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Notre Terre Qui Est À Votre Taille - Poem by T (no first name) Wignesan

Notre terre qui est à Votre taille
Forgive us please our enormous bilious hubris
The quasar-lit heavens smile only down upon us
For Our Master he presideth over the Universe

Our Architect-Father he beds down in the blackest holes
Our temple bells and lodges' knell toll only for Thee
While Thou slips from one parallel universe to another
Yeah, notre terre qui est à Votre taille

The muezzin's cry reaches far into the darkest cloud
From turret to galactic turret resounds the prophetic call
Colliding antennae make a murky Baghdad morass
The fallout heralds the bigcrunchy messianic massage

Our Master who art the shine on the Brahmin's head
Which knows no limbs feet chest nor shivering loins
Forgive us our cowering at the spewing Purusha mouth
For Thine is the thunder exploding forever and ever

Did not a bodhi prince once keep a damning silence
He saw no need to undo Thy mighty male tie
Lest he's forced to traverse this soil again in rags
Notre terre qui est à Votre taille

As for the other fully bearded nodding mates
They are those who first invoked Thy game
They've now bought the world over in Thy name
But prefer to run the banks ‘ere Thou cutteth the rates

Notre terre qui est à Votre taille
Is the epicentre of the roiling boiling might
Where domes echo for the right to languish at Thy side
And watch the Goya geek chew the heathen to shreds

Notre terre qui est à Votre taille
All the stars you see out there in the ever-ever
Are but the conjurer's balls dancing up in the air
The illusory waking dream of the never-never

Notre terre qui est à Votre taille
Give us every day the fireworks in the sky
For Thine is the show and ours the joy
For ever and ever spinning a lie!

(T.Wignesan, November 3,1997, Fresnes-Paris (Rev.2012, Paris)
©: T. Wignesan, November 3,1997, from the collection: longhand notes (a binding of poems,1999.)

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