In this page, poems on / about “people” are listed.

  • 157.

    There are people and out of these people
    The people that are like shadows
    They shake hands with their own masks
    Somewhere below the twilight of the facial lines read more »

  • 158.

    After all I been through with you
    I lost
    In people, my family, and myself read more »

  • 159.
    The Good, Old-Fashioned People

    When we hear Uncle Sidney tell
    About the long-ago
    An' old, old friends he loved so well read more »

  • 160.
    What if people

    What if people

    What if people never spoke down about one another.
    But build them up and let them shine. read more »

  • 161.
    watching the world go past

    I sit on the front step
    Just watching the world go past
    People walking
    People talking read more »

  • 162.
    People SOS!

    People! Become thoughtful!
    You must be deep in thoughts.
    This world? This world without truth,
    People look but dont't look through. read more »

  • 163.

    Why do people try to be nice? Can't they tell this is not quite pearidice?
    We try to appear to how we want to been seen, but for some people it is just an endless dream.
    People try to pretend that people have starlight, and yet it not s hard as it looks to fight.
    When little people or strong willed people cry, why must everyone try to help? read more »

  • 164.
    Proclaim War

    Proclaim war ancient time for salivate people by noble one born from heaven
    Knowing every environment thing declare to earth all of formality people chance of golden
    Our sole were sick said people who had promise for ignorant people rescue from every sin
    He will treat to patient like doctor the theme and reality teach for people no hesitation read more »

  • 165.
    Cruel Formality

    The dark weather spreading all place people shivered by cool humidity
    Somebody shivered without food they wealth thieving cruel people like beast they cry
    Turn to back for doctrine demolish impartial earn money from pray
    Although they thieving money from innocent man who shivered beneath cold with sever hungry read more »

  • 166.
    Not All Good People

    Good people are celebrated and good people are in jail
    And we condemn good people by our own words to fail
    And since people are not the best judges of character it would be fair to say
    That the best candidate does not always get elected on Election Day. read more »

  • 167.
    The court of gentlemen

    Some people had forgotten their dreams
    Buried it into oblivion deep within
    Some people killed their lives
    Keep it silence let their wisdom fly read more »

  • 168.
    Be yourself? Or act? Hide?

    People are people,
    Trees are trees,
    Chairs are chairs,
    Leaves are leaves, read more »

New People Poems

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