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Poems About: PEOPLE

In this page, poems on / about “people” are listed.

  • 313.

    I wonder
    Why people are so nasty to me
    Because I never did anything to hurt them
    I wonder read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 314.
    The Servant

    There was once a lonesome servant.
    One day an Angel came down and said to the servant
    “Why do you choose to live your life making
    Other people happy, but not yourself? ” read more »

    Gavin Nelson
  • 315.

    The girl that I know that is always talking is quiet today
    I noticed it this morning
    Today she is bursting in to tears
    I will be nice and leave her alone read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 316.
    Enduring M's.

    Mosquitoes have endured long
    Biting people
    The same old story of
    Insects causing plasmodium read more »

    samuel nze
  • 317.
    Torn Apart

    Many a year ago, there was one
    And that one grew to few
    And that few to many
    And that many became one read more »

    Julius Victorio
  • 318.
    Laugh To Keep From Crying

    When most people have something to do
    I'm crying.
    When most people have a life to live
    I'm dying. read more »

    Elizabeth Benedict
  • 319.

    Wherever I walk
    It seems that I am
    Following the voodoo people
    In front of me read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 320.
    Two People

    Two people
    Found one love
    Over nine months
    Over three seasons read more »

    Keith Brezny
  • 321.
    People Is Like

    Some people is like a diamond that can't help it but just to look at it
    And cherish it every day some people is like a pair of pants
    That you change every day, some people is like a pair of sock
    That keep you warm through the night some people is like a teddy read more »

    valentine white
  • 322.
    I like black people

    I like black people, black people are pretty cool.
    But the way they used to be treated was very cruel.
    They couldn't eat in restaurants and they had to ride in the back of the bus.
    White people should've treated black people the way they treated us. read more »

    Randy Johnson
  • 323.
    a team

    a team more then one person
    people who work together
    dont fight thay are a family
    thay are people who trust each other read more »

    dustin reed
  • 324.
    Change The World

    Everything felt and seen reflects
    my consciousness - how true,
    when blue I look at sad poetry,
    when happy, only poems with read more »

    Margaret Alice
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