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Poems About: PEACE

In this page, poems on / about “peace” are listed.

  • 109.

    What is Peace? Do you know?

    Peace is the falling of the Snow. read more »

    Abdul Malik Habibalah Wajid Hunter
  • 110.
    Peace in essence

    Peace that pleases people’s hearts

    found on the faces of loved ones read more »

    Beam Be Me
  • 111.
    Peace of Mind

    Peace of mind is when you have all you want
    Can you find all you want?
    You try but not enough
    You can try all you want read more »

    Samson Pitan
  • 112.
    War and Peace

    War is a human invention
    all seeds of strife and war
    man himself has sown
    death’s harvest to reap read more »

    Dr. Madan Gandhi
  • 113.
    Peace That Was Never Peace

    Wars, famon, and hatred
    That’s what our world’s full of today
    Nothing but pain and suffering
    That never goes away read more »

    Faith Offerman
  • 114.
    Artists Together for Peace

    we are together with our Arts
    We are together with our Peace read more »

    Muhammad Iqbal Behleem
  • 115.
    Tying The Knots Of Peace

    With knot one,
    My spell's begun
    May it's power soar
    It's for everyone read more »

    Jessica Millsaps
  • 116.

    Peace is something we all look for
    But hardly ever find

    Peace is what we dream for read more »

    Kayla Lines
  • 117.
    When Will There be Peace?

    So when will we have peace?
    When will we have every street filled with peace?
    When will all countries decrease war and increase peace?
    We need peaceful minds for peaceful times read more »

    Mark Bauch
  • 118.

    what have you done to humanity
    peace you make men lust for you. read more »

    mercy jacobs
  • 119.
    peace love and war

    peace without war is love
    war with love is peace
    love without peace is war
    can we noy speak read more »

    nicole rassbach
  • 120.

    is not the imperfection -finder
    of the world. Peace
    is the error -mender read more »

    Lucia Domingos Fula
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