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Poems About: PEACE

In this page, poems on / about “peace” are listed.

  • 313.
    The peace that war knows

    The peace that war knows
    Wasn’t purchased with dripping blood;
    The war that peace knows
    Wasn’t punctured by artillery sounds. read more »

    Patti Masterman
  • 314.

    read more »

    Cynthia Wadkins
  • 315.
    Is Like Water

    Looking at a person is like water running,
    You please the senses by feeling peace,
    And when ice becomes itself you swear
    That men and women have dissolved into liquid. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 316.

    Today rebelled
    And fixed the world
    Healthcare for everyone
    Found a means to spread wealth read more »

    Barry A. Lanier
  • 317.
    Today... 'Author of Peace'

    No more fighting for the world will be at peace
    all the killing will stop and all wars will cease.
    So do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid
    for the Author of Peace the ransom has paid. read more »

    Roy Allen
  • 318.
    Peace and love

    Peace and love - warm by nature,
    Close to heart, beating constantly...
    Peace and love - gravitation
    In the universe of Self-consciousness... read more »

    Lyudmila Purgina
  • 319.
    The War for Peace!

    The world that is moving fast
    With its haste people
    The moral diction and ethics read more »

    Nikhil Jha
  • 320.
    Cry Peace

    Let’s wage a war against,
    Violence and crime,
    Hostility, retribution, hatred,
    and revenge, read more »

    Marva Seaton
  • 321.
    In a Cemetery...

    Islands of memories
    Cities of stone,
    Sentinels of silence
    In the great all-alone, read more »

    David Lewis Paget
  • 322.
    what is peace?

    What is peace?
    It’s not always
    What you say,
    But it also read more »

    Christa Rhodes
  • 323.

    If I could
    I would
    Give peace give it to all
    The sad, the happy and the small (and the tall) read more »

    Mindy McLann
  • 324.

    Peace is white
    White be, a dove, a flag
    High snow, higher clouds, higher more twinklings
    White is tranquil, honarable, reliable, honest and decent read more »

    Indira Renganathan
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