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A Coffin, But Where Is The Dead Person? - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

When someone dies, then Automatically the funeral home will be told To get ready for the dead person simply because It's better getting the dead person buried To put in one's tomb to rest, Some people think that they are alive while they're in reality dead, Some other people are dead while they're alive, We don't need to bury those who are thinking that they're alive and They live among us only in their bodies, We don't need to bury those who are thinking that they're dead while They move physically among us, There are dead people among us because they just live only in bodies Without being real ones in their deeds and in their words, What's the use of being a body without a soul anytime? A coffin is needed only to really dead people who lived with their Bodies and with souls among us, Those who never lived with their souls, but they had only their bodies, then it's better to keep them as is, The funeral procession and all its expenses adding a luxurious coffin cost too much money, so saving money helps these days! A good burial with a good coffin must be done only to those people Who lived great life and contributed greatly with their bodies and With their souls to everyone and to everything around them anytime.

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