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  • 205.

    I love the Eiffel tower
    The statues on every street
    I love the historic buildings
    The locals kind to greet
    I love the Gargoyles tale
    and the fountains trickling sound
    I love the leafy trees that line the Seine
    The metro underground
    I love the warm hazelnut crepes
    and how the language flows
    I love the open air markets
    and the fashionable French clothes
    I love Paris in the daytime
    and when it sparkles bright at night

    I dream one day i'll go back to Paris
    and look out my window and say 'oh what a sight' read more »

  • 206.
    Epitaph on King Priam of Troy

    Priam, the Trojan king
    Lies in a great peace.
    Lies he there
    The city of Troy, read more »

  • 207.

    Last month I moved to Paris
    Last month I moved to......... read more »

  • 208.

    Just written medio August 201, for Poetfreak.

    Recently last July I was invited by a good friend to come to Paris.
    When still living in the tropics I loved to study Beaux Arts in Paris, but....since I was the only girl (be noted: my big bro was the only boy....LOL...) , my mom forbade me, I may not study in Heidelberg either! Since then Paris had become its home in my head, i really enjoyed my very first visit to Paris, i was really very excited...and last July I was back again in Paris, this time I was invited....all previous times I invited myself... read more »

  • 209.

    The coach had left Paris
    and it was still dark
    apart from street lights
    and they became less read more »

  • 210.
    In The Beauty Of A Lower Heaven

    Autumn in Paris is like summer in a lower heaven.
    Sycamores and chestnuts paint the air,
    Pencil-thin branches sketch the city like Utrillo,
    The Seine sets leaves in moon-glass. read more »

  • 211.
    Love Is Just A Visitor

    Polished darkness groomed for a city
    A city of pain
    A city of games
    A city that will blow your mind read more »

  • 212.
    Lady Of Gold

    Dreams from Vienna, vernal troubadours
    Violins play soft, cafes in romantic light
    French poets with symbols of rebellious mirth
    Walk the ancient streets, parades of ghosts read more »

  • 213.
    Fire In The Pants

    Like a storm in a teacup
    Billowing from east to west
    Trembling at it's foundation
    In a horrible situation read more »

  • 214.
    A bare afternoon

    Waking to a breaking thought
    rude warblers in the tree's dark
    contort the image
    in the eye read more »

  • 215.
    Ode To One Who Is Injured

    Some scholars say, that the city of no compare
    Is greatest in April. In the time fools find fairest,
    I found it in your blondest life, an April Paris
    In Autumn Fall, at the least of all, a differed share read more »

  • 216.
    Rondelet: Rat-a-tat-'tat

    for the Sandy Hook Newtown
    children and their mentors

    Rondelet: Rat-a-tat-'tat read more »

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