaven are black, then off we hie read more »

    Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
  • 127.
    americans in paris

    Americans in Paris
    rarely will embarrass
    the Frenchies,
    who, when they’re in Manhattan read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 128.
    Californian Poppy

    My mother wore Woolworth's perfume
    Californian Poppy sweet and heavy
    Soir de Paris heady in the afternoons
    read more »

    Charlotte Peters Rock
  • 129.

    Commissaire of the Paris Brigade Criminelle
    George Simenon’s French detective
    Was as much the stuff of my teenage years
    As the Beatles, Kennedy, minis. read more »

    sheena blackhall
  • 130.
    Sing haughty Yacht-y Yea

    bayboats purse seine whey
    journey yearlong gay
    laddy inured dryup
    haughty yachty yea read more »

    T (no first name) Wignesan
  • 131.
    God's Yield

    In the field
    Of God's Yield
    You're the One that stood out!
    You're not the prettiest read more »

    Leaking Pen
  • 132.
    The Ruba'iyat Of Creteil Lake - Part Four

    Lovers stroll down her nubile spine blithely to pubic isle
    Where under linden boughs and mulberry spread connive smile
    Old and young keep parading swathed in bundles of fur wear
    While children romp around on tri-cycles with befuddling guile read more »

    T (no first name) Wignesan
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