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Passion - Poem by Dee Daffodil

I hadn't seen her in close to a year
And so...we met for a simple lunch
I brought tuna sandwiches, strawberries and lattes
She brought her lovely smile!

I noticed that she had lost weight
And she seemd pale, to what I was used to
And the sparkle in her eye...
Was hidden...

We hugged, and then chatted
She was a dear friend...always there for me
And I had tried to always be there for her...
Except once...
I had long ago learned not to pass judgement

As we chatted, we kept the topics light
How was she doing?
How was my work?
How were my kids?

And, as we chatted, my mind wandered
Back to happier times...
She had always had such passion...
Passion for life...and passion for him
Their love had been the kind of passion
That you read about in romance novels!
That...rock you to the core...
Sweep you off your feet...
Rollercoaster ride! !

Secretly, I had always been envious
Of passion that strong...
My life paled in comparison
My marriage had become...
A business partnership...
And my lay deeply buried...

But the kind of passion that they had...
was also dark, and stormy at times
There had been several break ups
And then reunions...
But was over...forever
And she was learning how to live her life
Without him

I thought that the sparkle in her eye
Must have gone, around the same time he did

The situation gripped me, and I fought back tears
With a lump in my throat

I couldn't help but notice
All the background noises
No birds, or babbling brooks for us today...
No...something far more sinister...
Clangs, bangs...and the odd shout

It was the end of our time together
And as we rose, we hugged again
And she clung to me
As though she never wanted to let go
And I never wanted to let go of her
If I could have taken her with me..
Then and there...I would have

She walked away...
Turned and waved a little wave
And I thought I saw
A tiny sparkle in her eye...once again
But then I realized it was just a tear

As I left, I reflected on the situation
Brought about by passion...such passion...

She had loved him...passionately
She had killed him...passionately!

Ohhhhh...what passion! !

(HW/31 May,2007)

Comments about Passion by Dee Daffodil

  • Bronze Star - 2,776 Points Saint Cynosure (8/19/2008 7:38:00 AM)

    Dee this is excellent, I am left with a passion to read more of your work. (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie Linda Pollock (2/2/2008 10:00:00 PM)

    Absolutely wonderful! ! ! Very good work. (Report) Reply

  • Rookie Delete it before you read it (7/9/2007 4:00:00 AM)

    wow, simply a winner!

    and what a punchline
    for an ending.

    'ohhh, what passion! ' (Report) Reply

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